industrial design magazine


Frustrated by the lack of Hispanic representation in traditional art and design magazines, a group of Pratt graduates from Spain, Peru, and Venezuela set out to create a space for artists with distinctly Hispanic perspectives. Tapping into a design community of hundreds, adhesivo magazine was born — a beautiful print publication celebrating and documenting the talents of emerging Hispanic artists from across the globe.

Not just a compilation of beautiful imagery (though it is that, too), the first issue will address topics such as the role of Hispanic women in architecture and industrial design, insights from Columbian artists who turned to street art during the worst of the drug cartel era, how Cuban artists approach twenty-first century design with minimal resources, and lighter reads that highlight the events and galleries worldwide that showcase the work of Hispanic artists.

“For young Hispanic artists and designers, cultural expression is an invaluable tool to archive the past, understand the present, and activate change in the future,” say the magazine’s founders.

The issue is ready to go to print — and you can get your hands on it first here.