industrial strength body jewelry


These are some of our favorite things! There is even more in the shop, so visit us and pick out what you like the best!

This beautiful lady came in the other day to get her philtrum pierced with an amazing white gold pressure fit end by Alchemy Adornment!

✨💖bitches all want gold but i want opal💖✨

Updated collection photo of what my current collection looks like, most of these are at my goal size of 3/4” (19mm) but I downsized and I am now around 1/2” (12.5mm)

This photo doesn’t include all my color fronts/eyelets that I use for stretching every few months.

(Can you tell I really like glass?)

The Dudette ordered an Industrial Strength CBR to finally have 100% safe and responsible jewelry in all piercings at all times, making verrrrry sure to get the diameter right.

The gauge, she didn’t check until she opened the package and made it impossible to return.