industrial strength body jewelry


These are some of our favorite things! There is even more in the shop, so visit us and pick out what you like the best!

This beautiful lady came in the other day to get her philtrum pierced with an amazing white gold pressure fit end by Alchemy Adornment!

✨💖bitches all want gold but i want opal💖✨

A couple of fresh helix piercings Mic did this week, Implant-grade steel captive bead rings with 3mm cubic zirconias from Industrial Strength. So cute!

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Fresh daith piercing done by Mic, cute little 16g implant-grade steel circular barbell with synthetic Capri Blue Opals from Industrial Strength. So adorable!

Becky pierced Tyler’s philtrum at a 12g awhile back, and he came in yesterday to bump up the snazziness with this 6mm synthetic Black Opal end from Industrial Strength. Bam!