industrial space for lease

Changes In The Works

Hey, Shapeshifters!

Exciting things are happening over here in our little corner of New England, we know we’ve said that recently, but they’re coming closer and closer to fulfillment!

Life has been pretty rad here at Shapeshifters for a long time and you guys are a big part of that – we never would have taken off like we did if it hadn’t been for all of the word of mouth you guys have given us. But just in these past few weeks we’ve reached a tipping point!

You know, back when we first started selling binders, back when “custom binder” was a single listing on an Etsy store we shared with our two then-roommates, our biggest high-falutin’ dream was maybe making some extra cash to supplement our day jobs. Now, just three years later, we find ourselves working on this full time, living in a place we love, going out to events, and realizing that we’ve not only outgrown two webhosts, but also our current setup. We’ve hit a plateau and the only way to meet our growing demand is to become more than just two rainbow-flavored nerds working out of our dining room.

So here are the big important things that are happening – some of them are more relevant to you guys than others:

  • We’re moving out of our dining room! We’re leasing a unit in a local industrial space where we’ll have our own studio with plenty of space, some new equipment, and a business address not attached to our home address. For most of you this just means that wait times are going to go down as we’ll have more space to do multiple steps of the process at once; for those of you who are local, it means we’ll have a space you can come into to fondle fabrics, get measured, and even try on a binder or two. This is hopefully going to happen early next month and we’ll make an announcement when we officially make the move.
  • We’re starting a newsletter! We’ve gotten a ton of new followers since we were featured on Buzzfeed and with them has come a lot of questions about sales and giveaways. There’s only so much we can do to keep people informed through Tumblr, so it’s time to create a mailing list. Newsletters will go out monthly in general with supplemental emails going out as needed; they’ll include information about what’s going on at the store that month (sales, giveaways, conventions, personal updates), thoughts we might want to share about things going on in the world or the various rainbow communities, and links the FAQ and our various social media accounts. If you’ve placed an order with us in the past, check your emails for the sign up link; but don’t worry if you haven’t gotten one, we’ll also post the link up around our social media sites and the store itself shortly.
  • We’re finally going to get around to that Youtube channel. We’ll be posting video tutorials on how to measure yourself, how to put on your binder, comparisons between different binder fits/customizations, comparisons of our different fabrics, walkthroughs of our workspace, and other things that will help you guys get the most of your binders and understand us and the work we’re doing. If you have any other things you’d like us to make videos about, feel free to email us at!This won’t be until after we’ve moved into the new space, but hopefully by the end of the year!
  • A podcast?! Maybe! We’re throwing out the possibility of a podcast where we chat about rainbow issues, binding tips, real talk about bodies and how they work and how the fashion industry screws us over, and answering some of your questions! We’d actually really love some feedback about this – what kinds of things you’d like us to talk about, questions you’d like us to answer, if you’d even be interested in such a thing! Again, please email! We don’t have a timeline for when this might happen, but we’ll let you know if and when we decide to set it up!

That’s just about it for now!

Change is scary! But it’s also exciting and we’re looking forward to transitioning (ha!) into this new chapter of our business. We’ll continue to keep you guys updated as things progress!

-Ark & Poppy