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Caption: “3 E’s lead 3 commuter cars on a power move. If I remember correctly this happened quite a bit on Sunday afternoons.”


June 1979

Photo by Bill Raia

Sense8  Character Appreciation Day - Sun Bak

The magnificent and divine Sun Bak has her day today.  

A million thanks to @thegirlfromoverthepond, who is a Sense8 enthusiast and a phenomenal writer herself. She is living these moments with me as a writer and a fan and I’m so grateful for her support.

Please, keep writing, keep tweeting, keep sending those flip-flops! Let’s not lose momentum now.

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“Your secretary said you might be up here.”

Sun looks up from where she is sitting on the roof of the tower of Bak Industries, contemplating Seoul’s skyline. Detective Mun appears in front of her like a figure painted on a mural, wearing a smile that almost makes her want to smile, too. But if she does, it won’t be as much fun.

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I really like dirty sci-fi. I like the idea of a future where we have advanced technologically, but realised that it’s human nature to trash the world, so we just sort of developed technology to live with pollution. A world where toxic smogs roll in and out like the tide, and acid rain falls every day, so people walk around in fashionable designer gasmasks and neon plastic raincoats so they don’t get chemical burns from being outside, but that’s all okay because it’s just part of daily life. 


Rock Island trains seen from the 16th Street tower along Clark Street, looking north toward the Loop. Note the old Erie Railroad Freight Station on the right. Today this area has been developed into the commercial/residential “South Loop”.



Photos by Mark Llanuza

You are only in love when you start seeing beauty in the things you previously found awful. When blood stains on the floor start to look like constellations. When torture feels like a kiss. When every industrial skyline looks like a sunset. You are only in love when you are in pain.
—  #93- excerpts from the book I’ll never write