industrial skyline


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Caption: “3 E’s lead 3 commuter cars on a power move. If I remember correctly this happened quite a bit on Sunday afternoons.”


June 1979

Photo by Bill Raia

The Rogue Avatar
AATKAW - Fell-Dragon-Domain
The Rogue Avatar

(art and music by @aatkaw, caption by @fell-dragon-domain)

Korra wasn’t sure what to make of Republic City the first time she saw it, stepping up onto the deck of the boat and finding the whole horizon thrown into glittering, dazzling light. It almost stung her eyes, and she tried to focus on that rather than the faint pangs of familiarity when the boat drifted past Air Temple Island. Nothing but a mistake, she told herself. Republic City was only an experiment that had been forced into existence and had long since overrun its welcome.

Still…she couldn’t deny the glamor of it all. The Pro-Bending Arena stood above the water like a gleaming jewel settled in gold, blazing out in the night. The Future Industries tower dominated the skyline, a pillar of sharp lines and warm golden glows. More airships than she could count drifted aloof over the bustle below, regnant and untethered. It was intimidating, awing, and she needed a moment and a kindly hand on her shoulder to remind her of what she was there to do.

Republic City had been the last Avatar’s mistake. She would correct it.

As promised, here’s 1 of the 2 theme music we came up with for this AU! Mixed in a bit of the main Avatar theme with the Red Lotus hook and got this pumped out.

Moving forward our content for this blog will vary a bit more, we will still have dark gripping content like most of the first batch of material, and we will be throwing in some lighthearted stuff to flesh out the different characters.

However as my schedule starting 16 October I’m gonna be really busy, you may have to wait a bit longer before the 2nd batch of content is ready.

We have the following planned:

More music
Probending stories
Jinora, Tenzin, Kuvira etc. stories
Villain vs villain
Something something dark side
Harmonic Convergence in this AU

We are keen to hear if you have ideas of your own that fit in with what we’ve come up with and we might make something out of it if time permits, so feel free to ask or submit your ideas to us!

I really like dirty sci-fi. I like the idea of a future where we have advanced technologically, but realised that it’s human nature to trash the world, so we just sort of developed technology to live with pollution. A world where toxic smogs roll in and out like the tide, and acid rain falls every day, so people walk around in fashionable designer gasmasks and neon plastic raincoats so they don’t get chemical burns from being outside, but that’s all okay because it’s just part of daily life. 

Dead Sea Apes - Sixth Side Of The Pentagon - psychedelic rock trio goes dub

Dead Sea Apes release their fourth studio album Sixth Side Of The Pentagon through Cardinal Fuzz and Sky Lantern Records.

Since their inception in 2009, Manchester trio Dead Sea Apes have ploughed a decidedly psychedelic furrow regarding their penchant for consciousness-altering guitar/bass/drums workouts. Yet they have always been decidedly nonconformist and experimental too, never easily fitting into a “psychedelic scene” like so many of their contemporaries. New album Sixth Side Of The Pentagon sees this bent towards experimentation further examined and explored.

Taking concepts from the track of the same name on their previous album, Sixth Side Of The Pentagon grows these ideas into fully formed dub cultures. Possibly reflecting recent political and economic events, the mood has darkened further like a carbon-stained post-industrial skyline: basslines bubble over with a dub-frenzy of fluid proficiency, alienated shards of guitar sear into your cortex and disorientating notes of insectoid electronics float in and out of the mix amid haunting echoes. Think Metal Box-era PIL and hints of early Cabaret Voltaire fused with the rolling liquid sound that Dead Sea Apes have made their own, while spoken word contributions by the artist and writer Adam Stone add a new dimension of theoretical engagement.

Sixth Side Of The Pentagon is released by Cardinal Fuzz in the UK and Sky Lantern Records in the US on vinyl, CD, cassette and download.