industrial shelf


Doverail a shelf/mirror by Hallgeir Homstvedt for Mjölk

Doverail is a simple piece of furniture that can either become a mirror or a shelf. The main part is the stick in the center, that is hung to the wall with only one screw. By sliding either the mount of the mirror or the shelf plates onto the X profiled stick you can decide its purpose and adjust its hight to your desire. This clever item is a design of Hallgeir Homstvedt for the Mjölk company.


Pegboard by Greycork

Greycork, the design company that aims to produce the most simple to set up furnitures, just created a new dead simple piece of furniture. The Pegboard is a rather a board/shelf system than a specific item. You can ad and arrange various ad-ons at the white, sheet metal pegboard. E.g. there are hooks, boards, a mirror and pegs, to use the board the way you like.


Today’s brief

| Shelf + Plywood|

Image1: It’s been a while since I included an animation. The bent plywood has two cutouts; one for a shallow ceramic dish for water, the other for the flower stems to rest one. A sliding drawer for things that want to be hidden, and the top surface for things on display.

Image 2: A simple ceramic dish sits in a recess in the plywood. This can easily be refilled or removed for cleaning. The top hole supports the stems of the flowers like the rim of a traditional vase normally would.

Image 3: The drawer doesn’t need a finger pull or cut out, it can slide out by pushing the back face of the drawer nearest the ceramic dish. Originally I had the water dish and drawer in different, brighter colours, but I like the simpleness of black and white. It makes the shape of the shelf and the flowers the hero.


Industrial Style Shelf - with invisible deco recolor (can use OMPS’s To add your own deco)

*So happy with this one…first time I actually made my own deco meshes (something other than a box!!) I made everything except for the lavender, that’s borrowed - mesh and texture by Lunasims-ts3>ts2 conversion by Maron

X End Table - 3 colors

Industrial Style Coffee Table - 1 and 2 tile

Maestrale Desk - 5 textures (this one simminized from online model)


Today’s brief:
| Shelving + Sheet Metal |

A new week and a new category; shelving.

Image 1: Laser cut and powder coated steel with an oak top. The oak slides into the metalwork from the back before being hooked onto the wall.

Key hooks and a sunglasses slot included in the metalwork.

The angled sides and front faces were hard to show in a perspective.

Image2: Keyhole slots in the metal work allow it to easily attach to the wall and are hard to see due to the tapered sides.

Image3: The angled sides stop the timber top from sliding any further forward. The wall stops it from sliding backwards.

If the timber shelf was to get damaged it could be hooked off the wall and reinserted upside down.


It’s been, well, a couple of life changing months. After the purchase of the bimmer, the truck and my new home, my integra has been in the most stagnant stage since it’s purchase. I finally got around to rearranging some things in the garage with the aid of two 90"x90" five shelf industrial racks to be able to fit the integra in my garage. And money has been a little tight since the home purchase 😬

I’ve taken a break from it all and gone out adventuring for the better half of this year, and it’s been great.

Now it’s back to tearing the integra apart for some needed TLC/upgrade on some parts that’s been sitting on the shelf for way too long.

Somehow in the mix of home purchasing and building this integra for track duty, I managed to buy a tow rig/adventure vehicle (as mentioned above) and an e46 bmw. The truck will have a mild overland/trail build, and the bimmer will be another (rwd) time attack piece. As if I don’t have enough projects right?!!?! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ haha, oh wells.

Life is too boring to drive short cars right? Or is it the other way around??



Today’s brief:

| Wall Planter |

Today’s concept was suggested via a Tumblr follower who for the life of me I can’t find because of Tumblr’s stupid messages/asks setup.

Image 1: Cast concrete planter with wire hanger.

The wire is attached to the wall then the planter slides in.

Image 2: The wire crosses the top lip on the wall side of halfway and the center of gravity is towards the front. My head thinks this should work.

Image 3: Posting these somewhere between Macksville and Kempsey. I’m on a family holiday for the next few weeks but I’m trying to keep up daily posts.


Today’s brief:

| Fold Away Table |

This one is not as polished as I would have liked but my hour and a half was up and I’m trying to stick to it.

Image 1: The whole unit hangs from the two anchor points at the top of the straps. The top shelf is relatively fixed, the bottom shelf is designed to swing out and up.

That’s a MacBook on the bottom shelf for thanks to Grabcad.

Image 2: The bottom shelf swings out then locks into the top shelf with the dovetails creating a desk.

Not the best angle to render it from but hopeful it gets the message across.

Image 3: ’ve exaggerated the join line to show where it is. This one definitely needs some refinement. Another one I might revisit later on. The metal straps make it rather industrial, if they were a different profile or material they would soften the look.

Tomorrows shelf is already brewing.