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Tales of Miss Fortune(Part 2)

Here we are folks, part 2. There is no sin in this, unfortunately, but we get a look at Marinette and Adrien’s daily lives. And a cliffhanger.

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It was a general agreement that Monday sucked. It was even more of an agreement that Monday mornings, specifically, sucked even more. In fact, it was common knowledge that Monday mornings were the moment when most hopes and dreams died. And when there was a Monday morning at the Agreste Headquarters, well, that was when all aspirations, happiness, self-esteem, and trust went down the gutter. Adrien’s included. He tried to put his best professional face to show that he was a very equilibrated man, who gets a full night rest and is nothing short of a responsible adult and a perfect CEO for the Agreste fashion empire. As he walked confidently through the building, the employees were greeting him with that usual air of ‘shit, that’s the boss’, so he assumed his façade was working.

(Honestly, was he that scary? He certainly hoped not.)

When he was finally in the privacy of his office, he let his head fall on the table as he groaned miserably. He had a night from hell. Not only was he left with a boner, but also tied to a chair. And it was very hard to try to get out of that death grip without knocking the candle overs and setting the whole Louvre on fire. He arrived home exhausted and only managed to get two hours of sleep. And just when the sleep was the sweetest that’s when his alarm decided to wake him up. Hell knows the dark circles under his eyes were only hidden because of that luxurious concealer he was wearing. Whining again softly, he rested his cheek against his desk considering taking a nap right that second. But of course, he didn’t have the chance. A cup of coffee and a bag with a pastry were put in front of him. And if there was one thing he loved more than sleep it was food. His head shot up immediately.

“A café noisette and a croissant with extra butter.” Marinette Dupain-Cheng declared. As he dug in his breakfast, she glanced at the clock on the wall. “And just in time. 9:15.”

“I never knew you were a morning person.” he remarked in between two sips of coffee.

“Oh, I’m not a morning person. I just had a very busy night and just didn’t go to sleep at all.” she said with a satisfied smirk.

Busy night? She must have worked on designs, Adrien thought. Marinette was, after all, an amazing designer. He had been impressed with her portfolio when she applied for the internship and he decided there was no way he would let her carry the coffee and lunch orders of everybody in the design department for the year long period of the internship. Well, she was still bringing him coffee, yes, but she was also able to work on her designs whenever she was done with the tasks he was giving her. And he knew all too well how cut throat the fashion industry was and how sabotage and mental games worked when it came to newcomers. And while Marinette was a force to be reckoned with, he would rather save her all that trouble. He had been dealing with those things since he began to walk, he would rather not have anybody go through the same thing if he could help it.

“So, what’s on today’s agenda?” Marinette asked as he finished his croissant.

“Just arrange the schedule for the week and then you are free to design. If anything else comes up, I’ll tell you.”

Marinette nodded with a smile, moving to her desk on the other side of the great room. Adrien finished his coffee, depositing the bag and the empty cup in the trash bin under his desk and decided to try his best to focus on work. The coffee had helped a little, but not enough to make up for all the lost hours of sleep. A low tune filled the air and his eyes slipped to Marinette, who got to work already while humming a familiar tune. It sounded like the last Jagged Stone hit. Ah, Marinette had really great taste in music. And video games. And fashion. And food. And… everything really. She was a very efficient assistant and just a lovely person to be around in general. Sometimes Adrien wished he had a friend like her. Huh, friend. He tilted his head, wondering if it was a good idea to ask.

“Hey, Marinette,” he called across the room, getting her attention. First name basis was something he insisted on. Monsieur Agreste sounded too much like his father and it was making him feel super weird. The only two instances when they used formal titles were when they were joking around or when they were in front of other people. “Do you… do you consider me a friend?”

Marinette blinked surprised and Adrien wanted to punch himself in the face for asking. Until her lips curled in a smirk and a mischevious glint appeared in her eyes. It almost gave him a feeling of deja vu, for whatever reason. “Oh, my, Monsieur Agreste, what an improper question. So unbusinesslike.” she teased, before she gave him a genuine smile. “Sure, Adrien. I can be your friend.”

“Thank you.” he breathed out, turning back to his work and missing the sad expression that took over her features.

“No need to thank me.” she said back with a fond smile.

Well, at least Marinette was considering him a friend. Her and the fluffy god of destruction currently sleeping in his pocket. What a squad. Sometimes he wished he would have went to school like everybody ese, and make friends who might have liked him for more than his money or looks. He never had that chance. And ever since his father died, well, being a CEO as we as a supe hero didn’t give him th chance to mingel. Adrien sighed and begann typing an email.

Maybe he will just have a peaceful day for once.

(Spoiler alert: he doesn’t.)

He and Marinette were just exiting the building, deciding to go to get some dinner, cause they will be stuck at work over the program yet again. That was when four police cars with the sirens ringing passed by fastly. Adrien wanted to scream. Seriously? Again? Didn’t Miss Fortune have a life to take care of that didn’t imply robbing every museum in Paris?

“I wonder what that is.” Marinette thought out loud.

“A robbery, most likely.” Adrien said, while checking his pocket for Plagg. “You know, Marinette, why don’t you just go home. I’m giving you a free night.”

“Wait, where are you… ?” she didn’t have the chance to ask because he already took off running.

“I just forgot something I need to take care off.” he called over his shoulder. “Have a nice evening!”

And with that he disappeared around the corner, leaving a very confused Marinette behind him.

As it turned out, it hadn’t been Miss Fortune this time. Just a gang trying to steal from a jewelry store. Honestly, the fight didn’t last that long, but they had the boss of the store and two employees taken as prisoners so he had to get them out first. Chat Noir dropped in a dark alley, making sure no one was around as he dropped his transformation. Catching a yawning Plagg in his hands he snorted.

“Me too, buddy. Let’s go home.” the kwami didn’t even bother to ask for cheese.

As he made his way out o the alley carefully, he didn’t notice the pair of striking blue eyes following his every move.

“My, my,” a sweet voice mocked. “Look what the cat dragged in.”

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harry didnt change his social networks until the day before he announced his single. industry rumors never generated significant hype for him because his google trends kept sinking until his commercial. so louis isnt dying without the "chatter". that was azoff favoritism and louis doesnt have the azoffs. it doesnt mean there's sabotage. bebe denied she was working with louis so calvin sc aside, i think louis isnt meant to be doing blatant promo or the bg denial will be too obvious as a pr thing.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:well theyre not talking about bebe rexha either and theres no industry sabotage against her so

My new thing is: to wait and see 

Beyond Politics, Towards Insurrection: Why Anarchists Need to Outgrow the Left

“The anarchist role is negative, the aim is the destruction of allexploitative and repressive false hopes.”     - Monsieur Dupont


               At the risk (and pleasure) of sounding overly inflammatory, the Left as we know it is obsolete.  The legacy of Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Mao and Hoxha has proven too much of a burden and its suggested praxis of selling newspapers and “building the party” is outdated. You know it, I know it, and even the party bosses – too far down to ever acknowledge it - know it. Even the syndicalist-approved methods of revolutionary unionism is swiftly growing irrelevant in the throes of neoliberalism – in a workforce mostly composed of temporary workers, the ease that a boss can simply swap out any angry workers with new, more compliant ones renders unions impotent. Even the IWW, the greatest example of American revolutionary syndicalism, fails to give its members anything but a social circle and bragging rights (in addition to a virulent and constant covering-up of abusers in its ranks).

               The left has failed. The USSR has dissolved. The ISO-SWP-PSL-AFL-CIO-RCP (etc. etc. etc.) has degenerated into opportunism and newspaper sales (if they were ever anything else). So where do we go from here?

               It’s not as if we anarchists have ever comfortably been leftists. The association of anarchists with the left (or ultra-left) has always been uneasy. How can we as anti-state and anti-authority revolutionaries agree with or condone the ideologies of Leninism, Soviet nationalism or state socialism or be okay with being relegated to the role of “conscience of the left”? The contradictions show in our history as the darkest moments after the highest-water marks of anarchism. 1921, the Kronstadt rebellion in Russia – Trotsky’s Red Army slaughters the same revolutionaries that helped overthrow the Tsar and executes anarchist civilians for daring to ask for freedom of speech. 1936, the provinces of Aragon and Catalonia in Spain – the CNT, growing more bureaucratic, orders the revolutionary communes to cease expropriation, executes individualist anarchists, and the Stalinist PSUC attacks any commune that refuses to dissolve, sealing the fate of the revolution and civil war.

               It’s time to look ahead and, to quote Wolfi Landstreicher, “rid anarchy of the leftist millstone”.

               What does this look like? In “From Politics to Life”, the work quoted above, Landstreicher points out that “for the left, social struggle against oppression is essentially a political program to be realized by whatever means are expedient…the leftist conception of social struggle is precisely one of influences, taking over or creating alternative versions of these institutions. In other words, it is a struggle to change, not to destroy institutionalized power relationships.” To paraphrase, the leftist obsession with political answers and reforms makes their goals and tactics completely incompatible with the anarchist idea: complete and total liberation.

               Indeed, the left is unable to look beyond mass organizations and their desire for a homogenized rank and file to carry out the desires of the leadership. To gain more activists and misguided theorists, leftist groups create and perpetuate a bevy of canned, formulaic moral outrages in the hopes of appealing to the masses and achieving some semblance of relevance. However, especially today, the failings of this strategy has never been more apparent, only serving to further reduce their legitimacy as revolutionary entities. This is obvious to anybody outside of the party.

               Left anarchists, including syndicalists, push the need for working class consciousness and direct-action unionism. However, even this is a reaction to an outdated construct of Capitalism, which makes the entire union structure of struggle anachronistic. After neoliberalism demolished the union model (and indeed, caused the collapse of the old Working Class), trade unions have withered as most workers realize that they have nothing to gain from joining. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, only a shifting of the playing field. Alfredo Bonanno writes in “The Insurrectional Project” that “The end of the great trades union organizations’ function of resistance and defense – corresponding with the collapse of the working class – has allowed us to see another possibility for the organization of the struggle. This could start from the real capacity of the excluded [(what Marx called the lumpenproletariat)].”

               Although parties, federations, unions etc. have lost their relevance in today’s Capitalism, there’s no need for despair. Indeed, the failure of the old forms of leftist reconciliation and cooperation with the bosses has left the road ahead open to us for grand experiments in affinity-based modes of change. The options open to us are endless. Clandestine actions, vandalism, industrial sabotage, community struggle and rioting are all tools to be used to seize time and space to experiment with new and liberatory social relations. But of course, the old Left, convinced of its necessity and hellbent on opportunistically inserting itself wherever it can speak over the rank and file of struggle, will prove – as it has proven numerous times in the past – to be the very first obstacle on the road to freedom, co-opting tragedies in order to further their agendas and forcing obsolete praxis down our throats.

               It’s time for anarchists to move beyond the outdated false binary of left and right. It’s time for us to critique not only industrialization but indeed the foundations of civilization as a whole. Forget the politics of ballot referendums, building the party, studying and quoting the correct theorists - the seeds of a creative, dynamic insurrection have already been sown. It’s time to strike back at everything that destroys us - politicians and recuperators be damned!

Because I care deeply about this topic and would like curious people to know more, I’ll attach a small reading list of essential post-left works.

“The Insurrectional Project”, “Armed Joy” and “The Anarchist Tension” by Alfredo Bonanno.

“From Politics to Life” by Wolfi Landstreicher.

“At Daggers Drawn” by Anonymous.

“Against History! Against Leviathan!” by Fredy Perlman.

All of these works can be found for free online. Happy reading!

-          With love, Anonymous

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If it ever gets to the point where a case for legalizing pedophilia goes to the supreme Court. I’m killing myself. Remember how quickly the public opinion on Homosexuality changed in ONE generation? You don’t believe something similar wouldn’t be done for pedophilia? Especially given a rather large portion of a certain faith outright condones the act? Three words. Mohomed and Ayesha. Under the guise of religious freedom, child rape would be outright condoned.

You familiar with the sexual revolution and Alfred Kinsey and his connection with Nazi pedophiles from WW2 and admiration of satanist Aleister Crowley? The Porn industry helped sabotage the investigation by Judith Reisman into how Kinsey conducted his studies on children and Hustler featured a comic in their magazine called “Chester the Molester”

The creator of that comic strip in 1984, Tinsley was accused of molesting his 13-year-old daughter, Allison, over a period of five years. He was convicted and served 23 months of a six-year prison sentence before his conviction was overturned on the grounds that his conviction violated the First Amendment because it was based, in part, on his comic strip. During his incarceration, he continued dispatching new strips to Hustler from his cell to be edited by Edward Kuhnel. I think that pedophiles have and even now are trying to hijack the LGBT movement (like NAMBLA and HeartProgress groups) to get the age of consent laws removed and to normalize pedophilia along with elements in the media and entertainment hypsersexualizing children, also early sex education programs taught to children as young as 4, like those “safe schools” programs. More info on that here  

Tano and Kenobi: Before the Council

Previously on Tano and Kenobi…

Ahsoka learned that Obi-Wan’s time at the Temple is coming to an end while Obi-Wan volunteers to help Ahsoka get her bearings straight while the Temple is being renovated. After some deep thoughts in the Room of a Thousand Fountains, Ahsoka is summoned before the Jedi Council…

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Ahsoka and Obi-Wan stood before the doors of the Council room, frowning at the grey-and-silver accented doors emblazoned with the symbol of the Jedi Order. There had been no symbol on the door when Ahsoka had been a Padawan and she wondered about that, if it had simply faded away or something had happened to cause the Council to replace the doors by her time. She didn’t know why the odd detail struck her as meaningful, but there it was.

“Have you ever stood in front of the Council, Obi-Wan?” Ahsoka asked, looking down at the young initiate.

Obi-Wan frowned and looked down at his hands. “Uhm… Well… not recently?”

Ahsoka almost let out a gasp of shock and dismay when she felt the guilt and shame suffusing the boy through the Force and she held it in. Clearly whatever had brought young Obi-Wan before the Council was an act he regretted and he had no doubt already severely castigated himself for it.

She smiled at him and put a hand on his shoulder. “You know… The last time I stood in front of the Council, my Master was with me. This might be one of the first times I’ve faced the Council by myself.”

Obi-Wan looked up at Ahsoka, his blue eyes round with surprise. “Truly, Master Ahsoka? Even when you received your mission orders?”

Ahsoka chuckled. “That was a bit more discreet than this.”

Wow. Is this how I’m going to spend the rest of my life? Finding clever ways to tell a half truth?

“Knight Tano?” A female Nikto Jedi walked over to the duo, checking her datapad. “And… who are you?”

“This is my escort,” Ahsoka explained, putting a hand on Obi-Wan’s shoulder. “Senior Initiate Obi-Wan Kenobi. He’s helping me reacquaint myself with the Temple layout.”

The Nikto Jedi tilted her head to the side, as if she was trying to decide whether or not she was going to say anything about the young boy’s presence. She checked off something before gesturing to the door. “The Council will see you now. Initiate Kenobi, you can return to your dorms if you do not currently have a class to attend.”

“Yes, Master,” Obi-Wan murmured as the doors started to slide open. “I… I will be attending my saber lessons after lunch, Master Ahsoka. Please comm me if you need me.”

Ahsoka nodded with a smile. “Don’t forget! We’ve got an hour of jar’kai practice today!”

It almost broke Ahsoka’s heart to see the brief flash of Obi-Wan’s excitement and joy before he managed to hide it behind a passable attempt at Master Obi-Wan’s famous Negotiator’s face. She was starting to understand where he had first learned the rules of hiding one’s feelings and she wasn’t sure how she felt about Obi-Wan learning those cold lessons in the bosom of the Jedi Order.

This place was supposed to be their home, the Order was supposed to be their family. This wasn’t how you treated family.

Ahsoka turned to face the doors that had fully opened, straightened her shoulders and held her head high, walking back into the same room she had been dismissed from the Jedi Order in seventeen years ago.

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The Darkest of Nights

Getting into your car, the drone of the heart monitor still ringing deep within the caverns of your ears, you crank your car up in the middle of the night as you toss your phone haphazardly into the passenger-side seat, backing steadily out of your driveway.

With gumdrop tears streaming down your face, you travel in silence, the nighttime passing by the windows as your jaw begins to tremble, memories of long lost secrets and whispers causing your chest to wrench forward, your throat swallowing your vomit down as autopilot takes over.

25 minutes later, you found yourself sitting in front of Spencer’s apartment complex.

Mindlessly exiting your car, you start up the stairs, your body weaving a pattern you hadn’t realized it had committed to memory, and soon you are standing in front of Spencer’s door, your fist poised in the air to knock just as he swings it open and smiles wearily at you.

“It’s decaf,” he says, holding the mug out to you, “with pumpkin creamer. Just like you take it.”

Looking blankly down at the cup, your eyes blinking slowly as you pan your gaze back up to him, you study his face as he stares at you fiercely.

“H-how…um…how do you know how I take my coffee?” you stutter.

“I pay attention,” he shrugs.

Slowly taking the coffee mug from him, you feel his touch descend upon your arm as he ushers you inside, leading you over to his couch as he helps you sit down.

Feeling him sit beside you, he cups his hands in his lap as he clears his throat.

“Another nightmare?”

Nodding slowly, he says, “I’m glad you called me this time. I was hoping you would for some time.”

Crinkling your face, he chuckles lightly, “What I mean is, you were there for me when Maeve was killed, when you first joined the team, and now you need someone. A-and I want to be there for you…you know…like you were for me.”

Taking a sip of your coffee, you feel a tear slip out and run down your cheek as you watch it fall into your cup of coffee.

“Oh, Y/N,” Spencer whispers as he wraps his arm around you, “I’m so sorry.”

You lean your head against his cheek, the warmth of his skin comforting against the cold loneliness of your thoughts, and as your shoulders begin to shake from sobbing, Spencer takes your coffee from you, setting it down on the coffee table, and pulls you close.

“It just drones,” you sob into his neck.  “It drones, and drones, and drones…”

As tears grace Spencer’s eyes, he finds himself lightly pressing a kiss the side of your head.

“I don’t know what to say,” he admits.

Chuckling lightly, you wipe your nose, “Must be a first for you,” you muse.

Feeling Spencer let go of his embrace, he dips down and grasps your coffee, handing it back to you before reaching up and pushing your hair back behind your ear.

“You’re welcome here as long as you wish…and as many nights as you need.”

Smiling gratefully as you lean back into the couch, you take another sip of your coffee, feeling Spencer flutter a blanket over your lap.

Reaching out to grab his coffee as well, Spencer hunkers down under the blanket with you, his feet lightly brushing up against yours as you prop them up onto his coffee table.

“There’s a documentary on about the food industry and how they’re sabotaging our eating standards. Wanna turn it on?” Spencer asks.

And as you feel a light smile grace your cheeks, you scoot your body closer to his as you say, “That sounds perfect.”


Canterlot – The Canterlot Royal Guard has apprehended the pegasus responsible for last week’s winter disaster at the Cloudsdale Weather Factory (CWF). Rainbow Dash, age withheld, may face charges of public endangerment, vandalism, industrial sabotage and property destruction.

“They left me no choice. Winter was coming fast and I had to stop it”, says the pegasus, who revealed no real intent for the sabotage. Close friends had noted her erratical behaviour before committing the heinous act. The pegasus was last heard uttering “I’d do it again!”, before being escorted away.

Cloudsdale is still recovering from the CWF mishap, estimated to cost the city state 3.4 million bits as it recovers from the loss of almost half of the weather facility, Cloudsdale’s largest employer. The Celestia Administration has condemned the sabotage, calling it “extremely reckless”.

Ponyville, now blanketed by rogue snowfall ahead of the original schedule, is also reeling from the calamity. The Ponyville Winter Wrap-Up coordination team has convened and has already marked several areas as “disaster zones”. 

Investigations continue. 

Let's talk about "If A Tree Falls"

First, anyone who wants to see the film should know that the first part of it contains possibly very triggering images of extreme police violence and some footage from inside a “meat” processing facility. The narrative focuses on Daniel McGowan, and his time between being charged with eco-terrorism with the ELF, his choices between a plea bargain and going through a trial, and when he goes to sentencing.The film definitely shared an interesting story and some excellent information, but it sort of came off as another cautionary tale about developing radical politics and participating in direct action against industry and government. Has anyone seen it? What are your thoughts?

“Dear useless diary,

Today was Carter’s parent/teacher conference at his school but I was delayed due to an unfortunate mish-mash of incompetence and industrial sabotage. Kara wasn’t doing anything important so I sent her to stand in for me whilst I dealt with the idiots responsible. When I finally arrived, the Science teacher kept referring to us as if we were a couple. Come to think of it, so did the English teacher. And the PE teacher. I didn’t correct any of them - the blush on Kara’s face was a fascinating hue that actually matched her sweater and I wanted to see how long she could maintain it. For purely scientific reasons of course.


From 1938, until the destruction of the Nazi state, the
authorities (especially the Hitler Youth, the police and the
Gestapo) became increasingly concerned about the attitudes
and activities of ‘gangs’ of working class youths who were
collectively known as 'Edelweiss Pirates’.

The activities of these groups encompassed a whole range of
resistance to the regime (absenteeism from work and school,
graffiti, illegal leaflets, arguing with authority figures,
industrial sabotage and physical violence).

One Edelweiss slogan was 'Eternal war on the Hitler Youth’.
Attacking Hitler Youth hiking and camping groups in the
countryside end Hitler Youth patrols and Nazi dignitaries in
the towns and cities was a favored activity of Edelweiss Pirate

The activities of many young people were so problematic for
the Nazis that the Reich youth leadership were driven to
declare 'The formation of cliques, i.e. groupings of young
people outside the Hitler Youth, was on the increase a few
years before the war, and has particularly increased during the
war, to such a degree that a serious risk of the political, moral
and criminal breakdown of youth must be said to exist.’ (1942)

—  the Edelweiss Pirates, 1938-1945
Industrial Sabotage and its importance in the Market

Most people tend to think of Market Anarchy as being the Forces of the Market, driven by human desire and necessity, that drive the production and innovation that happens in the absence of rules, or the activities as such which subvert or are conducted contrary to the rules establshed to regulate the Market.

Of course this is what Market Anarchy is, and most would agree by empirical study of the effects of Market Anarchy (especially when contrasted to Market disrupting effects of Market control techniques, like through centralized decision making implemented by totalitarian state socialist countries such as Cuba and U.S.S.R.), that free Market Anarchy is in many ways, and maybe overall, beneficial to the growth and versatility of the existent Market.

One Force many overlook as being outside the domain of the Market, and somehow a different Force, is the free will of the people to limit certain aspects of the market through preventative, disruptive or destructive means, some which subvert established rules governing behavior of Market participants, rules that were established in an attempt to enforce what is thought of as safe or proper behavior in Market interactions.

Particularly, the will of the people to shut down Market entities, such as supply side entities, is thought of as being improper, and laws are established to discourage this behavior. For instance, if your protest activity or other activities cost a supplier a certain amount of money to sustain, then you and the participants in the destructive behavior will be breaking the law. An example of a real life organization that has been targeted for these types of activities is the Animal Liberation Front. This organization is labeled as a terrorist organization in the United States, so that now even associating with the organization will put you in danger of being penalized by authority. I personally know one of the members who has spent time in prison for activities such as shut downs, and sabotaging animal testing facilities to free animals.

We should look upon these types of activities as being legitimate however, maybe best if there is enough democratic support from other people, say a certain threshold of democratic support which can justify many means of Market Destruction such as industrial sabotage (in the case of freeing animals from a research facility, breaking down deforestation equipment, smashing big bank ATMs, etc), extremely disruptive protest activity, democratic shutdowns (like the Occupy Oakland port shutdown), theft, exposure of sensitive or proprietary information (probably best demonstrated by Wikileaks), free sharing and replication of information when it is cheap enough to do so (like in the case of Napster, Megaupload, bit-torrents, and other forms of information “pirating”), and spreading awareness through graffiti (which probably is best exemplified by graffiti placed in the physical locations where Market transactions, like a message about health issues, factory farming or deforestation on spray painted the wall of a McDonalds).

These types of activities actually serve to regulate the Market in a way that stimulates the development of the most useful products, and products that integrate the best with the available ecosystems and social landscapes. Without this type of regulation, other contextually inferior Forces, such as the value-profit Forces facilitated by the use of money, exert dominance within the operating Market Forces. This is a problem, because forces such as money have no environmental context, or at least such a small environmental context, that it causes Market decisions to be made that have no consideration of ecological issues. The same happens with social issues, money has very little social context and its dominance in the Market generates long term social issues. Both these environmental and social issues undermine the integrity of the Market and the products and relationships, and societal organization which it creates.

Maybe a good way to put the money example, particularly, is that:

Money is blind to society and the environment, as such its dominance in the Market is detrimental to both society and the environment, and as the Market itself operates within society and the available environment, and relies of the health of both, money’s dominance in the Market is detrimental to the Market itself.

And as such, we need to use Democratic Industrial Sabotage to regulate the Market and balance the detrimental effects of other Marker Forces.

The absence of such anarchic Forces paired with the presence of legal Forces in the favor of special interests could be part of the Market problem that caused the 2008 Financial Crisis, for instance, and is certainly the cause of widespread unsustainable ecological destruction, and societally disruptive distribution of wealth within industrialized nations and among nations they interact with.

In the same vein the absence of the Market Force of widespread and graphic coverage of the operations in the Irag and Afghanistan wars allows the Market transaction of war to the American people to complete. If the American people were to be stimulated by the graphic reality if what they are buying with their tax dollars, they may not wish to complete the transaction. Other forces are at play in the war scenario, that convolute any speculation about the possible definite outcomes of the Market Interaction that is taking place, such as political rhetoric, which creates the pretense for security in effort to stifle war coverage. 

The actions taken by free people to limit Market activities can be destructive, however the compliment that direct action aimed at prevention and willingful sabotage provide real and useful compliments to the other forces that distort the Market, in many cases to the overall detriment of society, if left unbalanced or unchecked.

Cameras on the Battlefield, Transmuting Suffering into Peace.


The Nazis hated Jews because the Jews controlled the banks, media and industry in Germany and sabotaged the German war effort in the First World War, then promoted Communism through their media share and overthrew the Kaiser and tried to take control of the state. The Jews were primarily fraternal to each other and supported a common cause, which, at the time, was to favour the Western powers for supporting the Belfour declaration, to create the state of Israel, and the majority of them had no loyalty to Germany, while many Germans were Nationalistic.

Why should YOU hate Jews? Well you don’t have much reason other than the fact that the wealthiest media barons and bankers are Jewish and they push their views on society and corrupt the government, but the average Jew is almost no different from the average White except they are usually more Liberal-leaning and some of them hate White people.

Debating whether or not the problem is not religious Jews, but only secular Zionist Jews is another story for another day.