industrial ring


“Do you remember it well?” she asked.


“Yes. Do you remember the one from your story?”

“It is still vivid in my mind,” I said, closing my eyes. “Those massive bands reaching up like arms into the sky: they were bluegreen and rich with life within, and a cold ashen metal without. I can still see its shape, twisted and fractured in the cracked viewport of my ship. I remember watching it shrink into the distance just before we left.

Even back then, when machines of that scale were ordinary and expected… Halo took my breath away.” [Halo: Fractures - Epilogue]

Loki falls to Midgard from the void and starts getting as high a job as possible so he can have as much money as possible. This just so happens to come in the form of him using his knowledge to work his way up the ranks of Stark Industries, eventually working with the great Tony Stark himself, and forming an attachment to the genius. When he’s attacked by the Ten Rings, Loki outs himself by using his magic to find him and bring him back, saving Yinsen and Tony. Tony was there long enough to have the idea of Ironman form though, and proceeds to make it to save the people overseas. Loki unearths Obadiah’s scheme, and they both balance each other’s mental problems out, finally ending with a healthy psyche for each of them.

Merry Christmas to everyone from my boyfriend and I


Vaguely I wondered about the giant ring. Had I imagined it? It had seemed so real. Then a word flashed into my revived mind, echoing from the image I had just seen or imagined or conjured up from anoxia.

That single word connected intimately with the precious little the Domain had revealed to me: Death. Destruction. Massive power.

That word was Halo.