industrial piercing

Industrial Piercing.

I got mine done 6 weeks ago on Sunday so I thought I would throw some tips out there for people because I always see people asking in that tag.

1. Does it hurt to get done? No, not at all. I barely felt it, it felt a little tight while they put the bar in but the actual piercing was a 3 out of 10.

2. What’s the proper way to clean it? I soaked it for 10 minutes every day for the first 4 weeks. I never slacked once. Now i have purchased the h2Ocean spray. I use that all the time but I still soak it at least 2-3 times a week. Qtips are your friends. Also, do soak it. Please. The spray doesn’t always clean everything.

3. The worst time was about 2 weeks after. It got infected and throbbed for a day but I repeat, soaking clears it right up.

4. I did dye my hair for the first time last week. My stylist kept hitting it, that hurt. It’s fine but soak it after. I’ll keep telling you to soak it cause it works.

5. It hurts like a mother fucking bitch when you bang it. Six weeks later and it still hurts. Like holy fuck. I never remember it’s there until I stupidly tuck my hair behind my ear.

6. How long before you can sleep on your side? I started to now, six weeks later. I have a really soft pillow though and I think that’s key. The softer the better.

7. The bar slides. I panicked because it slid down and the piercer gave me a long bar to allow for swelling. Well I panicked because what if I hit it and it swells? There’s no room. Doesn’t matter, the minute it drops means it’s healing. I haven’t had issues with it touching my ear at all. Just SOAK IT IF IT GETS INFECTED.

8. Also tea tree oil works well to get rid of infections. I’ve only had to use it once. Don’t use it on a regular basis.

9. If you have always wondered about getting it done but are scared of taking care of it, just get it done. The cleaning isn’t so bad, trust me. You get used to it awful quick and it looks cute as fck.

If anyone else has any other questions just let me know.

*** I use a pretty simple soak mixture: 1 cup water and ¼ tsp non iodized salt (kosher works). I boil the water, add the salt, wait for it to cool, stir it up and soak it. I use a measuring cup and lay on the floor…. It’s worked the best for me with minimal spillage.

ugh, this kid came into the shop the other day to get some jewelry changed because she couldn’t do it herself and OH MY GOSH, IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR PIERCING, YOU SHOULDN’T GET ONE!

i had to explain to her that she needed to clean her piercing daily because they looked so bad, she might as well treat them as fresh piercings even though they were over a year old!

she told me she didn’t really do anything to them, to which i replied “yeah. no. stop that. you’re going to get an infection and that shit can seriously damage you. clean. your. piercings.”

so much pus and flakey skin and keloid scarring and…bwuh. kid’s lucky she hasn’t gotten anything else like…staph

reminder: clean your fresh piercings twice daily with plain soap and water. soak two to three times weekly with a homemade sea salt solution* [some recommend cleaning with salt, but that can lead to drying out of the skin.] and make a hot compress out of a chamomile tea-bag for a natural anti-inflammatory. do this for a minimum 6-weeks to three months.

don’t use alcohol-based cleansers [kills the new skin causing longer healing times, increased chances of scarring.], harsh soaps with dye and fragrance [irritants], vaseline [what this kid said she used! D:], store bought saline solutions [contain harsh chemicals and preservatives that aren’t going to help you out.]

*¼ tsp dissolved into 1 cup of boiling water [15ml in 240ml water] let cool. submerge area into cup or use cotton ball.

Finally grabbed some photos of this mostly healed ear project (rook is healing). All the major components of this project are from @anatometal. Thank you so much for knocking it out of the park with the special order 4 point piece and all the other amazing pieces. You guys are awesome! @safepiercing


If your piercing gets infected, (I hope it doesn’t) the best way to clean it, is to open the infection with a needle, press as much nasty goo out as possible, clean it, A LOT, grab a patch, put some disenfection liquid (IDK WHAT IT IS IN ENGLISH, JUST WHATEVER YOU USE!!!) on the white part and cover the infection real good. REBLOG TO SAVE AN EAR