industrial music

what your favorite industrial band says about you

KMFDM: you took high school german

Front 242: you make films at airport runways and train crossings

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult: you’d been to the wax trax records store on damen and you’ll tell anyone who will listen about it

Skinny Puppy: you have 50 beagles. you’re vegan but you’ve considered cannibalism. 

Front Line Assembly: you’ve made model aircraft

Revolting Cocks: you wear jeans to fetish clubs

Boyd Rice: you’ve sacrificed a goat to your goddess as a thanks for your survival. your name has ‘sol’ in it.

NIN: you tell everyone trent reznor invented the genre

Ministry: you secretly voted for Bush because the one thing you hate more than war is abortion

Laibach: no one can tell if you’re a fascist or a re-enactor and you like it that way

Nitzer Ebb: you’d describe yourself as a “rebel”. you even own a leather jacket.

Die Warzau: you’re way too willing to use the word ‘phunk’ 

Einstürzende Neubauten: you’re gay but you dont want to come out since you hang out with the people who like all these other bands 

Throbbing Gristle: you’ve participated in the creation of at least one feminist zine

Combichrist: you’re in middle school