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This wasn’t up on YouTube yet, so I figured some one should it haha. This is an acoustic version of Eternally Yours with Ricky Horror on lead vocals. This was released on the Japanese version of Graveyard Shift via Roadrunner Records. Enjoy!


My albums selection for the next week :

- Bauhaus  :  The Sky’s Gone Out

- Former Ghosts  :  Fleurs

- The Gerogerigegege  :  Moenai Hai

- Lith  :  Pylon

- Merzbow  :  Aodron

- V.A  :  Meine Heimat Der Osten Vol. 2

- Plastic :  S/T

- Throbbing Gristle  :  20 Jazz Funk Greats

- Chippendale - Gustafsson - Pupillo  :  Melt

- William Basinski  :  The River

- Operation: PROMETHEUS - 
Halo Saga

Thought I’d share a comission I did last year, I tried to channel my inner Moebius (he did my second favorite Halo comic) for this one. I got mixed results, thought at the end the client (and I) were happy with the results. 


Laver. A ghost town about 50 kilometres from Älvsbyn in northern Sweden.

In 1936, Laver suddenly appeared. It was to become a modern town, constructed to house the workers of the Laver copper mine. But as the mine failed, the entire town was abandoned and the inhabitants relocated in 1947.

At the site some remains are scattered as a reminder of the effects of modern industrialism, both environmental and economic.

(Photos: d.)

Panorama of Devil’s Gate Viaduct Railroad Georgetown to Silver-Plume, c.1880s