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Hey bud!! I am very curious cat... did you made your chat noir cosplay?? And if you did, how did you make it, did you bought the cosplay? Can you explain how you did it??

I bought the fabric, and a friend of mine did the cosplay, the props with industrial foami lined with fabric. make sure to buy shiny fabric  but not to much XD

my fabric looks like that, for references

and my props, sorry for the quality of the pictures tho,

I know what that Galra was doing in the Weblum!!!

This mystery Galra person has Lotor’s colors. 

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So they are probably working for Lotor and were send by him to get some scaultrite.

And what is scaultrite used for?

“Scaultrite is an important substance, with thousands of commercial and industrial uses, including fabrication foam, insect night vision goggles, teludav Uh-  anti-fungal klanmiurl lotion and other such lubricants.”

I dunno if Lotor needs insect vision goggles or teludav lenses…


He might need “fabrication foam” for his famous SHOULDER PADS

(or he’s got a fungal infection.. or needs lubricants for some reason…..)


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