industrial expansion

“Unless we realize that the present market society, structured around the brutally competitive imperative of “grow or die,” is a thoroughly impersonal, self-operating mechanism, we will falsely tend to blame technology as such or population growth as such for environmental problems. We will ignore their root causes, such as trade for profit, industrial expansion, and the identification of “progress” with corporate self-interest. In short, we will tend to focus on the symptoms of a grim social pathology rather than on the pathology itself, and our efforts will be directed toward limited goals whose attainment is more cosmetic than curative.”
― Murray Bookchin

The needs of the poor take priority over the desires of the rich; the rights of workers over the maximization of profits; the preservation of the environment over uncontrolled industrial expansion; the production to meet social needs over production for military purposes.
—  United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), in “Economic Justice for All”
A new study released by Oil Change International, in partnership with 14 organizations from around the world, scientifically grounds the growing movement to keep carbon in the ground by revealing the need to stop all new fossil fuel infrastructure and industry expansion.
The Signs + Star Wars Worlds & Civilizations
  • Aries: Tatooine || Tough, hard-working, opportunistic
  • Taurus: Naboo || Peaceful, luxurious, artistic
  • Gemini: Coruscant || Industrious, communicative, expansive
  • Cancer: Kamino || Deep, stormy, accommodating
  • Leo: Corellia || Confident, busy, popular
  • Virgo: Yavin 4 || Tactical, analytical, sensible
  • Libra: Alderaan || Diplomatic, picturesque, trendsetting
  • Scorpio: Utapau || Mysterious, hidden, magnetic
  • Sagittarius: Kashykk || Environmental, free-willed, adventurous
  • Capricorn: Cato Neimoidia || Enterprising, upscale, disciplined
  • Aquarius: Bespin || Progressive, atmospheric, apathetic
  • Pisces: Endor || Isolated, enchanting, endless