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Bottle Opener Sunset | Lee West Objects

Minimal brass accessories created by Paris-based designer Lee West. A minimal object evoking a sunset this bottle opener is made from hardened Naval Brass. The Sunset form has been perfected for efficient leverage of bottle caps. The reverse side of the opener is hand filed to provide wonderful texture & extra grip. The 00 corkscrew is made from thick brass and can be worn like a ring for extra pulling force. The corkscrew itself is made from black Teflon coated steel providing smooth piercing of corks and easy removal.


Today’s brief:

| Lighting |

Image 1: This week will be all lighting. Oak table lamp that could also be a ceiling light.

The light can sit on any of the 4 faces to give it a different appearance from all angles.

Cord missing because I forgot.

Image 2: The sketch I drew for the light looked pretty straight forward but there were lots of details that I had to resolve once modeling. Where the longer twisted pieces meet in the middle of the end pieces was time-consuming to resolve and I’m still not 100% happy with it. I tried lots of different options with the profiles and angles but it needs more thought than what I can give it today.

The standard oak appearance looks good from far but it is far from good up close.

Image 3: The fact that I only spend a short time on these concepts each day means they aren’t fully refined or thoroughly considered. The fact that I’m putting out work that I can still see holes in doesn’t sit 100% comfortably with me. I thought I may get used to it faster than this but I’m not.

But for now, I’ll continue with the daily designs, worts and all. I’m open to hear all comments, good or bad..