industrial corporatism

In a moral society, ethics dictate the course of industry; in an amoral society, industry dictates the course of ethics.
—  Frederick Douglass
reasons I love season 3 of Orange is the new black

- starting to take on the prison industrial complex

- addressing the violence and discrimination trans people face in institutions, often under the guise of “for their own protection” (aka, easier for the bosses)

- shows a badass, intelligent (DARK SKINNED!) black women who is good at her job and not afraid to stand up to the misogynoir of the disgusting mr healy

- even addressing the terribleness that is an über corporate, uber capitalist society by showing how it negatively affects workers (prison staff) and the people they serve (the inmates)

- shows women supporting other women, and specifically supporting them through *spoiler alert* discrimination based on their developmental disability (tastee and Suzanne) and mental illness and suicide attempts (the black women and soso)

- all the black women

- all the latinas

- red & co.

- soso

- literally everyone and everything except piper and voss

- even fuckin pensatucky is better than them at this point