industrial bow

As a girl working in an EB Games/ Gamestop, I get a lot of shit. Constant “fake gamer” comments and “do you even like video games”, or “do you even play video games?” thrown at me almost every day. I’m put on the spot and if I don’t know every minute detail about some game no one’s ever even heard of I’m asked why I even work here. There are times however, when genuinely great human beings show up.
I have a group of regulars, all around 14 years old, who are always in my store and sometimes witness this. Anytime they’re in the store, as soon as the others leave they talk me up and tell me that they’re just jerks and not to worry. Today, I was especially tired and was having trouble with my words. Because of this, I had a few rude remarks about my intelligence and performance. These kids show up just as the rude customers leave to purchase a game with some energy drinks. I jokingly said I needed one of those today before they left. Ten minutes later, these same kids show up, one with his hands behind his back, and hand me an energy drink with a bow on top, telling me they hope I feel better. They went on about how they usually don’t even come in the store if I’m not working, because I work hard and deserve their business. I’ve never been so close to tearing up in front of customers my entire life. The kids gave me a hug and went on their way, and I never felt so sure of myself at this job before. Being a girl in a largely male dominated culture is hard sometimes, but stick with it because we deserve a larger spot in this culture, and we should NOT have to “prove” ourselves just to be accepted. I’m getting more genuinely curious questions thank rude ones lately, and it feels so good to be talking on the same instead of being interrogated. It’s funny how something as simple as an energy drink from some regulars can lift your entire day, but hell yeah, I belong here. And not one of those jerks is going to convince me otherwise.

A big congratulations to our queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race for this induction into the biggest honor in recorded music in the world, the Grammy Awards. Too many artists are lost in the independent industry that don’t get the recognition they deserve. I hope more artists in the independent world will be recognized as well. Personally, I’d love to see Steve Grand and Eli Lieb be entered. We need fresh sounds in the music industry. 

Again, I bow to you, queens. To everyone else, I encourage you to go out of your way and support these queens by listening and downloading to their music. We have true artists here. Also, go out and support other artists out there in the independent world. I personally recommend Steve Grand, Eli Lieb, David Dub, Phi Phi O’Hara (aka Jaremi Carey) and many others.

We fucking deserve this.

We deserve this.

We deserve the joy, the happiness, and the enormity of this news today.

After being put through hell for MONTHS by a few plastic cunts and their brainwashed followers (in and out of the media), we deserve this.

We deserve this brilliant show of solidarity and loyalty.

We deserve to hear the message that this casting has sent out, from a notoriously fickle industry: ‘We will not bow to you liars, you thieves and you scammers. We value truth and integrity. You may manipulate the masses but you will never manipulate us.’

We. Deserve. This.
He. Deserves. This.

Thank you, Warner Brothers. Thank you, David Yates. Thank you, J.K. Rowling.
Thank you for believing in him.

why is there any doubt about how humble and modest big bang are? jiyong is one of the most talented composers writer and producer in korean music industry yet he still bows to all his juniors, how taeyang includes new groups in his speeches and says he hopes they have a lot of success, how seungri still says hi to other groups even tho he’s in one of the most famous music acts in the world. big bang has no business being humble or modest but they still are.

okay fine you hate/dislike bigbang, and you think they’re overrated and doesn’t deserve the popularity, suit urself, but did bigbang EVER disrespect ANYone in the industry ? do they not bow 90 degrees to all of their seniors and juniors ? they thank everybody, they stay till the end of the show, they (as everyone say) the most respectful seniors they’ve met, they say everything every other artist afraid to say just to put things straight out, despite all this ppl say they’re arrogant but they keep on doing what they do with modesty.

so forgive me when am pissed that other fellow artists couldn’t stick around for a final speech they’ll have in the next like 5 years and 10 mins performance by a senior artist who’s the most famous kpop artist of all time and helped them getting recognition, my faves included, fuck plane tickets they can afford to reschedule bye
'Jurassic World' Domestic Record $208.8M Bow Lifts Industry - Box Office Final
11th UPDATE, Monday, 3:36 PM: Jurassic World took the world's stage for a global bow of $524.4M and 40% of that came from North American audiences. The Colin Treverrow-helmed family film accounted ...
By Anthony D'Alessandro, Anita Busch

Jurassic World smashed records this weekend, passing The Avengers as the largest North American opening weekend with $208 million dollars. Jurassic also set a new worldwide opening weekend record with $524 million, as well as the biggest opening day record in the U.S.