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CARRY ALLS: The standout pre-fall bags put some pep in the crosstown schlep - model: Charlene Almarvez - photography: Stas May - fashion: Julia Gall - hair: Tesuya Yamagata - makeup: Sophie Haig - casting: David Chen - Interview Magazine May 2017

  • Loewe bag. Levis jacket. American Apparel socks. Vans sneakers
  • Balenciaga bag & sneaker. Champions sweatshirt. Re/Done jeans
  • Valentino bag. Ralph Lauren Collection jacket. AG Jeans jeans
  • Celine bag & pants. Adidas sneakers
  • Gucci bag & shoes. Citizen of Humanity jeans. Ozone socks
  • Louis Vuitton bag & boots. Alpha Industries jacket. Sonix phone case
  • Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci bag. Fear of God jacket. Nike sneakers
  • Dior bag & sneakers. Public School sweatshirt. Girlfriend jeans

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Pairing: jimin (bts) x reader

Genre: action, angst (?), vampire!au

Word count: 2,079

Summary: In the streets of London, ravaged by a war with the vampires, you work as one of the few remaining vampire hunters, there to pick off the last of them

warnings: mention of violence and death



The city was filled with dull grey concrete and metal, yellowed white lights, and a black night that seemed oddly close. The moon wasn’t showing, and the lights of the city were all that illuminated the clouds that blotted any stars not drowned out by the glow of the cityscape. It was as though if you just climbed to the top of one of the taller buildings, you could touch the sky, and its matte appearance gave the impression that it might feel like paper on your fingertips. Perhaps it was the complete lack of stars and anything else distant to give it the impression of vastness. Regardless, it felt very calm and comforting. But you knew better. There would be a storm tonight.

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Get suited and booted and ready to commit murder with this stylish Balaclava Man look. Baseball bat accessory optional! 

Monclear Twist Henri Bomber Jacket - £705.00

North Face Sheep’s Wool Balaclava - £390.00

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