industrial bookcase


As you can tell, I rearranged my room again. It’s like an addiction lol. And I plan on moving it around tonight. I’m slowly making my room the exact way I want it to be. I’m going more industrial than geometric now. I also my nightstand. It was a clock table (the clock is now the clock over the bookcase) and now it’s a normal night stand. I also added some books to my bookcase…Also hoping to get a headboard soon.


I’ve had these pictures of Industrial Furniture I found on the net in my work folder for almost a year. I’m finally trying to simminize them for my game!

1. Rustic Wall Shelf - 7 recolors (cloned from a shelf so 2 slots)

2. Industrial Bookcase - 6 recolors, comes with 5 book recolors (1 invisible)

* Note - to place items when using the invisible recolor I used OMPS smaller shiftable #4 (bottom) & smaller shiftable #3 (top) - by Silent Lucidity

More to come….