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Hey Allison!
Jeff Rosenstock
Hey Allison!

She’s on the western side looking at the Jersey skyline.
She’s in a real bad mood so she couldn’t write back to you.
She’s had the longest day and it’s a gridlocked highway.
She’s in a real bad mood so she couldn’t write back to you.
That poke at every bruise.
Is she gonna write back to you?
You’re an exhausted kid of fractured relationships.
You wanna crush that gloom.
Is she gonna write back to you?
“Hey Allison! This city’s a total disaster without you around.”
You spent the days inside avoiding social landmines
“Hey Allison! This sudden detachment from friendship is making me ache.”

Rammstein as couples pt. 1

I was bored so I figured out what the relationships of our boys would look like.

Paul/Flake: soft and pure, cuddles, fluff, cheek kisses, awkward and insecure, first relationship, holding hands, watching sunsets, duration: few months, break-up: teenage heartbreak

Paul/Richard: giggling, small notes, going to concerts, arguing over food, smoking, basic tumblr shit, watching cheesy movies, nicknames (honey, sweetheart, love etc.), hugs, first kisses, practicing that whole relationship thing, jamming on guitars, duration: one year, break-up: hard for both of them, tears and saying ‘‘sorry‘‘ over and over again, hugs

Paul/Till: htf did we end up with each other, ‘‘ur single, I’m single, wanna fuck?‘‘, emergency couple, always triggered, always confused, that kind of relationship nobody understands (they also don´t), probably lasts about one week, break-up: pure relief

Paul/Schneider: bromance, trying out kissing but ending up laughing their asses off, watching action movies together, popcorn, calling each other idiot and dumbass, club tours, drinking beer on park benches, hanging around in places they’re not allowed to go, duration: three to six months, staying good friends after break-up

Ollie/Flake: AWKWARD, random conversations about random topics, most of the time awkward silence, questioning life choices, probably most a-sexual reationship ever, tree business, watching cars together, duration: about one or two months, break-up: as awkward as relationship

Ollie/Till: who the fuck tops HELP, deep conversations about sense of life and stuff, no actual body contact cuz confused, spending their evenings together reading books in silence, everybody’s wondering why, astonishingly long-lasting (six months to one year), break up in agreement and stay  friends

Ollie/Richard: working out together, first time, hanging around in parks, walks, serious relationship, sex is nice wow, listening to music, shopping (Reesh forces Ollie to go), deep love, being able to imagine future together but being too shy to talk about it, talking and laughing a lot, cooking together, supporting each other, duration: four to six years, break-up: in agreement, great pain for both of them, several relapses

Ollie/Schneider: friends with benefits, having sex for fun, helping with problems, plan B when one is needy but ain’t got a boyfriend, sleeping on couch together, club tours, getting drunk together, holding hands and kissing in public but ‘‘we’re just friends‘‘, going to cinema together, duration: kinda forever but with breaks inbetween (whenever they got a serious relationship with somebody else)