FACT: the NWO doesn’t want you to smoke because tobacco helps clean your lungs of the mind numbing chemicals they pump into the air. This is why smoking cigarettes is constantly bashed in the media yet smoking weed (thats street slang for Marijana) is constantly praised.

Weed is constantly pushed in films and music as being cool, fun, and harmless. It was only kept illegal because it helped spread it around, as we see in other countries where it is legal not that many people smoke it. 

The average normie dickswab will tell you that weed is healthy and some arsewipes even believe it cures cancer. This is mostly due to a constant media campaign (from kikewood) promoting the drug. “Stoner” films have even started to become their own genre.

pictured above: Seth Rogan (Hollywood celebrity, creator of stoner films, Jew, Cuckold)

On the flip side cigarettes are constantly bashed. Advertisements “warning” people of the health “risks”. Not allowed to have people smoking in some tv shows and movies. Not allowed to advertise them. I my country they must have plain packages with gruesome pictures on them and they are HEAVILY taxed ($30 a pack) not to mention you can’t smoke inside any business, eating area, or government owned property. Could you imagine any other indusry being treated this way?

Pictured: Illuminati approved packaging 

Also nicotine is widely known for it’s ability to temporarily increase your occult powers and tobacco was used buy the Native American Indians to stimulate their third eye in a peace making ritual that is believed to allow them to share emotions and simple thoughts in a psychic link on the astral plane with those involved.

Pictured: Artists impression of an American Indian astral projecting

Tobacco and smoking played a large role Americas rapid rise and expansion as well as their culture of personal freedom. It is no surprise that as smoking has dwindled over the last 30 years so has America on the world stage. The less a nation smokes the more willing they seem to give up other personal freedoms as well.

So light up a fag and get puffing my brothers and sisters, freedom from this oppressive realm and the light of the monad awaits.