indulging inaccuracy

death of a bachelor (1/7)

Summary: In which Victor is at the top of the (criminal) world, and ends up falling for the hot bartender that works at a Giacometti speakeasy. 

Alternatively: In which Yuuri is a bartender with a thing for the hot patron which could probably kill him but also wants to have sex with him. To be fair, Yuuri doesn’t mind having sex with him too. 

Inspired by this art and this video and the entire death of a bachelor album

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The 1920s are a wonderful time all around, with the first world war over and soldier boys returning home and the government enabling people to live and dance as they please - unless you want to drink alcohol, then you’re shit out of luck.

Unless you happen to have connections that run in the same circles as Victor.

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Happy Mother’s Day! We trekked up to Griffith Park to take some pictures to celebrate all the mommies~ here are some of the Fire Emblem Awakening mommies and their adorkable children.

Inigo: Othaniel
Brady: Grey Finch
Maribelle: Kayumi (Kyumyu)
Noire: Krispy-Kream
Cordelia: Justine
Severa: Jackie (indulging-inaccuracy)
Olivia: spitfireia
Lucina: Evon
Tharja: Natalia
Lissa: Alice
Owain: gwiffgwaff

Photos by Dan (sojians)!


AX master selfie post go! Most of the selfies I got over the weekend, I was too lazy this time D:

With husband/ ask-irl-levi / indulging-inaccuracy, nicepitching, danchou what is your url even; leviheichou-he who I awkwardly stared at for several minutes because I wasn’t sure he was gonna be at the con that day; papaerwin who merited my BEST UNATTRACTIVE FACE; asksmallgoddesschild my Hoozuki partner in crime (nice ears, bro); siriex is the blur in the ball pit I swear; subduedfangirl GAVE ME A THING; and the post movie K gathering! Aka: Reds + traitor Reds


Machimiya: arisatounox | Ibitani: archtypic | Higashimura: princemaru | Onoda:ask-arakita-wolf-san | Makishima: sohokuspider | Izumida: myclue

Some selfies of us blocking out them haters at the yowapeda meet. We went to LT after for purikura ☆ It was nice meeting fellow pedal fans, see you at ALA!

Highlights: indulging-inaccuracy gave me Hiroshima temporary tattoos…and I put it on upside down. myclue let me touch and tattoo Andy.