Lance’s Awful Car Trip Playlist, composed entirely of 80s music, he sings to Keith in the car. (sans the last song Keith actually participates in.) [listen here]

Break My Stride / Matthew Wilder
The Safety Dance / Men Without Hats
Love To Hate You / Erasure
Don’t Stop Me Now / Queen
Danger Zone / Kenny Loggins
Jump / Van Halen
Eye of the Tiger / Survivor
Don’t You (Forget About Me) / Simple Minds
Everybody Wants To Rule The World / Tears for Fears
Waterloo / ABBA
St Elmos Fire (Man in Motion) / John Parr
Spaceman / Journey
I’m On My Way / The Proclaimers
This Must Be The Place / Talking Heads
Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore / REO Speedwagon

just applied to work at one of my university’s libraries. i actually really want the job. it’s a general application so i could end up in any of the libraries (and some are better than others) but it’d be easy and they pay well, and, of course, i’d be working in a library. so wish me luck guys!!!

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whos the yin or the yang of your gardener, dirk?

DIRK: Jake is as “Yang” as they come, honestly. Life and Hope are pretty damn similar in the grand scheme of things.
DIRK: But… like I keep on saying, it’s complicated.
DIRK: “Contrary” isn’t the same thing as “Duality”.
DIRK: It’s something in the way they handle their aspects. –A hell of a lot better than Hal and me do, that’s for sure.
DIRK: If you think about it, Hope is a more ‘active’ force than Life could ever be.
DIRK: Life simply sets things into motion, Hope is what encourages those things along in their inescapable cycle–’Hope’ inspires and motivates.
DIRK: That one got away from me, again.
DIRK: Sorry about that.

The Pink of His Lips [Markson, R]

title: The Pink of His Lips
pairing: Mark Tuan x Jackson Wang
rating: R
Jackson had been stealing glances at Mark’s lips for far too long, imagining what it would be like to kiss them, bite them, to have them trail down his body, and how Mark would sound, breathless beneath his body. It was no good. It was dangerous, and Jackson was developing feelings that were certainly not alright to be directed towards another member of his group.

If only Jackson would open his eyes and notice that Mark was looking at him too, frustrated and longing.
words: 2,500

Read it on AO3.

First class relic of Saint Faustina Kowalska, OLM, religious, mystic, apostle of Divine Mercy, patroness of World Youth Day, Kraków. Let us pray for the pilgrims and mercy during this extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy. #wyd #krakow2016 #worldyouthday #jmj #Divinemercy #saintfaustina #religious #sister #nun #yearofmercy #mercy #jubilee #jubileeofmercy #holyyear #holyyearofmercy #pilgrimagesite #indulgence (at Saint Ita Catholic Church)

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In another time and another place Alisha wouldn’t have any difficulty imagining herself being a water seraphim. It was always some that she found herself watching in wonder. The waters of ladylake  in their tranquility was always a sight to see on days when the weather was permitted it.

But this… this was something entirely different. 

The smell of sea salt permeated the air, the scent tickling the knight’s nose as it was carried a gentle breeze. Any sense of real thought seemed to have fled her mind as the seraphim simple absorbed the scenery  beyound her . Prisitine white sand of the shore was unlike anythin she hade ever seen in the city. And the water…

Were the waters of Ladylake  ever this blue? It was doubtful, in the many years she had spent there the lake was never like this. Alisha shouldn’t have been as surprised as she was att it’s apperance but she couldn’t help it. All the text in the world couldn’t have prepared the seraph for the sight before her.  A small exhale left the light seraph as she rested her head upon her knees.

“So this is the ocean…"