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Chris Beck and how he acts during each stage of your pregnancy and delivery please! *I love your blog! Knowing that a new theme will be starting when I get home is what gets me through the day*

Finding out 

He’s ecstatic. He’s kissing you and sweeping you into his arms, spinning you in a circle. He’s saying “Really?” again and again. He’s absolutely on the phone straight away telling his family and like, the whole world on twitter. 


Okay, he’s a doctor. He’s got all the vitamins, straight away. He’s cooking meals for you, making healthy snacks and even making them cute so you’ll eat them. But he absolutely indulges in your late night cravings. The grocery shop down the road pretty much knows him by name now. He’s attentive and will do anything you need. So many massages. He’s also reading constantly. Speaking the baby about space, and kissing your bump. 


He thinks he’ll be calm, he’s been in so many high pressure situations before. But the second your water breaks, he’s freaking out. He forgets the go bag, he almost forgets you. Until you talk to him in the car and he’s back to Doctor Beck. He’s timing contractions and speaking to you, calming you down. 

In the delivery room, he’s right behind you. Rubbing your shoulders and kissing your cheek, telling you how good you’re doing, and how proud he is. He questions the doctor once until she gives him a look and he promptly shuts up. He also cuts the cord! He brings the baby back to you, and you both cuddle in bed just in awe at the little bub. 

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how to avoid education burnout
  • have 3 achievable goals a day: having a laundry list of things to do everyday is super unrealistic, and you just end up feeling bad about yourself because you didn’t accomplish your goals for the day.
  • leave your sundays open: i love sundays because they’re my day to chill out and catch up on school work that i wasn’t able to finish during the week.
  • recognize when you’re at your emotional limits: forcing yourself to get work done when you are unable to comprehend your study material does not benefit anyone.
  • learn how to say no: people will ask you for your time and it will stretch you to the limit, whether it be at your job, in your extracurriculars, or in your personal life. know when to step back and say no.
  • take care of yourself physically: take breaks, go for walks, shower regularly, get enough sleep, eat healthy, see your friends
  • celebrate your accomplishments: go out to eat with friends after a big exam, indulge in a night off after a busy week with some netflix and wine
  • make a study plan beforehand: it can be daunting to see how much work you need to put in to a class or task beforehand, but this allows you to spread your work evenly so you don’t become overwhelmed.
  • learn how to ask for help: it is very rare that people make it through school, whether it be high school or university or any graduate program, without needing the advice of others or just a kind soul to vent to. find that person.
  • never forget your hobbies: you will need things that keep you sane. if you love to play music, write, play volleyball, or cook, make you sure you don’t lose these things. they will become your escape when times get tough.
  • log off from time to time: it is exhausting to be constantly connected to social media and your email. just physically disconnecting from these for a night to take care of yourself can really help you clear your mind.

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🃏 Reigen? (or anyone really : D )

* squints angrily at the emoji * desktop messes them upppp but i think it’s the tarot one? so yea i’m in the reigen = the hanged man camp

Kravitz finds the first kitten in the rain.

He almost doesn’t notice her; she’s hiding under some wood near the barn where he and Barry have just prematurely ended a necromantic ritual, and he hears a soft hiss when he steps too close to the stack. He stops, bends down, and two of the biggest, saddest eyes he’s ever seen on such a tiny face stare back up at him.

It’s instant love, and Kravitz knows that he can’t just leave her there. She’s so small. She looks so sad. Barry is recruited to help (reluctantly, with several appeals made about the kitten’s size and obvious unhappiness) and with a lot of coaxing and plenty of time to also get rained on, Kravitz has the tiny fuzzy creature securely in his arms. 

Barry stares at the kitten. He doesn’t ask for a turn holding the her; he must sense that no appeal he could make would convince Kravitz to let go even for a few seconds. Instead he reaches out to delicately pet the tiny creature’s head, and is rewarded with a soft mew. “I thought Taako had a ‘no-pets’ policy when you guys moved in together?” Kravitz doesn’t answer, clearly indicating that there will soon be a renegotiation of the existing agreement. Barry clears his throat. “So uh, if you’re looking for a home for her, you know Lup and I would be happy to –”

“Absolutely not,” Kravitz answers, and then he’s gone in a puff of feathers and smoke.

The plan, standing on the porch before walking inside (no more poofing directly into the house after he startled Taako into upending a pot of boiling water that one time, necessitating a visit to an equally-startled Merle moments later) seems solid to Kravitz. Walk inside with the kitten under his cloak. Definitely don’t mention the kitten. Turn in early and make the kitten a warm, dry nest, probably in the closet and before Taako suspects the trickery. Somehow continue the trickery indefinitely.

Solid enough.

Taako is waiting for him when he walks inside, and Kravitz manages to deflect his boyfriend’s hug with the excuse that he’s wet. Taako frowns, but he doesn’t question Kravitz’s decision to still be wet after being rained on when he has a malleable physical form; Kravitz thinks he’s in the clear, until his cloak squeaks.

There is a frozen moment of silence. Kravitz glances slowly back at Taako, and Taako’s arms are crossed with an expectant expression - he absolutely heard that. No point in continuing with the plan; Kravitz vanishes the outerwear to reveal the kitten and waits for the yelling to start.

It doesn’t. Taako stares at the kitten for a long moment, and the kitten stares back at Taako. He doesn’t say anything, there’s no change on his face, but Taako plucks the kitten from Kravitz’s arms and carries it away into the house. Kravitz follows, first to the bathroom for a towel, and then to the kitchen where there’s some leftover chicken from dinner preparations (the kind of scraps that would push Taako to yelling if - and when - Magnus ever tried to slip them to his dogs under the table), and after that to the couch, where Taako curls up with the kitten in his lap and feeds it by hand.

Kravitz sits on the other end of the couch and watches. He knows that expression, the gentleness of those movements, and they aren’t gifted to many people. They’re for him sometimes, or for Angus or Lup or Barry, or Ren, or any of the others in the small list of Taako’s family. Taako strokes the kitten’s head and Kravitz can just make out the tiny rumble from where he sits.

He thinks about the way the kitten hissed when he got too close, and how he had to coax her out of hiding; how she tentatively came to him when he held a hand out to her, and once she was in his arms she didn’t make a bit of fuss the whole way home. He wonders why he thought Taako wouldn’t like her, when they’re so alike.

It’s a common sight to see them together after that; she’s on Taako’s shoulder, or in the fold of his hat, or trotting along behind him and yelling for attention. He picks her up all the time, pets her while she sleeps on his lap for long hours of binging new shows in the living room. It’s instant love.

lil stress relief jer - he’s a gangly boy!! i doodled him in class today!!

“It’s only you,” whispered Orphan Girl. She was holding his hand crouched down next to him. “Why do you hate you?”
Ronan thought about it.
The albino night horror swept in, talons opening.
Ronan stood up, stretching out his arm like he would to Chainsaw.
“I don’t,” he said.
And he woke up.

I’m reading The Raven Cycle this summer and falling in love with it. This was my favorite scene in The Dream Thieves. Like. an actual thrill shot through my heart when I read it.

You can always tell a song is special to you when it makes you feel that weird feeling in your chest, the strange full feeling that starts in your heart and spreads throughout your entire being until you are nothing but that feeling and that feeling alone

McPriceley Fanfiction Recommendations

McPriceley fanfiction that I absolutely adore~! Not mine.

McPriceley Fanfiction Recommendations

1. Turn It Off
“"Where’s your ‘nifty, little Mormon trick,’ now? What good is it if you can’t use it when you need it most?”“

2. Little Syncopations
"Five times Elder Price made matters terribly frustrating for Elder McKinley…well, sort of.”

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Not to be dramatic, but I would sell my soul to see the Sides in book-inspired aus

The Balcony

Description: Y/N is harassed at Harry’s concert, causing him to explode in anger while on stage. 

Word Count: 1,375

Warnings/Disclaimer: This imagine touches on the topic of sexual harassment. Please be aware that I am not writing about this to romanticize harassment, but I am striving to use my writing as a way to touch on difficult topics that are faced by many but is often not portrayed in writing, especially fanfiction. If you are triggered by this topic, please do not read on. You can also access resources on my blog. If you have an issue, feel free to let me know. If you need someone to talk with, I am always here. 

Please take care of yourself, my loves. xoxox 



It was not often that she would miss one of his concerts. Of course, when he was on tour, she could not attend every single show, but she strived to make as many as she possibly could. Each time that she would be in attendance, Harry’s security team would escort her to a private balcony that overlooked the stage. Standing alongside other celebrities and Harry’s loved ones; she had the perfect view of her charming boyfriend as he performed to thousands of adoring fans. He enjoyed having her there as well, for he could keep tabs on his long-term girlfriend and ensure her safety throughout the entirety of the concert.

But on this particular night, Harry had been performing in London and she had been running extremely late. She was stuck in an immense amount of traffic and would likely be about 45 minutes late to the concert. While waiting anxiously among the pile-up of vehicles, she received a text message from her handsome boyfriend.

Harry: Where are you?

Your name: I’m on my way. I’ll just watch from the pit tonight.

Harry Styles: I do not like that, Y/N.

Your name: I’ll be fine. Have a good show xoxo

But even while waiting in the heavy traffic, she had refused to turn around. There was nothing that could make her happier than watching her man perform for a crowded arena. It made her feel like the luckiest girl in the entire world, which of course, she was. When the concert would end, she and Harry would travel back to his luxurious home and indulge in a night of slow kisses, warm cuddles, and steamy sex. She truly was the luckiest girl in the entire world.

Sure enough, she had arrived almost an hour late to the concert. When she walked into the venue, she realized Harry was approximately halfway through his set list. His security had offered to escort her to another private area of the arena, but she had declined the offer. After all, there was not much left to the concert and to be honest, she did not particularly care where she watched from just as long as she got to see him.

So when she squeezes her way into the middle of the pit, she was overcome with exhilaration. Standing only a few rows away from the stage, she felt like one of his dedicated fan girls. She could actually understand the hype around it, for she too felt like she was attending a concert for her favourite artist. With the dim lighting and Harry’s angelic voice radiating through the arena, the fans had hardly noticed her squeeze her way through.

Harry had eventually found her. As his eyes had scanned the crowd, they eventually fell upon his sweet girlfriend. The sight of her automatically caused his mouth to tug upward into a small smile. This smile eventually broke and a deep chuckle fell from his lips, for the sight of his girlfriend standing amongst some of his biggest fans truly was a new sight for him. He played it off, however, for Harry was strongly against PDA, even if that meant something as simple as acknowledging her. She understood and agreed with this, for the couple strived to keep their relationship as private as possible.

But as the night carried on and the concert continued, she had felt a body gradually press up against her backside. She initially ignored it, for she was standing in a crowded area so of course bodies are going to forcefully be pushed upon one another. Suddenly, however, she felt the feeling of someone’s large hand gripping her hip. She did nothing at first, for she was shocked that someone would be so forward as to touch her body like this. She waited a few moments, trying to give the individual benefit of the doubt and hope that it had been an accident. Her body jolted at the feeling of his other hand wrapping around her other hip. In response, she abruptly spun on her heels to face the individual. Before her was a young man, standing very tall and built very strongly. He was attractive, but she was repulsed by his actions.

She shook her head towards him. “No, thank you,” she said, trying to be polite.

After all, he could have just been trying to see if she was interested. But now that she had made it clear she was not interest, he had no reason to touch her again. But of course, that did not stop him, for only moments later, his hands returned to her hips and had slowly begun to descend across her skirt and towards her pelvis. She once again twisted her body and ripped herself from his hands.

She stuck her finger in his face. “Do not touch me,” she ordered.

He smirked in response. He nodded his head and held hs hands into the air, acting as if he “surrendered” to her. Nevertheless, as she had expected, he did not stop there. The next thing she felt was his hands touching the back of her thighs. He caressed her skin and slowly increased his hand position up her thigh, gradually approaching the bottom of her skirt. Just as she had done before, she ripped herself from him and pushed against his chest. She glanced towards the stage, fully aware of the panic that was evident on her face.

Without even having to grab his attention, Harry’s concerned eyes had already been glued to her. He had stopped singing along to the chorus of Woman, which had caused his back-up singers to take his place. His eyebrows were furrowed in anger and his face was red with fury. He pursed his lips together, concealing the profanity that was on the tip of his tongue. His body continued to sway to the music, as he attempted to obscure his state of anger that was very close to exploding. As she had pushed past the man and squirmed her way through the crowd, relief washed over Harry’s body as she repositioned herself away from him. His eyes remained fixated upon her until he deemed that she was safe, which was only when he allowed his eyes to leave her body.

But only several moments later, Harry observed from the stage as the man also squeezed his way through the crowd to approach her. Before he could touch her again, Harry turned towards his band and gestured for them to stop the music. When the arena filled with silence, Harry marched towards the edge of the stage and leaned forward, pointing his finger towards the man.

“If you touch her again then I will fuck you up,” he warned into the microphone. His voice was harsh and filled with rage.

“Can we get security over here, please?” Harry had requested into the microphone again, turning his head to locate his security team.

Two security members rushed towards the young man, forcing him through the crowd and yanking him over the barrier at the front of the arena. As they escorted the man past the stage and towards the side exit, Harry held his hand up to pause them. Crouching at the edge of the stage, Harry leaned towards the man.

“You do not get to fucking touch any girl like that,” he had ordered, “but you especially do not get to fucking touch my girl like that.”

The man was then removed from the arena and escorted to the exit. Harry repositioned himself onto his feet and turned towards his girlfriend. His eyes focused upon hers, which had become glossy with tears.

“You okay?” he had mouthed silently, holding his hand into a “thumbs up” gesture.

She nodded in response, but Harry knew her far too well to believe her. He leaned towards another security guard and politely asked for him to escort her backstage. Harry’s eyes did not leave hers until she was safely and securely backstage.

When the concert had eventually concluded, Harry had rushed backstage towards her. He pulled her into his warm embrace and peppered her face with his kisses. He rested his forehead against hers and gazed intensely into her eyes.

“Let’s stick with the balcony next time, yeah?”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Once again, if you were triggered by this or offended in any way, please reach out privately to me❤️❤️

ya’ll sometimes think Harry looks and acts like maybe Mozart walked through the veil of the space-time continuum and wound up in the 21st century and just decided to roll with it the best way he saw fit??


eine kleine rock music?

am i richtig?