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woah, of all youtubers to be catchin’ my praise today i didn’t expect it to be markiplier. i’m actually going to sub to him after this, this is a really cool interactive experience.

@ game grumps, love y’all too but paper mario still isn’t my thing and your lack of date grumps/single train is very disappointing.

Cultural Appropriation - What you are not allowed to do

Often the argument comes up that white people (Yes all white people as a collective) cannot indulge in other cultures as it is seen as insensitive. So I present a list of things that people who are not white cannot do.

- Eat hamburgers and hot dogs (German Culture)

- Eat pizza, pasta, ciabatta etc. (Italian Culture)

- Eat roast beef, fried fish and chips (English Culture)

- Eat lemon meringue and baguettes (French Culture)

- Wear berets (French Culture)

- Wear red & white bracelets (Bulgarian Culture)

- Wear Jeans (The inventor of jeans was white)

- Listen to white artists

- Watch white written television shows

- Read white written books (I believe this includes the book of Mormon)

- Have a house with white cultural styling (Roman, Gothic etc.)

- Celebrate white holidays

- Use an invention invented by white people (Inventions do indeed count as cultural objects)

I hope that by understanding finally how much culture you have to embrace daily, you can understand that mixing cultures is not only beneficial but expected. It is not something to be barred off and locked away.

It’s Pagan Prayerful Sunday!

And today, I’d like to call attention to a practice that some of us happily indulge in: collecting prayers – both ancient and modern – composed by others and ourselves. A number of spiritual teachers encourage us to record those prayers, invocations and litanies that speak to and move us. Over time we amass a body of prayer that we can turn to in times of need or as inspiration to create new prayers as the moment and situation requires.Some Witches do this record keeping within the larger body of their Book of Shadows. While others will create a special “prayer book” where they keep favorite orisons. Such collected prayers may also be recorded in a spiritual journal. It may all start with a simple notebook and evolve into something more artistic and permanent. The important thing is having direct and easy access to one’s collective of beloved and empowering prayers. It’s also important to credit each prayer to its original composer if such is possible. It isn’t always – especially with ancient prayers – but at least they can usually be dated to a particular time period and culture. This is vital because it creates a timeline of practice stretching back to the ancients and forward to us in the 21st Century. So make the effort to note the original composer and date. If it comes from a published book and the prayer was written by the author, credit them. Far too often in the world of Witchcraft and Paganism, we fail to credit the originators of various pieces of liturgy. As a result the truth and time frame become muddled. This is a part of our collective spiritual history and something worthy of preserving. It may even be something you pass on to the next generation – whether within your own family or to the next generation of Witches within your particular tradition, lineage, coven, or as a teacher sharing with your students. There are no limits on what types of prayer you may include – from prayers of joy and thanks, to lamentations of loss. From prayers to celebrate the seasons of Nature and phases of the Moon, to those asking or affirming healing help from the Goddess. Just be sure and include only those prayers which speak to you, move you and inspire you. In time your Pagan Prayer book can become a powerful tool of spirit within itself. Goddess Bless and Blessed be!© Michael Butler Smith 2017Image: enlargement of “Woman with wax tablets and stylus (so-called “Sappho”)” – Roman fresco from Pompeii – 55 to 79 CE.
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