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Basses I wanna try to get my hands on someday, and the people I know about them from.

Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass, Lyn-Z Way.

Squier Mikey Way signature Mustang Bass, Mikey Way.

Squier Pete Wentz signature Precision Bass, Pete Wentz.

Squier Pete Wentz Signature Precision Bass in purple, Pete Wentz.

woah, of all youtubers to be catchin’ my praise today i didn’t expect it to be markiplier. i’m actually going to sub to him after this, this is a really cool interactive experience.

@ game grumps, love y’all too but paper mario still isn’t my thing and your lack of date grumps/single train is very disappointing.

Victor convinced Yuuri to wear a crop top one day. He wasn’t prepared.

(((What even is anatomy)))

@zephyrine-gale thanks for making me put off my homework so I could make a self-indulgent addition to your collection of crop top Yuuri (ft. a lovesick Victor).

Venus in the 4th house - An Angel Abode

“Home interprets heaven. Home is heaven for beginners” - Charles Henry Parkhurst

The inner world is filled with flickering fairy lights, butterscotch cream, and sweet bliss with Venus in the fourth. Her home and surroundings tend to be a reflection of her decorated and delighted internal light. There will be a tremendous appreciation for home and her cherished creature comforts, which provide her with a sort of pillow that protects her from the savage outside world. The security needs are high with Venus in the fourth and the individual is a strict guardian over her inner universe and loved ones. She takes friends in as family and needs to maintain a high level of tranquility and harmony within the home. She may be known as the peacekeeper of the family. Her maternal qualities and nurturing essence are known and cherished by everyone who comes to know her.

The mother is highly important with Venus in the fourth. Bill Herbst says the mother was a model for beauty and pleasure, a woman who teaches the individual what being a woman means. The feminine influence of early childhood, whether expressed by either parent proves profoundly important and leaves deep residual imprints on the person’s conditioning. The home was likely a place of harmony and a tremendous cradle of love, inspiration, and support. The individual may fantasize about being more like her mother and use her as a source of light, beauty, and creative inspiration. She may be the pearl the eyes of her family, the golden child. I know plenty of youngest siblings who are the favorite and adored child, and only children born with Venus in the fourth. They are like the beating heart that keeps the whole family together, like they entwine every fabric of the bloodline into one fountain of pure love and embrace. Much of the summation of her identity, and strong likes and disliked will be conditioned from early home life.

The individual with Venus in the fourth will enjoy creating from home. She may have a great eye for decore and design with a home adorned in photographs, indulgent collectables, coconut candles, and bath salts. The individual will go to extreme lengths to avoid bringing conflict into the home and can turn home into an art gallery, a hub for the whole family, a bath where angels can fly, swim, and dance. Honourable and cherubim women will make their way into her life and assist her flight through this life. It’s like she can remember heaven as her last home and realises her need make nirvana from her earth home. She may be attracted to partners who express that sort of maternal instinct she craves, and in return she can care for them like they are baby cubs of her own. Her heart releases the floodgates of love, the crystal incased pearl of adoration and intimacy, a cavern of safety for the lost, bruised, and broken.


art by jasmine becket-griffith

Preferences # 1: How You Met

(A/N: YES! I’m gonna give this a try… We will see how it goes 😁 Hope you enjoy! Also tell me who you want me add and etc. Also got a prompt for these? Send um in!)

Jamie Lannister:

                        It was cold in Winterfell, such that it made the elder Lannister in a dreary mood. That was, until the feast came along.

He, being the knight and noble person he was attempted to evacuate quickly feeling himself exhausted with lack of interest in the world around him and that was when he noticed you.

  You were attempting to swing a sword and bring it back to attention, slowly stepping forwards each time.

Jamie couldn’t help but stare: Never before had he a women with intentions of learning swordsmanship and never had he seen someone with such determination. Wanting to learn more, he coughed in order to get your attention and instantly you turned to him, eyes widened and dropped the sword.

 Silently cursing to yourself, you went to pick up the weapon when you saw the male with his blonde hair and green eyes heading your way, a cocky grin plastered on his face. Deciding to leave the weapon as you saw his stride approach with no haste in your direction, you fell to a curtsey. “My Lord…”

 Once he acknowledged you, you rose quickly and began to explain yourself as though you expected to be scolded, “Winter is coming, Lord Jamie and you see I only-”

 He laughed curtly and only smiled, “Fear not. I do not intend to tell anyone. Though if I may-” He spoke grabbing your blade, “Your technique was not quite correct. May I?” As you nodded, he handed you the weapon and snaked his arms around your waist, his hands being placed above yours.

 Patiently, he taught you how to do the basic steps, though it mattered not, you were far too afraid to listen properly. Alas after what seemed like hours, you snuck out of his embrace and fell back to the curtsey you were in earlier.

 "My Lord I thank you, truly, but if I am beginning to feel the chill you must be freezing. Perhaps we shall practice again some other-“

Stopping her from speaking he interrupted her, "What is your name?”

 Silence fell as she stood slowly, confused, “Pardon?”

 "Your name.“ The Kingslayer smirked, "You know so much about me, I would say a name would be efficient enough payment for lessons tonight.”

 A soft smile escaped the girls face as she picked up her skirt, looking into his eyes, “Y/N.” Then she began to walk away mumbling a “Good-night.” and a “Thank you again.” and Jamie couldn’t help but repeat the name aloud.

“Y/N… Hmmm…. Till next time, Y/N.”

Joffrey Baratheon

                                It seemed like something that would never leave you alone:

There you were, just riding along to meet with you family along-side your closest friend and personal guard when they were brutally slaughtered right in front of you. Though a week ago, you had refused to leave your quarters, only allowing your elder sister inside.

You refused to eat, drink, sleep, and generally didn’t move from your spot. It was as though you were still in shock and even a single breath would send the memory and feeling of blood splattering on your face echoing in your head. You were growing ill and despite your sisters protest, refused to allow a maester to examine you. She was frightened, and frankly you didn’t blame her though you cared not:

You were ready to meet the seven and get your judgment done, hoping that perhaps a shorter life would save you from the stranger’s cold grasp.

 It was late that night when you decided to finally stand and take a walk through the gardens, feeling that perhaps the roses would remind you of home, though you wished not to be followed, hence the dark coat of night would be your perfect seal of invisibility. This being said, the moment you stepped up, you felt an overwhelming amount of dizziness, but kept pushing yourself until you reached a bench outside in the middle of the gardens rose fields. Though exhausted, you couldn’t help but smile, the faint smell of the flowers truly reminding you of High Garden. Sighing, I closed your eyes gently.

 Oh Gods… Please take me now… You thought to yourself, While everything is peaceful and-

“Lady Y/N?” A voice spoke, causing you to jump. “Lady Y/N what are you doing up?”

Though never before hearing it, you knew immediately who it was and fell on your knees.

This was the King of whom your sister was promised.

The same King that beat on defenseless innocent women and killed for no good reason.

You could feel yourself trembling and the King reached to your hands, moving them to his lips as he pulled you up, taking your trembling as a sign that you were cold and he blew warm air on them.

Pulling them back you shook your head and looked down, “Your grace you mustn’t fall ill.” Slowly and cautiously you sat yourself back down onto the bench, surprised that he followed you.

 "I mustn’t allow my betrothed’s sister collapse in the middle of the gardens though, Can I?“ You shrugged slightly, still nervous, and he grabbed your hand, "Are you homesick my Lady?” I shook my head and looked at the flowers,


 He chuckled, “Nightmares? Why there is no reason to have nightmare! You are in Kings Landing there is no place safer.” Reaching to turning your face to meet his gaze, he wiped stray tears, “I promise you.”

Jojen Reed

“Meera, Brann! C'mon! We mustn’t haste!” The younger Reed called to his companions as the trailed far behind him. They hollered at him confused but he knew that something good would happen to him today.. Something he needed to happen…

He didn’t know what, only knowing when and where this event would happen. Bran and his sister hollered at him to slow down but he couldn’t even if he tried. He was so close… He could feel it. They were almost to the field he had seen in his dream for days and days. So close… We are almost there… He knew the field would be close to Winterfell, perhaps closer than what Bran would have wanted to be, but he knew that this event would aid them. They needed to be there. All three of them. Jojen could literally lay eyes on the field when his sister hollered and he turned back without hesitation.

“It’s Y/N Bolten!” Bran screamed in panic, “She ice cold… Like she’s been here over-night.”

Though attempting to be collected, he knew his companion was terrified as he backed away from the scene in a rush, claiming to check the area for other Bolten’s lurking about. He turned to Meera, who he could see wanted to help but knew the hesitation. Jojen nodded, comprehending the situation in front of him and allowing his sister to at least heal the girl, stripping his cloak off to wrap the young monster inside as he made his way to the field, thinking on his dream.

Where exactly did I see? Did I even see beyond the tree? No… I didn’t… Did I? Is this Bolten girl why I am here? I am sorry Bran, my friend, But we must take this chance…

Jon Snow

                You had no intentions of attending needlepoint. Not today, at least not when there are so many books to be read in the Stark’s library.

 Yes, you knew that you should be training to be a proper Lady but you could be going down a worse path than that of a scholar. You could be picking up a sword.

You did deeply love the two daughters of Eddard Stark, in fact you adored all the Stark’s as well as their land and were grateful for their hospitality towards you and your elder brother, but deeply you only wished to indulge in their book collection and would hardly leave you room except for an evening stroll with your brother, a weekly meeting with each of the Stark’s (one child a day), trips to the library, and to dinners. Sure, it was not healthy to eat a single meal a day, but my brain is much healthier and that is all that truly matters.

Finishing the page, you groaned, looking out to see that the moon was long set and you had to make a journey in the dark to the library with only a lantern to guide your way.

 Regardless, you set out, the only fear present in your mind being running into your brother, for though you two got along well, you knew that he was overly protective of your well being. You frankly could not blame him all that much as you could see how he would believe that you could cause such a ruckus, but it minded you not as you headed on your way, several books in your arms as to not disrupt the maids Lord Eddard had generously provided for you even more than you could imagine. You were making fine haste as well, that was when you bumped into a figure with an impact so great that it sent you spiraling backwards, a book hitting your head and knocking you out.

The light is what woke you up and someone franticly shaking you.

 "Lady Y/N?!“ Blinking in response the figure sighed. "Oh thank the Gods. I am so so sorry my lady, I was not looking were I was going and we just collided and-”

“Jon Snow?”

The bastard blinked in shock, shaking his head, “You know me, my lady?”

Sitting up and clenching her head with a single whine she shrugged and spoke weakly, “More of you, my lord. We have not properly met.”

The boy blushed and looked down, “I am no lord..” then forcing himself to focus on the topic at hand. “Are you in pain my lady?” Not wanting to lie to the already flustered male, you nodded and he smiled gently and nodded walking towards the door, “I’ve sent for your brother. Sleep, my lady.”

“Jon wait.” He turned slowly, eyebrows raised in confusion. “Stay with me till I sleep?” Nodding, the bastard walked back to the chair. Though he did not fore-tell that you would be getting no sleep as you began to question him about his life and interest until he was kicked out by your brother, leaving you in your bedridden state.

Robb Stark:

The mere thought of walking down to the feast with the crown princess made him sick, but the fact that his parents were making him spend the whole day with her completely disgusted him.

Though only seeing a mere glimpse of her, he had only assumed that she was almost as snotty as her twin brother, as she was escorted quickly to her room, not even greet the family whom was hosting her. Yet here he was, waiting for you in the stables to take you for a ride.

And naturally, you were late.

 You, being the shy person you are wanted to impress the eldest true born Stark by looking your best and wearing his house colors. Nerves were raging as you came running in, then seeing his glare, realized how improper it was you stopped in your tracks, dropped your dress, and bowed your head, muttering apologizes that the wolf could barely hear. Then he couldn’t help but smile, walking to you, horses behind him by the reins and offered you a hand to assist you up.

Smirking he jumped on his horse when you were completely on your mare, he spoke, “You need not bow your head Lady Y/N. I am not the Crown Prince. Now shall we?”

Tommen Baratheon:

                                You felt sick.

The South was beautiful, yes but you just wanted to go home. It was colder than the North here and you couldn’t trust anyone except your family. You had lost the ability to sleep and eat, fearing that you would be stabbed or poisoned. Though it raised many eyebrows, including your own father’s, the phase of fear couldn’t be slipped. Even the Queen questioned you on your behavior which sparked so much paranoia that you locked yourself in your room. It was after a fortnight that your father had come in to drag you out to have lunch with the Queen and her youngest two children. Though to your surprise, you were the first one there.

 The Queen greeted you with a hug and a smile which you were surprised that she was so natural. Perhaps it was a thing with children? None-the-less, you responded politely, and shyly, and complemented her, as well as her home, thanking her for the generosity she had given your family. She shook it off, but then began to learn more about you. That was when her children slowly came and the topic switched to them (which you didn’t mind: You hated talking about yourself).

 First came Princess Myrcella. She wore a long, puffy pink dress, which made your clothing in Lannister colors look cheap. She spun proud for her mum, while she applauded and you complemented her grace.

Then came Prince Tommen, the boy who was two year elder than you. He instantly walked your way and held out his hand. “Hi! I am Tommen and I am a Prince! What is your name?”

Chuckling at his straight-forwardness, you shook his hand and bowed your head, “I am Lady Y/N, my lord. It is an honor to meet you.” Tommen looked happily at you before running to his mother who apologized, though you refused her apology, saying that it was not necessary though in truth, it had been the first time that you had let out a true smile in weeks.

Perhaps I will be safe here… Perhaps… I will be happy.

Tyrion Lannister:

The youngest Lannister had been drunk when you made your way into the bar. You had gotten a drink and looked desperately for a spot and seeing the man drinking alone, you threw your bag over your shoulders and asked, “Sorry to bother but would you mind if I sat here?”

The imp looked at you eyebrows raised and shrugged, “So long as you do not mind.” You let out a small smile, not sure how to reply and sat beside him, setting your small cup of wine down and setting your bag in your lap so it wouldn’t get stolen.

 "You will have to excuse me sir, I am completely exhausted from a fortnight of travel but need something to take an edge off my nerve.“

He laughed curtly, "Please. Get drunk. I am not one to judge… On one condition.”

“Which is?”

 "Your name.“

 "And that is all?” He nodded and you sighed,“I am Y/N. And you?”

“You know not?” Shaking your head no, He smirked, tipping the lid of his cup to you, “You will know soon enough, kind lady, to tonight!”
“To settling nerves.”

aquacura  asked:

underworld holiday hcs? do they celebrate anything/how? :3

I think most holidays celebrated in the wastes are the changing of the seasons/ moon cycles.

Some of the prewar ghouls still celebrate Christmas and such, but the “holiday cheer” has gone pretty stale over the years

Tulip goes all out on holidays like ostara, belthane, Samhain, etc. most of the other residents have indulged her in this, collecting any flowers or foliage that would be the most appropriate.

Greta saves any desserts she finds or TRYS to make her own.

Patchwork busts out the holiday gin
(He is not allowed to make eggnog)

Winthrop puts tinsel or whatever around that big statue (and on Cerberus)

Most people who celebrate try to find something nice to wear

Carol and Greta take the day off and dance

Crowley probably celebrates walpurgis and tries to summon the ghost of ahzrukhal in the ninth circle.

“Try our new holiday brand aquacura, now in peppermint flavor~”
(How the hell did he get peppermint flavoring)

Doc barrows quietly singing songs under his breath.

Snowflake busts out the holiday jet
(Jk, he probably doesn’t do much. He’s not one of the people who usually celebrate. Might go down and get a reading or simply talk to tulip about whatever moon cycle is that day).

Quinn and Winthrop busting jokes and puns (to everyone’s annoyance)

Nurse graves giving herself some me time, goes down to ask tulip lore about the holidays (or anything really)

If Charon is there, Carol gives him a little cake or something. He doesn’t do much but he might walk around and say hi.

Imagine Charon taking patrol duty so willow can have the day off.

Ahzrukhals corpse rotting in the basement (happy holidays shitlord)

If ahzrukhal was alive he would “encourage” people to come celebrate at the ninth circle with a bottle of brandy (and maybe some drugs)

4:17pm || Du30

I rarely make political opinions here (and I’m not used to) but when I do, it’s because I’m passionate about it. Isn’t it ironic that people clamour for change yet they themselves don’t want to change? Many demand a cure for society’s ills yet refuse to swallow the bitter pill.

On my public social media accounts, it is no secret that I root for Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte. I blatantly support him not because of his rogue attitude but for being a visionary and for having a strong political will. I’ve noticed that his critics and bashers haven’t even set foot (not even a toe) on Davao City. They haven’t even seen the situation on the ground. None of them have experienced the safety and security that the city provides for its residents and tourists alike. Nor are they familiar with the political situation there. It doesn’t have the bearings of a constituency that is run by corrupt political dynasties. Not even a single epal around. In his early years in office, he had purged the city’s most corrupt officials and employees.

Amid the criticisms, why does his supporters root for him? Surely, it’s a given that Davaoeños have their backing but the his growing support base from different parts of the nation are those who are tired and sick of trapos who may be eloquent speakers yet fail to deliver their promises. Why need someone who uses flowery language if he/she is going to steal your money in the end?

Which human rights will you prioritize, the criminals’ or the victims’? Of course, we all want a justice system that protects the rights of BOTH the accused and the victim. That’s an ideal society and we surely want it. But if the system is plagued with corruption and incompetence, and evil is embedded within, then society must resort not just to reform but revolt. Notably, tough discipline doesn’t equate to stifling of civil liberties. Davao certainly is as free as any city in the country, even freer as her citizens don’t have to fear being mugged or killed. 

If “human rights” means giving convicted felons access to fully-furnished rooms, weapons, drugs, and money inside the prison, then we’re fucked as a nation. In this country, having hardened criminals behind bars won’t do any difference because they still run their syndicates from inside their cells and can still acquire luxuries. With a corrupted judiciary, is justice really served even after throwing criminals in jail?

With regards to his morality, are we even close to having a candidate who has both high moral standards and an equally high capacity to deliver? Is there even someone out there who has the guts to owe up to his mistakes and apologize for them? Show me someone who can put his money where his mouth is. Haven’t we learned yet from electing seemingly kind (mabait) candidates who despite having an angelic reputation has failed to deliver on their capacity as a leader? A person who hits on someone’s morality despite being imperfect himself is no different from the tsismosa who never fails to attend mass every Sunday yet never misses a beat to gossip on her fellows.

Take a look at where Davao City is right now. It’s just a mere two-hour flight from Imperial Manila. Roam the streets, ask the people, try out the several businesses that set up shop there. Does it appear that Mindanao’s largest commercial hub is ruled by an incompetent, corrupt leader? Does the populace seem unhappy with their local government? Duterte revealed how much money he has in the bank: PHP6M. Part of that money came from his father, part of it from his forty years in the government. Imagine, forty years and yet he only has PHP6M. He lives in a simple middle-class house. His only indulgence is a collection of shoes (but certainly not as big and Imeldific as Imelda’s). He drapes a mosquito net over his bed because he does not use the air-conditioner. Outside, there’s a unit of Holiday Taxi (unit number 688) which his friends donated years ago so he could patrol the streets incognito and at the same time take in extra income the legal way. Duterte had said before that he needs to drive a taxi at night because his salary as a mayor isn’t enough to cover for his wife’s cancer treatment. On the contrary, there are elected officials who have tripled their net worth even before ending their first terms.

Mind you, he’s not going to be another Marcos. He hasn’t amassed questionable wealth. Duterte wants to get rid of criminals, syndicates, corrupt officials, or as he simply calls it “the enemies of the people.” Marcos’ martial law is all about getting rid of political opponents, sticking into power, and gain from dirty profits.

Times are changing and so are the pressing needs to keep this country in shape. There are values that we hold on dearly that defines us as a nation and a caring, loving people. But when it comes to societal matters, all of us are just concerned with ourselves. We shout for change yet many don’t want to change their ways. Many are happy with the status quo where the coffers of the rich get bigger, the stomachs of the poor churn in pain because of hunger, the politicians continue to make the treasury their cashcow. Many are asking what could be the cure for all these malaise? Yet whenever a spoonful of bitter medicine is handed to our mouths, we refuse to budge. We also need to reform our constitution to a federal system to better suit our country’s diverse needs yet even that raises eyebrows from those who refuse to have real change. For crying out loud, we have inherited a constitution that is fit for running a colony but not for running a nation.

Federalism is Duterte’s main objective for the Philippines yet it is also one of the most feared by individuals and business in Imperial Manila. Federalism will bring development and opportunities to the regions, in contrast with the current centralized political and economic system which mainly focuses on Metro Manila. Politicians owe businessmen (or better yet, their cronies) a great debt of gratitude because of political, economic, and personal incentives that they would get. Now that the regions will be able to develop themselves because their profits won’t have to go the national treasury (and allocate them with minuscule budgets in return), political cronies now fear for their future. And it is something that Manileños would not definitely like. The regions will now have a say on their economic development without interference or having to wait for approval from Manila. As Visayans would often say, “Wa'y dahong mahulog sa atung nasud nga di mananghid sa Malacañang“ (Not a leaf can fall in our country without Malacañang’s permission). Gone are the days that the rest of the country is neglected. This is real inclusive economic growth.

Lee Kuan Yew, modern Singapore’s father, may have been right about us. “The Philippines doesn’t need democracy; they need discipline.” Discipline is something that we utterly lack as a people. We won’t move if not prodded. We won’t take initiative unless there is an ulterior motive. What is it that we fear about discipline? Again, as I have said, tough discipline doesn’t equate to stifling of civil liberties. Take a look at Davao again. They have a vibrant press scene, a cosmopolitan lifestyle, yet all their actions are bound to discipline. It is living by the motto that there is a right time for everything.

On a penultimate note, it will not be Duterte’s nor the Davaoeños loss in case he loses the presidency. He can just go home and continue minding over the affairs of his beloved city. “Hindi naman ako mamamatay kung hindi ako maging presidente.” It will be our loss. Davaoeños and his fellow Visayans will laugh at us, the spoiled brats of Imperial Manila, as we continue to languish in horrendous traffic, terrible crime statistics, and rampant corruption. 

Just before I end, let me ask you the following questions. You want change? Sure, you do. But are you willing to change? Do you really know what kind of leadership is in store for us in case he wins? Are you ready for it? Because if you’re only riding the bandwagon, better get off as early as now. Bawal magreklamo kung sakaling ayaw mo pala sa kanyang estilo.

You, Me, We All Like Dean

“Dean,” John said as he helped hold the gun steady in his boy’s arms, and it reminded him of the time his own father had held him steady as he learned to bicycle on two wheels. “Dean,” he said again, tongue heavy with his liquor breath. “Squeeze the trigger, like so,” and he covered his boy’s hands with his own, trigger finger bearing down on trigger finger, and his body shuddered under the shout of the bullet in his ears and in his bones, and he knew Dean heard it too, felt it in their skins like lightning before the thunder. 


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  • Capricorn is: The Emperor, working tirelessly on what matters to you, research on projects and hobbies, craft stores, flea markets, making the best decision for yourself, a set of brand new paintbrushes, starting from the bottom and making your way to the top, cake decorating, picking out the perfect present, hustle and bustle of the city, annoyance, the champion of your self needs, loyalty, harsh words while intoxicated, suffering for your art, ambition, setting goals, loosening up over a long period of time, dainty gold rings, stick and poke, bone collections, secret indulgences, lying for the common good, the perfect marriage of creativity and business.

anonymous asked:

Hi. Just wanted to comment on this: When people talk about the atrocities Palestinians face and bring up the Holocaust, they are not always “delegitimising the Holocaust or suggesting it gets undeserved attention” just because. I think they bring it up mostly because in the earlier times (I don’t remember how much years ago, this is a lengthy conflict), when one sought info about the issue, the actual justification many U.S.-based reporters (I guess others did too) gave for Israel's seize of 1/3

Palestinian land was that they needed a home after all that happened to them during WWII (now the justification has shifted to the need to fight terrorism/Hamas). And when people asked those tv reporters why do Palestinians have to pay the price for that home in such a way, they always responded with things like “ARE YOU ANTISEMITIC?” “Don’t you think they have suffered enough and they deserve peace?!?!” LITERALLY that’s what they said. So, at least for a time, I think that yes, SOME PEOPLE
used the Holocaust in an undeserving manner to justify Israel’s actions and shift the focus of the real issue at hand. Maybe that’s why people still bring it up, because it was seriously ridiculous and dumb, and very real (not that it’s ok to undermine their victimhood, is just that that justification was so insulting some people can’t just let it go, idk). Literally they guilt-tripped anyone who thought Israel was doing something wrong to silence them.

The issue I have is many people who claim to be anti-racist are using the Holocaust in a distasteful or downright antisemitic manner. Are there people who unfairly silence criticism of Israel by accusing the person in question of antisemitism? Yes. Do I think serious human rights abuses are being committed against Palestinians? Indeed. I refer mostly to European antisemitism here because it is the context I write from. 

1. I’m criticising how when people talk about rising European antisemitism- other people frequently derail it by implying it is justified because of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. 

  • Derailing is always wrong: a conversation about the appalling human rights abuses Palestinians have been suffering under the heavy-handed policies of the Netanyahu government for example, should be centred on Palestinians and not be derailed by bringing in European antisemitism. Because in Israel, yes, it’s Israeli Jews who have institutional power vis a vis Palestinians. In that context, the lack of power European Jews have doesn’t somehow make Palestinians less oppressed. But the same applies to European antisemitism- the power Israeli Jews have vis a vis Palestinians doesn’t make them privileged elsewhere. Far from it. But many people have a tendency to conflate Israel with Jewish people everywhere- even European Jews, many of whom are not even Israeli citizens, who exist as a minority European ethnic group.
  • European antisemitism is eons old. It was around in Europe when the UK was not even the United Kingdom, but merely the Roman province of Britannia. These prejudices as they exist today did not originate out of a dignified outrage towards the treatment of Palestinians. 
  • Antisemitism today has been a galvanising force for the rise of many European far-right and neo-Nazi parties, who are often extremely racist towards Rroma people, Islamophobic, homophobic and generally anti-immigrant. To downplay antisemitism is to erase the severity of the phenomenon Europe is presently experiencing. 






2. Also, it amounts to collective punishment. 

  • Consider this. Should I, by virtue of being of Han Chinese ancestry, be held responsible for the oppression and human rights abuses in Tibet?  Even though I am not a Chinese citizen, and have absolutely no way of influencing Chinese government policy anyway? Should people try to silence me when I write about Japanese war crimes committed against my ethnic group because of the oppression of the Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province face today? Even though for thousands of years my ancestors have forcefully assimilated and oppressed non-Han ethnic groups, with serious consequences for their descendants today? Are we to line oppression up on a scale where we somehow determined who is “most oppressed” and that group at the bottom of the heap goes first whereas the rest of us must wait in line for our turn? If that were the case, humanity’s future would be very dark indeed. 

3. We can hold parallel conversations about antisemitism and the human rights abuses inflicted on Palestinians. 

  • To extend the earlier analogy, many would tell me it is unreasonable for me to be held responsible for whatever else Beijing gets up to and agree I don’t have to wait for the Chinese government to become completely “unproblematic” before I can start a conversation about Japanese war crimes. If you look up the voting priorities of Jewish-Americans, Israel often isn’t the top of the agenda. Jewish-Americans also voted for Obama in big majorities in both elections, despite the Republicans allegedly saying Obama isn’t supportive enough of Israel, or is too soft on Iran (seen as a threat to Israel). Yet, on tumblr, even amongst blogs that consider themselves anti-racist, I see this attitude that even non-Israeli Jews are somehow answerable for Israel’s behaviour despite clear evidence that the Jewish diaspora- like all diasporic groups- does not have a homogenous political view and certainly aren’t all supportive of the present Israeli government. I see people posting blatantly antisemitic cartoons that look right out of European neo-Nazi leaflets, patting themselves on the back for being oh-so-progressive like this crap:

4. I see a callous indifference to European antisemitism despite the fact that it led to a hideous European genocide. With people going, “Well, look at the Palestinians” or “well OTHER PEOPLE died too, you know”. Really? It is not that Palestinian suffering is something that doesn’t need to be talked about- it’s about what your motivation is for doing so when people feel a need to use Palestine to end conversations about European antisemitism. 

  • This is garbage- beating up one marginalised group in alleged defense of another marginalised group is a usual tactic to distract from the real problem. Marine Le Pen, for example, has been comparing European Muslims to Nazis and trying to attract the vote of French Jews. Despite the fact that her father, who founded the party, is a known Holocaust denier who said the gas chambers are just a “detail”. Despite the fact that she knows very well that her party is full of neo-Nazis dressed in sheep’s clothing. This is positively grotesque: her party was born from antisemitism, and now she wants to use French Muslims as a club to beat French Jews to get them to support her. Exactly why we shouldn’t give in to the tendency to pit two marginalised groups against each other. How does shitting on Jewish people as a whole- particularly European Jews (who I very often see dismissed as having “white privilege” on tumblr), instead of specifically the IDF or Netanyahu and his government help Palestinians in any way? In fact, it actually strengthens the arguments of militant Israeli politicians who insist that Israel must exist at all costs, even Palestinian lives: because people get persecuted outside Israel anyway. 

5. Israel is not above criticism. But we can criticise Israel without being antisemitic or dismissing the serious racism Jewish people face around the world. And we can do it without bringing in the Holocaust- or saying things like “they ought to have learned” (very common).

  •  Because, let’s look at what really happened. It was the Holocaust that created sufficient political will for other countries to recognise Israel to begin with. Almost every country in the world including the US had turned away Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis. Plus, the Holocaust destroyed many communities and created millions of refugees- many countries would rather what was then the British Mandate of Palestine absorb them then have to let them into their country. 
  • Also, people desired their own state because they felt the Holocaust showed that no matter how much they tried to assimilate elsewhere,  they would still be persecuted anyway. During WW1, lots of European Jews fought for their respective countries. German Jews were nonetheless accused of causing Germany to lose WW1 by the Nazis, and throughout WW2, accused of funding the Allied Powers. Who “ought to know better”? I think it’s more like the rest of us, considering how continued European antisemitism today does convince many European Jews to go to Israel. The owner of the French kosher grocery store held hostage, for example, said he would go to Israel after the whole ordeal. People who use Israel-Palestine as an excuse to be antisemitic or ignore antisemitism outside Israel are pretty much indulging in collective punishment- and ironically, strengthening the arguments of right-wing Israeli politicians. 

6. It is callous to rub people’s faces into a genocide they suffered, especially when US government support for Israel and its turning a blind eye to human rights abuses of Palestinians is not because of sympathy about the Holocaust, as much as various politicians or other people play kabuki with that sentiment. 

  • It is about cold and calculated US strategic interests- the US after all, only became a staunch Israeli ally after the 1967 Six Day War showed that Israel could be a good counterweight to other Soviet-backed surrounding countries. If the US cared about the Holocaust, why didn’t it allow in Jewish refugees? Why didn’t it support Israel in the 1948 War with the millions of dollars of military aid that Israel gets today? Ha- strategic interests.  Is Israel being a liability for US foreign policy now? In my opinion yes, but it doesn’t mean continued US support is because Jewish-Americans are shadowy villains manipulating Congress. 
  • The US has often felt a need to continue supporting allies that have turned out to be less-than beneficial for ages because of “better the devil you know”. Like maybe Pakistan? Which received lots of US military aid, right up till the time the Navy SEALs found Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad. Or Saudi Arabia, where wealthy individuals have been funding several extremist groups that the US has been fighting. But the US sees Saudi Arabia as a necessary partner to counter Iran. The US support for Israel and turning a blind eye to human rights abuses is the standard M.O for how the US generally treats American allies. I can pull up a long list of other US allies who not only committed similarly serious human rights abuses but had the CIA train their secret police to torture and kill their political dissidents. The US will after all, turn a blind eye to genocide if it is not in its interest- as it did with the Holocaust itself, in the Ottoman Empire, in Cambodia, in Rwanda. So, there is no need to bring in the Holocaust into this- no genocide should be used against its victims.

So in conclusion, I think we can and should criticise Israel. There certainly are US and Israeli politicians or journalists who unfairly accuse people critical of Israel of antisemitism. There are Israeli politicians making extremely odious and racist comments against Palestinians. Being a victim of racism does not make one incapable of enacting racism or oppression against others. I support a 2-state solution, and I think the present Israeli government is terrible for peace. 

But I do not support people derailing conversations about European antisemitism by bringing in Palestine, not when a bunch of neo-Nazis are trying to organise a march in London, not when just weeks ago, people were murdered in France for being Jewish, not when these far right parties are gaining more support,. Neither do I support the way some US politicians insist on unconditional support for Israel, or people pointing to European antisemitism to say the bulldozing of Palestinian settlements or killing of Palestinian civilians as collateral damage is justified. 

These are two very important conversations we can have at the same time, without using one to invalidate the other.