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hey guys. i haven’t posted anything in a while. it’s been a rough past couple of months. stuff is happening, too much stuff. i’m hanging in there as always, but i haven’t been drawing much at all. i drew this tonight, and it’s probably the first completed drawing i’ve made since january.

i’m trying to draw myself closer to how i really look - messy, unstyled hair and under-eye bags that never seem to go away. not the most “attractive” look, but i think it suits me.

the moral of this story is i have a redemption au problem (doesn’t everyone?) and i wanted to try some designs of the homeworld gems once the steven effect hits home 

not entirely sure about how any of ‘em came out but eh, whatevs. 

also it became a convenient excuse to merge all of my height comparisons 

What’s in a costume?

“Are you sure you’re okay with this, Viktor?” Yuuri asks, as he rummages through the boxes of costumes Viktor had brought over to Hasetsu. 

“Of course, Yuuri! Help yourself to any of them,” Viktor says, as he settles on his side and watches Yuuri sift through his clothes. It’s almost sweet, how careful he is with all of his costumes, when Yurio had simply kicked through them and grabbed the one he liked. Yuuri was taking longer to decide, and Viktor was curious enough to wait and see what he’d pick. Yuuri was lovely, and part of Viktor really did want to see him in his costumes.

“Ah! This was from Russia, 5 years ago!” Yuuri breathes, excitedly. Viktor watches, fond, as Yuuri picks up the glittering article and admires it with careful fingers. 

“I’ve always wanted to see this up close,” he said, gesturing to the mesh lace-up side. Viktor laughs.

“I don’t think I can fit in that anymore, though, so I can’t model it for you,” Viktor grins, delighted at the immediate flush on Yuuri’s face as he sputters a little bit. 

“Oh, try that one!” Viktor suggests. It’s a costume he was fond of, deep red with a long, mesh panel running up the ribs. Yuuri looks doubtful, but Viktor prods him a little, and Yuuri agrees, awkwardly shuffling around a little to pull his sweater off. Viktor watches, saying nothing, as Yuuri tries his best to get from one article of clothing to another with as little of his bare skin showing as possible. His back is pale, and smooth, a smattering of freckles over the ridges of his curved spine as Yuuri slips into Viktor’s costume. Viktor watches as that soft, pale skin disappears behind red organza and velvet, until there’s only a pale sliver of skin where Yuuri hasn’t zipped it up yet. Of course, all figure skaters were flexible enough to bend behind them and zip themselves up, but Viktor pushes himself up onto his knees as he leans forward, fingers grasping the small zipper as he pulls the costume closed over Yuuri’s lovely back. 

Yuuri starts, shivering a little, and Viktor gestures for him to stand up and turn around to face him.

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I’m really fascinated by the way Lana plays the Evil Queen - that childlike glee and unapologetic selfishness. It’s very different from the more measured malice of Season 1 Mayor Mills and it’s clearly a deliberate acting choice. 

The EQ has tantrums and indulges herself with clothes and food and plays games and it’s probably the first time in her life that Regina’s been able to do any of those things after a childhood under Cora’s thumb. If Emma was an arrested adolscent in early seasons of OUAT, there are ways in which EQ-era Regina is still a toddler.

As an actual child she was never given the chance to centre her world on herself or her own desires but as the EQ she finally can - and of course the way she does it is monstrous, but I think it makes sense psychologically. It makes sense too as a reaction to being forced into a mothering role for Snow. How can Regina be a mother when she’s never had a chance to be a child? And maybe that’s why she’s able to be to Henry what she never was to Snow. She finally got to live out her childhood before she met him and yeah, it was violenty destructive, but then so are many young kids. They just don’t have the power of an Evil Queen.

block b on hello baby

zico: terrified of the child. will take any chore or duty over casual interaction with it.

taeil: ‘no problems’ dad. kid’s crying? taeil’s already up and taking care of it. kid needs burped? taeil has a monogrammed burping cloth and wet wipes on hand.

bbomb: 100% clueless but very eager to be the kid’s favorite. dances to make it laugh, calls himself the tickle monster, plays hide-and-seek dad.

jaehyo: best dad hands down. born father. volunteers to change diapers, makes meals, brought a set of handmade vocab flashcards to the set and rocks the baby to sleep.

ukwon: acts like the annoyed older sibling forced to babysit. is on his phone half the show, holds the child out a foot from his chest whenever it’s handed to him.

kyung: buys the kid too many sets of clothes, over-indulgent dad. whenever he’s not too busy flirting with the pd’s he’s one of the baby’s fav dads cause he makes funny faces at it.

p.o: is the kid.


Jimmy Urine : so I’m a big fan of the Synth-punk rock band “Mindless self Indulgence” and I noticed that the lead singer Jimmy Urine is a bit of a lovable eccentric :) and dresses in a seemingly femminine/non-binary way whilst performing onstage, I consider Jimmy Urine to be a personal favourite inspiration because of his mode of dress and “not giving a fuck about anything” attitude.

I also find that his style a useful example that age doesn’t matter when it comes to being a Femboy since Jimmy’s actually pushing 50 :) age shouldn’t define your ability to express your femminine side… or preform half naked in front of a crowd of thousands of people XD


I tried to play a pirate game because I thought it had avatar customisation but it didn’t. So I drew myself as a pirate anyway! Feat. super cool bone sword that I need to be part of my life