Our love is not ballads
And love notes and sonnets:
Our love is what we choose every morning
When you kiss my forehead before work.
Our love is an endless array of dinners
I make for you, waiting for you to come home
From work. Or the meals we make together.
We indulge in this lovely
Domesticity with each other.
Feeding each other, body, mind and soul.
Love is what we choose
To make of it,
And I choose to love you
Every day.
—  “A simple, down to earth love” by Radha Kistler 

With two breathtaking and totally different singles under her belt, London singer Jones returns with the silky smooth “Indulge”, the title-track from her debut EP. Over the course of its duration, Jones smothers those equivocally rich tones; over the rich, and relaxed instrumentation. Tuck into “Indulge” above, and look out for the EP, featuring the previously heard “Deep” and “You”, along with a remix of the title-track when it drops April 20th.