induction week

And we have an induction date!

I am officially scheduled to be induced on November 22nd. Guys, that’s less than two weeks away!

So here’s the long explanation. I went in today to get checked for my 37 week appointment. I was about 2cm dilated, but my cervix has done little to no softening. My doctor is concerned because as a FTM, I should have already dropped at least a little bit by now. Lily is still sitting very high.

After my examination, he sat down with me and asked if I would be open to an induction. He said that because she hasn’t dropped, he’s worried I’ll have issues with my pelvis or that there may be a bit too much amniotic fluid. He didn’t seem overly concerned and told me that there’s nothing to worry about, but he would like to discuss an induction at 39 weeks.

He told me that there is always a chance that I could go into labor spontaneously, but I probably won’t. So, I’m now making my plans for the day before Thanksgiving. My last day at work will be next Friday (a freaking week, ya’ll!) Then it’s nothing but relaxation (I lied I’ll be cleaning the house) until baby comes.

Today is a good day.

anonymous asked:

If you're not doing more or are reluctant, can you suggest other female hypnotists that have audio available like you do? it's wonderfully relaxing.

Hmm…I never said I wasn’t doing more anon*. ;) 

I know/know of  many amazing female or femme-leaning hypnotists! Only some have recorded audios but all of these people are well worth listening to.

Free Stuff

@rightthewaydown has a style that is really similar to mine- friendly and subtle but with a lovely lower voice. Her soundcloud is here. (The first recording on there is a song but you can admire her singing voice before you admire her hypnosis voice.) Starter track: The  To-Do List is tricksy and clever and generally great.

@sex-obsessed-lesbian also has a lovely voice and a soundcloud full of creativity. Her soundcloud is here.  Starter track: Countering the Countdown does REALLY COOL things with your traditional deepener countdown. You may also want to start with Proof by Induction if you want something a little more traditionally sexy- it links arousal to reading puns and has almost 2,000 listens.

Combo Free and Paid/Patreon-ed

@ubertea is a very fantastic, professional-sounding hypnotist who has a combination of free files and patreon-only. Her soundcloud is here and her Patron is here. Starter track: The Mirror Induction was definitely one of my favorite Induction of the Week tracks. 

@hypnogoddessariadne has a bunch of free files on her tumblr here.  She has a wonderful ability to record things that seem deceptively simple but that are quickly extremely effective. She also has a Patreon, I believe. (Link me and I will add it!) Starter track: I think Lights Out is nice and simple and peaceful.

@esuccubus is mostly free and has obviously been doing this for an extremely long time. She has a wide variety of files on her site and is Patreon funded. The long resistance induction was extremely well done, although definitely in the realm of kink. There are some more gentle relaxing ones on there as well. 

Mostly Paid

I’ve only heard one track from @bannableoffense but it was entirely lovely. (I think it was this.) She has a bandcamp here with a variety of sexy and vanilla-sounding files. 

I confess I haven’t listened to a lot of @theleeallure but her reputation proceeds her. Her website is here and there are some free sample files. 

There’s a hypnocat on soundcloud who had a track I really liked called Submission to Hypnosis. It’s super-classic D/s hypnokinky and almost a bit generic, but it’s also hot like fire. I think she’s a paid hypnodomme although I cannot for the life of me find her.

Other people- do you have suggestions? Bonus points for gentle, relaxing tracks and ones that are unique. 

*Beg me!**

**Just kidding, please don’t do this. But I would like to when I get the chance!***

***(Unless I’ve already  given you permission re: begging. Then do feel free to beg away.)

Guess who is stuck in bed with a sore throat and headache? Me!!! Turns out the Freshers Flu isn’t a myth! Luckily I have the long weekend off! I wrote a drabble on what would happen if Anna experienced it and Kristoff was there for her (I wish I had a Kristoff!)


“Anna? What’s up?”

She mumbled something from under her duvet but he couldn’t quite make out what she was saying so he walked over to her bed and perched on the side of it.

“Stay away. I’m sick.”

Kristoff laughed, “Freshers Flu.”


“I had it last year. It’s just a bad cold that people tend to get during induction week because they’re mingling, not sleeping well, drinking alcohol, not eating healthy foods.”

“But I don’t even drink.”

“Doesn’t matter. You’ve probably caught it off someone else.”

“I hate it.”

“I know.” He moved the duvet out of the way and crawled into bed next to her. “Come here.”

She manoeuvred into his arms and rested her head on his chest.

“You need anything? I’m going to go food shopping for the flat later,” said Kristoff.

Anna had decided to move in with Kristoff when she began university. They’d already been dating for three years and he had a flat that he shared with his friend Sven which was close to campus so it just made sense.

“Soup, ice lollies for my throat, and ooooh, those little chocolate things you bought me the other day.”

He laughed. “Okay.”

“Will you stay with me for a bit though? My head won’t stop spinning.”

“Of course.” He pressed a kiss to her forehead and she snuggled down into him. “Take a nap, you look exhausted.”

“I am.”

“Love you Anna.”

“Love you too Kris, thanks for taking care of me.”


A few hours later, Kristoff came back from shopping and Anna had managed to shower and take some more painkillers.

She was sat in the living room when he came in. He dropped the bags of shopping on the counter and came over to her, flowers in hand.

“I hope you feel better soon,” he said pressing a light kiss to her lips.

“You’re the best boyfriend ever.” She took the flowers off him and went to put them in a vase.

“I’ll do that,” he said, taking the flowers off her and filling a vase with water.

Maybe having Freshers Flu wouldn’t be so bad after all.

119. Personnel are to stop worshipping the Commander as if he were some god of war. Please refer to him as ‘Commander’ or 'Sir’. Not as 'Master Commander’, 'the Man with the Plan’ or 'the Great Commandy One’.
119a. Operatives claiming to hear the Commander’s divine will are to be reminded that they have all received subdermal radio implants during their first week of induction at X-COM.
119ai. Similarly, Operatives are to be reminded that increased accuracy is more likely the result of the improved barrel linings and electromagnetic plasma confinement arrays than 'the Blessing of the Great Commandy One’.
119b. Despite the increased enthusiasm, Operatives are to stop referring to EXALT Insurgents as 'heretics’, 'infidels’ or 'worshippers of a false god’. You should be aware of the irony of that last statement.
119c. Even if he were a god of war, attempting 'appeasement sacrifices’ of half a dozen women sneaking into his room is not appreciated.
119ci. Even if they were all volunteers.
119cii. Even if the brunettes all dressed up like Dr. Vahlen sans turtleneck (or only in the turtleneck).
119ciii. Even if the second group found out how to make Carapace Armour 'look so sexy it should be illegal’.
—  Things XCOM Operatives Are Not Allowed To Do

A fractionation induction for my entry to @sex-obsessed-lesbian‘s Induction a Week #3: Fractionation Induction. I had a hard time with the sound on this one so it might be best to listen to with headphones. As always, will hypnotize for feedback. :)

Script below: (I’m curious what following along would feel like- more or less effective?)

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Whitney Houston: Her Life in Pictures

Whitney Houston Dead: Photos, Life

Source: People


Born on Aug. 9, 1963, in Newark, New Jersey, to John and Cissy Houston, Whitney Elizabeth Houston was destined for a career as a singer: Her mother sang backup for Elvis Presley; her cousin was superstar Dionne Warwick; and her godmother was the legendary Aretha Franklin. Unsurprisingly, young Whitney also proved to have a vocal gift, performing her first solo at age 11 at the New Hope Baptist Church.

Source: People


In her teens, Houston worked as a model, appearing in Seventeen, Glamour and Cosmopolitan, and performed in New York City clubs. It was during one particular singing gig in 1983 that she caught the ear of Arista music exec Clive Davis, who signed her to a record deal on the spot.

Source: People


Released in March 1985, Whitney Houston established the star as a major recording artist, prompting Rolling Stone to rave, “With her sleek beauty and her great voice, Whitney Houston is obviously headed for stardom.” Indeed, her freshman effort sold over 12 million copies in the U.S., produced three consecutive No. 1 singles — “Saving All My Love For You,” “How Will I Know” and “The Greatest Love of All” — and made history as the biggest selling album by a solo artist.

Source: People


“Being around people like Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick and Roberta Flack, all these greats, I was taught to listen and observe,” Houston, pictured with Warwick and mom Cissy, said of her natural talent. “It had a great impact on me as a singer, as a performer, as a musician. Growing around it, you just can’t help it … It was something that was so natural to me that when I started singing, it was almost like speaking.”

Source: People


Houston was up for three awards at the 1986 Grammys, including album of the year, and ultimately took home the honor for best female pop vocal performance. She garnered even more trophies that year, including seven American Music Awards and an MTV Video Music Award.

Source: People


With the June 1987 release of her second album, Whitney, Houston made history again, becoming the first female artist to enter the Billboard album charts at No. 1, and surpassing the Beatles with her seven consecutive No. 1 hits, including “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me),” “So Emotional” and “Didn’t We Almost Have It All.”

Source: People


Despite being busy with performing and touring, Houston managed to find time for romance, mainly with Eddie Murphy. “Because of my career and his career – I’m here and he’s there; I’m there and he’s here – it’s hard to establish a relationship,” admitted Houston, who would go on to fall for singer Bobby Brown after meeting him at the 1989 Soul Train Music Awards.

Source: People


As the Persian Gulf War raged on in 1991, Houston united the entire nation with her stirring rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Super Bowl XXV. The powerhouse performance was released as both a single and a video, and landed in the Top 20 of Billboard’s Hot 100.

Source: People


“You know, I was raised as a Christian, and my mother was very strict with me as far as boys were concerned,” said Houston, who shocked fans when she tied the knot with bad boy Bobby Brown on July 18, 1992. Despite the former New Edition star’s rough reputation, Houston insisted, “Bobby’s got a good heart and a good soul.”

Source: People


Following two minor acting stints — on the ‘80s sitcoms Gimme a Break! and Silver Spoons — Houston became a full-fledged movie star, headlining 1992’s The Bodyguard with Kevin Costner. The film, released in November, grossed $410 million worldwide, and its soundtrack, featuring “I’m Every Woman,” “I Have Nothing,” “Run to You” and “I Will Always Love You,” became the best-selling soundtrack of all time.

Source: People


On March 4, 1993, Houston gave birth to daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, whom she called her greatest inspiration. “She supports me, she loves me, she gives me good mommy hugs,” Houston told Access Hollywood of their bond.

Source: People


Houston followed up her Bodyguard success by appearing opposite Loretta Devine, Angela Bassett and Lela Rochon in the 1995 big-screen adaptation of author Terry McMillan’s best-seller Waiting to Exhale. Though the film was a success, Houston was unhappy on set. “You know, I was a movie star. I really didn’t want to be one,” she told Vibe. “I was raising my daughter. I wasn’t with my husband. I had to be in Phoenix. And it was like, Yo, f— this. I don’t wanna do this.”

Source: People


Despite her reservations, Houston took another film role, this time starring alongside Denzel Washington in 1996’s The Preacher’s Wife. The family drama, about the troubled marriage between a reverend and his gospel choir mistress, earned her a reported $10 million paycheck. The weeks leading up to the film’s December release were turbulent, with Houston denying her own union is in trouble and, more tragically, suffering a miscarriage.

Source: People


Putting rivalry rumors to rest, Houston shared the stage with Mariah Carey — in matching dresses — at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards. The duo also collaborated on the ballad “When You Believe” from the Prince of Egypt soundtrack that same year. “Mariah and I got along very great,” Houston told Ebony. “It’s good to know that two ladies of soul can still be friends.”

Source: People


Houston and Brown were all smiles at a February 2000 pre-Grammys party, despite being dogged by rumors of drug abuse. One month earlier, the pair made headlines when marijuana was found in their luggage at a Hawaii airport (charges were later dropped), and Houston also raised eyebrows the previous year after canceling appearances at the American Music Awards and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Source: People


Just weeks after signing a $100 million Arista record contract, Houston kicked off the Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Special in September 2001 alongside Usher and Mya, singing “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’.” But it was her gaunt figure that really started some talk; after blaming a “bad shot,” she would admit years later her thinness was due to drug use.

Source: People


In an alarming yet candid 2002 interview with Diane Sawyer, Houston insisted she makes too much money to be a crack user, as rumored. “Crack is whack!” she said, blaming emotional stress for her erratic behavior. “This is not fun any more,” she said of working in the music industry.

Source: People


On a whirlwind tour of Israel in May 2003, Houston and Brown dipped themselves, baptism-style, in the River Jordan — even though they were guests of the Black Hebrews, a religious sect of about 2,000 black Americans who observe certain Jewish rituals.

Source: People


It was a surprise comeback: Following a March 2004 stay in rehab, Houston commanded the stage at the September World Music Awards with a medley of “I Believe in You and Me” and “I Will Always Love You,” in tribute to longtime producer Clive Davis. Though they immediately planned on working on a new album together, I Look to You wouldn’t be released till 2009.

Source: People


Instead of a new album, in 2005 Houston would do another stint in rehab — and appear on reality television. Bravo’s Being Bobby Brown was a ratings hit for the network, thanks to the couple’s outlandish behavior. PEOPLE’s TV critic pointed to Houston’s “unflatteringly diva-ish behavior, shooing away a fan who dares to interrupt her meal.” The show would last one season; their marriage just one more year.

Source: People


Released in August 2009, Houston’s seventh effort, I Look to You, marked her first No. 1 album since The Bodyguard. Though it seemed she was ready for a career revival, even launching a world tour the following February, she canceled several live performances and received poor reviews for her shows.

Source: People


“I want her to count on me to try to understand what she’s going through,” Houston told InStyle of daughter and aspiring singer Krissy (together on Good Morning America in 2009). “No damnation, no condemnation, nothing that’s going to make her feel like she can’t come to me.”

Source: People


Fifteen years after The Preacher’s Wife, Houston returned to the big screen for Sparkle with Jordin Sparks. “Part of the fun of making this movie is definitely the costumes and the hairstyles,” an excited Houston told PEOPLE. “The movie is set in 1963, and we had a great wardrobe, hair and makeup person and I loved wearing the outfits.” Her costar was equally thrilled: “I sang her songs into a hairbrush when I was little. … It was a dream come true.”

Source: People

Source: People

30 Day Mumblr Challenge | Day 6: Baby’s birth stats?
Willow was born at 4:38pm through an induction at 39 weeks because of the severity of my HG ( I was 25lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight before I gave birth). She weighed 6lbs 8oz and was 19.5in long. She stayed in NB diapers until she was 3 months old.
Today she is a happy 18 month old who just hit 21lbs (5th percentile) and continues to suprise me with small progressions every day.

(Ella Enchanting)

This is a makeup for that Induction of the Week file that I missed. This file helps you get into the mindset of a comfortable, lazy kitty. No overt sexuality here (you’re way too warm and dozey for that) although there’s some stuff that could be interpreted as light D/s and petplay for those that are so inclined. This is (hopefully not too obviously) unscripted and recorded pretty much all in one go (with stops and starts to cover my stuttering/flutter tongue). Enjoy and let me know what you think! Thanks to @ubertea for the prompt!

Tagging people who like kitty things (or who may be otherwise interested)

@hypnokittencalico @thehypnobunny @wihte-rabbit @rightthewaydown @tennfan2 @daja-the-hypnokitten @hypnosophist @soundshypnotic @mr-prism @sex-obsessed-lesbian @minddiver @cajunhypnoslut @vivehypno @deeperinmypower @cleavagepool @hypnofootfetishist @mrs-prism @wellgnawed @reformedodyssey @mindmadeofmagicandmusic @arihi @bouncybubblythings @masterk865 @mistermindwiper @zanythoughts @ilovemyhypnosiskink

Let me know if you want to be tagged in these posts in the future (or if you want me to stop tagging you).

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36w 2d

What a roller coaster! I had a repeat nst and sono checking my doppler today with a new doctor. They said everything is completely healthy and normal. Baby girl is measuring slightly small but not small enough to worry about! So no induction next week!! They’re keeping her in there, thankfully! However, they don’t want to let me get to 40 weeks so they’re inducing on the 31st ❤️🎃 which will be 39 weeks. I have two appointments every week until then and if anything shows to be getting worse, we’ll induce sooner but for now everything looks good! They said she weighs 4lbs 11oz, I’m 1cm dilated, and 50% effaced so they said induction shouldn’t be a terrible process once it’s here! I’m so relieved. This all did make me realize I’m completely ready for this baby to come and I’m getting really excited to meet her! ❤️

anonymous asked:

fuck yeah i settled in my new apartment like a month ago and i just found out that's the day i start my induction/trial week ;; imma cry this is too good ;; im being passed around the make-up, beauty and hair department but yes - //i feel like my job is to prevent a repeat of limitless in terms of hair omg// ~💀

damn that is so cool, hope everything goes smoothly for you!!!! yes please, please help us prevent that especially during the mama awards *flashes back to last year’s outfits* HAHAHA

37 week appointment today. I’ve lost a pound over the last week but my midwife isn’t worried. I’m measuring 38 weeks. She is guessing baby will be 7 pounds. We talked about possibly doing an induction by 40 weeks so the boyfriend can be home when his baby is born. We will talk more about it next week though so I can really think about it and talk to him and plan. I can’t believe I only have a little over 2 weeks before I meet my little princess.


19.6.16 // tomorrow is my sixth form induction week, so I had to go to town to buy supplies for that, as well as revising for my history exam on tuesday! I’m really nervous for tomorrow, as well as having to meet new people I have to revise for my last test this year! 😅😥

(Ella Enchanting)

This is my entry for @sex-obsessed-lesbian ‘s induction of the week challenge- weeks 1 and 2.*  This includes both mostly direct suggestions (which are not my usual style) and the tamest of mantras (which are also usually not my thing as a hypnotist). Enjoy and apologies in advance about audio issues!. Comments/feedback are always welcome- I’m especially curious about the pacing of this one.

@mr-prism @wellgnawed @minddiver@jonsmisu @soundshypnotic @ubertea @hypno-sandwich @tennfan2 @ellaenchanting @meltinggoldanddippingthingsinit @sebsteerpike@amhypnotic@theleeallure @zanythoughts @heidisea @mistermindwiper @sex-obsessed-lesbian @banana-pie-gaige @arihi @minddiver @rightthewaydown @shaman58 @jonsmisu @enscenic @hypnosophist

(Also- I’m not getting any notifications about things I’m tagged in lately! Are you guys?)

*Yes I know that’s lazy. Insert rant about my week here.

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anonymous asked:

Hello!! Could we pwetty pwetty pwease have the fluffy dean x pregnant!reader with a touch of angst but like, drowning in fluff? Thank youxxxxxx ily ur writing :) <3 could it also be extra long if you don't mind of course? Thanks again! XD

A/N: I never, ever, ever thought I would write pregnancy fluff. I am pretty sure I have actually said to people, ‘yeah pregnancy fluff is the one genre I will just never write’, lol. But I did it this once for you, dear nonny, so I hope you like it. :)

Warnings for complicated pregnancy, fear of miscarriage, angst. This one was very weird for me to write. The miscarriage stuff might trigger if you’ve experienced that, or the threat of it (I have). So - yeah. Weird one. Hope it’s OK. 


You tried all four of Dean’s phones before you tried Sam’s. Between the second and the third numbers you called your doctor on her emergency cell. You’d been quite calm till then and even while talking to her – answering questions, describing the amount of blood (it had seemed like a lot but?) and the level of pain (none, not really), but when you hung up your throat seized up in a sharp ache and your vision clouded with tears. But they were an annoyance, mostly; you still felt mostly blank and emotionless. 

Sam answered the second number down his list. He was (thank god) steady and gentle and matter-of-fact. Yes, Dean was fine: he was on a 24-hour visit to the state correctional centre to get info from an inmate, and all of his phones would have been kept at processing. He had another five hours to go and it would take Sam probably that long to get access and then to get word to him; he would try, yes; but in the meantime he was on his way, he would be there in two hours. Take a taxi to the hospital. It’ll be OK, Y/N.

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Induction of the Week 0: Entries Masterpost

Hey Readers! Do any of you happen to enjoy being hypnotized? Do any of you happen to enjoy listening to/reading inductions from fantastic hypnotists and learning from how they do what they do?

Week 0 of @sex-obsessed-lesbian‘s Induction a Week challenge was baseline inductions- whatever induction the hypnotist felt most comfortable with. There’s a lovely variety in these inductions and it’s nice to observe people show off their skills using an induction that is already comfortable. I’m really looking forward to what people come up with for next week!

Audio Inductions

@minddiver does his spin on eye fixation and progressive relaxation  with a  lovely, casual, lulling tone that reminds me of summer sunsets and  cicadas

@ubertea shows off her professionalism with her hall of mirrors induction - a creative induction that I imagine is especially wonderful for visually-minded subjects

@ellaenchanting (that’s me) cheated and did a thing attempting to utilize my tendency to say “umm..”when hypnotizing

@amhypnotic does an amazing job of using all the modalities in his induction- the “man in the moon” section near the end  is especially cool

@sebsteerpike shares his basic induction which is great in and of itself and also gives a fantastic example of incorporating safety suggestions in a clear and smooth way

@sex-obsessed-lesbian makes reciting an induction while walking down a busy street sound effortless, sounding calm and measured the entire time while utilizing the sounds around her

ETA: @jonsmisu uses a very clever fire-based analogy in his induction

ETA- @meltinggoldanddippingthingsinit has a short, lovely induction about patterns and expectations

ETA- @shaman58 does a nice, soothing progressive muscle relaxation

Written Inductions

@theleeallure gives both an induction and a how-to incorporating the sneaky usage of vowels and showing how much she can accomplish in just a paragraph

Please let me know if I’ve left anyone out or if you’d like me to add your contribution!

@mr-prism @wellgnawed @minddiver @jonsmisu @soundshypnotic @ubertea @hypno-sandwich @tennfan2 @ellaenchanting @meltinggoldanddippingthingsinit @sebsteerpike  @rightthewaydown @zanythoughts @heidisea @hadenluy @mistermindwiper,  @banana-pie-gaige,

This is in response to the induction of the week challenge by @sex-obsessed-lesbian . The challenge for week 0 was to record your default induction. I wasn’t really able to do that so instead I recorded an induction mocking myself and my default speech tendencies. This is entirely off-the-cuff and experimental- please give me feedback on if/how it works for you. Apologies for the hasty editing- if there’s any effectiveness here I may actually write a script and record a polished thing in this vein. I hope you like!

Warning for the accidental self-bimbofication of your hypnotist. :)~

Tagging: @mr-prism @wellgnawed @minddiver @jonsmisu @soundshypnotic @ubertea @hypno-sandwich @tennfan2 @meltinggoldanddippingthingsinit @sebsteerpike @rightthewaydown @zanythoughts @heidisea @hadenluy @mistermindwiper@banana-pie-gaige , anyone else who wants to play :)

ETA: Here is my default induction for those who are curious, done better than I usually do it. :)~

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Before Gonzo: Hunter S. Thompson’s Early, Underrated Journalism Career

When the University of Kentucky School of Journalism and Telecommunications announced earlier this month that the late Hunter S. Thompson would be included among its 2014 inductees into the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame, journalists and bloggers reporting the story made a point to set Thompson apart from his fellow honorees. Thompson, a wayward Kentuckian, would be installed “along with six more traditional journalists,” noted his hometown Louisville Courier-Journal. “More traditional… Less inebriated… State it any way you want,” snickered Mediabistro’s FishbowlNY blog. “We double-checked,” a local radio station chimed in. “It’s not an April Fool’s joke.”

There’s no arguing that Thompson, who committed suicide in 2005, left behind an iconoclast’s legacy. In his middle and later career, the author of Hell’s Angels and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas earned a reputation as a literary profligate and a mild fabulist, owing to his unconcealed fondness for recreational drugs, hyperbole, Wild Turkey, fictionalized dialogue, explosives, and Ominous Capitalization—all crucial components to what he termed “gonzo journalism.” But as Thompson and his Hall of Fame classmates are inducted this week, it’s worth remembering that well before he was a “gonzo journalist” or a “New Journalist” or an “outlaw journalist,” Hunter S. Thompson was simply a journalist, just another twenty-something freelancer who spent most of the 1960s hustling his way from paycheck to unglamorous paycheck.

Read more. [Image: Frank Martin/AP]