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❝ I know you’re there. Don’t be afraid. ❞

Callidora peered over the old  chest she had been hiding behind warily at the man’s words…and found herself staring at something that should be impossible.

The man looking down towards her,alerted by the motion no doubt- was someone she had met before; there was no doubt about that, though he looked…different here, in this ancient world. 

She stood up carefully, watching him; torn jeans and well-worn jacket were replaced by light, well-wrought leather armor, gilted bracers catching the torchlight of the half-dark room around them. But it was definitely the same man.

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‘Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

“Well…I guess there’s a lot of bad in the world; but there’s also good in it, isn’t there?”the girl asked, frowning slightly at that, more than a little strange statement. Perhaps the man was drunk, she thought, starting a conversation with a stranger in a coffee shop out of the blue.

Water and snow-Callidora/Jocelyn {closed rp}

There was always something peaceful in densely forested areas, Callidora thought, walking along slowly through evergreens currently coated in snow.

The wildlife park was all but abandoned these past few days, because of the recent snowstorm. Snow, white and untouched, blanketed the ground, its whiteness in stark contrast to the dark trees. For the faery girl, this could be the setting of one of the fairytales she so loved to read, she thought with a smile, as she crossed between two massive pine trees, running a gentle hand along their trunks-she could feel life within them,pulsing gently.

Slowly, she made her way to the small pond people used for picnics and the like in the summer, letting her powers erase her footprints as she passed; snow was water, after all, so in its own way, an element she was at home with-but she was at home with all of them, more or less.The pond itself was frozen over and eerily peaceful, reflecting the white all around it like a magic mirror.

It was nice to be out here, in this stillness, she thought edging closer to the iced-over water.Much as she liked the human world, it was too loud sometimes, she thought with a smile.

Next to my piece “livid night song” (on the top 😛) from tonight’s show at @1111accgallery

Was a fantastic show~ go see it while it is still up! !
I also got to show with a few talented friends in this exhibition! @adamabraham , @omgitsbess , @alyssamees , and @jel_ena_art ! ^_^ always a pleasure, hehe!!
#1111accgallery #1111acc #indreams

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