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I am Carried in
by the flow of life

on a slipstream in
dreams razed in sighs

by Autumn’s uncharted
revelation here, in
this Now released

this insight resides
in its Occurrence

from clarity entrusted
To my memory

All those memories, those
Childhood Moments

Of all those people
that Passed my way

Even the faces of the
Children and the

Infinite lot of People upon
which the road is turning

the Road of our re-turn
Each, they too, shall pass

As so shall you -
As so shall I

- © Thespian Drummer / Lodestar

Our Peter Pan theory

It is fairly obvious that the comeback theme is infired (lol) by Peter Pan. We have a feeling that BigHit had this whole thing planned since (at least) Skool Luv Affair. In the new teaser pics, the instagram tags and also in the live broadcasts, they hinted at this concept. 

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GUYS. Everyone else is just #InDream while  Jin is the only one #Awake (☉_☉)

BTS Theory - The real story explained ~ Part 4.

[PLEASE READ IN ORDER - Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Conclusion]

In this scene, they’re looking up at the sky. They want to be birds ? They are filmed in a way (from below) like they’re flying in the sky. Jungkook looks kinda troubled. We see him alone, just by himself for a moment AND THEN the others join him.

This scene represents how rapmon is controlling V’s mind, by sending him subliminal messages. Pay attention to the way V looks at the dandelion’s petals flying away. V wants to be free too and fly away like those petals. Rapmon is making sure V keeps that mentality by manipulating him so he’ll think the best way to live is by not caring about anything and doing whatever they want.

During this shot, Jimin is the only one sitting with Jin. I think Jimin is the 3rd member who’s the most mature behind Jungkook and Jin. His position could be a hint that he’s more grounded than we think. Maybe not as much as Jungkook though. Look at this scene, he’s looking at the sky and then looks at Jin. He’s divided between living a careless life, not growing up, or join Jin and transition into adulthood.

I think the matureness level is going on the opposite order of age.

-> Jungkook is the most mature.

→ Jimin (mature/neutral)

It is implicitely implied throughout all of the Mvs that Jimin may actually suffer from mental illness and even be suicidal. V thinks Jimin’s going to die by drowning himself in his bathtub (I Need U) and even though it might have been just because they jokingly tried to drown jimin and it unconsciously stayed in his mind, I don’t think it is a coincidence that THIS in particular stayed in his mind. He also dreams of Jimin looking depressed with a bottle of alcohol in the Prologue. There’s obviously something wrong going on with Jimin’s character.

Here he’s seen in a sort of hospital, wearing the same kind of clothes that Jhope is wearing. And he also have his own pillow. This could mean he’s also actually staying in the hospital too. Is he getting treated for his mental illness ? Or did he ended up here because he tried to commit suicide ?

Jhope, who’s less mature than Jimin since the matureness in the opposite order of age, throws a pillow at Jimin because he wants to play.

→ Jhope (neutral/wants to resist and defy authority (walking on the opposite direction(INU), spit on cars, etc…)

→ Suga (really immature. He’s the only one who’s seen with birds in the background during the scene where they look at the sky)

→ Rap mon (peter pan).

Even though he’s younger than suga, he’s the leader. The one who makes decisions for the group. And he’s also the most delusional and immature of the group. Adults are his ennemy.

The only exception is V, who’s age is between Jungkook and Jimin, so he should be really mature. But as we saw before, his character is extremely influenced (lost boy character) and is constantly influenced specially by Rap Mon, so he’s one of the most immature. And Jin who’s too old to be part of it.

Jin is the only one sitting on the ground because he’s the only one who’s down to earth. Instead of looking at the sky, Jungkook is looking at Jin who’s sitting. Another sign that Jungkook is different and wants to join Jin. And they cut to the next scene were Jungkook is sitting on top of a car.

Their car is blocking the way. To me, it’s their way to express that they don’t want to follow the « normal » path that everyone is taking. They stopped in the middle of the road like they’d stop time so they wouldn’t grow up to become adults. But why is Jungkook on top of the car ? I think we should look at his position. Instead of blocking the road he’s actually positioned in the same directions as the others cars behind. Does that mean he wants to go forward but can’t because his hyungs are carrying him away from this path ?

They all got out of the car and started messing with everyone’s car. Spilling drinks, spitting, graffiting and so on… But strangely, nobody says anything… No one got out of their car to complain, they just let it happened. The only complain we heard was from a guy in the end shouting « move your car ! » from his window.

Really ? The only thing bothering you is one car blocking the way even though there’s delinquants vandalizing the whole place ? Honestly this was super weird….

But it’s not anymore with that theory.

As you already know, this is not an un-biased story that we’re watching. We’re watching V’s memory of the event. V’s version of what happened. And V didn’t care about anyone nor any bad circumstances. Even though people complained or screamed or did things he didn’t pay attention to that because he thought the only people who were right was him and his friends. He didn’t care about anything else he just did those things like it was normal. But suddenly when someone threatened Jin, an alarm went off in his mind. Jin is the only adult in their group, and if he gets in trouble, they’d all be screwed. He’s the foundation of the group, he can’t get in trouble. He’s like their guardian angel. That is why after that they all immediately went back to the car and ran away. The fact that we don’t see any cars following them I think means that even though there could be cars following them V didn’t care because as long as he’s safe in Jin’s car surrounded by his friends, the rest doesn’t matter. This is again a small detail but it’s here for a reason.

Present-V start to realize how bad their lifestyle was and we see him shaking in the water. He wants to change it, he wants to tell them « Stop ! Guys ! We need to stop ! » But he can’t because those are memories that already happened.

« No matter how far I reach for you,
It is just an empty dream dream dream
No matter how crazy I run,
I remain on the same place place place »
- RUN. 

He tries to change the past but he can’t.

In the end of the MV, we see that he finally gets out of the water and he’s in the dark place again. The same dark place he was in when he started to lose consciousness and fall into a dream. This dark place I think symbolizes the place between dream and reality. The water represents the portal that seperates his conscious state of mind to imagination/fantasy. When he falls in the water it’s him entering his unconscious. The fact that he’s getting out of the water symbolizes him slowly waking up. 


We can assume and conclude now that V is indeed the main character and the principal key to the story. The whole story is centered around him and it always comes back to him. We went through his past, his present, his worries, his thoughts. The disruptive element that triggered the whole story telling is V killing his father. Instead of putting the focus on all of the members lifes and narrate the story by using a third person omniscient point of view, they put the focus on V’s character developement instead and we got to experience this journey, all those beautiful and difficult moments of youth and friendship through a first person point of view. And I think that’s a one of a kind way of telling their story and convey their message. We usually don’t take too much importance on the « killer »’s intentions, life and thoughts. The killer is either just a bad person or it wasn’t his fault, which means he was actually a good person. But in this more realistic scenario, it actually IS V’s fault. He did something bad, and he has to pay for the consequences. But all of those cinematographic MVs are here to show us that he wasn’t born a killer, but things happened that lead him to act this way. So we go on this journey with him (I Need U – Prologue - Run). The mental journey of someone who just killed another human being. Because yes, I don’t think taking another person’s life, who’s moreover you’re own father, can leave you without scars and mental damage. We’re entering the killer’s mind, explore it and we experience with him his mental quest. It reminds me of those words written all over the Now 3 photobook.

We’re not going anywhere, V is actually not going anywhere, but we’re experiencing this journey all together.

(Remember the hashtags #DREAM #inDream?)

Also this thing in the exhibition reminds me a lot of the concept of Dream in dream.

You may have notice the reccuring presence of mirrors in all of the Mvs.

The mirror is a symbol of physical and spiritual reflection. Just like a physical Mirror is a reflection of how we currently appear, and how the world around us currently appears, our spiritual Mirror truthfully reflects the consequences of our actions that are both negative and positive. Those mirrors are here to remind us that through all of these MVs, V is in fact reflecting on his life and on himself.

I think that’s a really clever way of showing the murderer’s story and thoughts without being too obvious about the chronological order of the events and between what’s real or not. This shows us that in real life, nothing is black and white. There’s always grey if you look for it long enough.

What’s going to happen next? (last part)

bts comeback theory

so i’ve been thinking about the comeback teasers that bts posted in their official instagram and the inconsistent hashtags in their photos in the caption but then i noticed that there is a pattern to it. there are the 2 main types of hashtags #InDream/#Awake and #NEVERLAND in it. in the members’ photo with #InDream, they caption what they want the most, essentially what they “dream” of and this is linked to the I Need You MV.

the first is jungkook’s picture and his dream is to feel- this explains why in the INY mv, he purposely knocks into a gang and gets beaten up without retaliating, same reasoning as anyone who self-harms, he wants to get attacked so that he would be able to get out of his emotional emptiness. 

the second being rapmon’s dream, which is to live, which i’m sure everyone remembers is what he wrote on the mirror during the INY mv when everyone else was dying. 

and thirdly, jin’s dream which is for everyone else not to leave. from INY and Prologue, we know that he’s most likely the only one left who’s alive and so he dreams of the day all the other members would still be with him. 

on the same note of jin being the only one left who’s alive, he is also the only member who has the hashtag of #Awake in the caption, so perhaps dream refers to death and awake being… you know… life. (//weeps)

next up we have #NEVERLAND which we know is a reference to peter pan, of which kids would fly to a paradise and would never grow up. that sounds cute and all but then again dying has the same concept, you would go to a perfect place (heaven) and never grow up since you’re already dead.  

just like neverland, the background of the photoshoots are a typical scene of paradise, whimsical and pretty where they all have fun together but guess what, only 6 members have this hashtag- basically all the members but jin since he’s still alive while the rest have all died :( 

so what i’m guessing that the mv would be this time round would focus more on the dreamlike happiness when they are #InDream since INY already covered the distress they felt when they were #Awake but honestly i have no clue how Jin would be incorporated in but hopefully he wouldn’t commit suicide like the others. 

also bts look hella fine

 So, hmm, I was bored today and started discussing about BTS comeback and the thories about the story they’ve been telling since the I Need U MV and we got to some really weird conclusions that might complement some theory or not. Lets start with this picture.

1. All of them are barefoot except for Jin. Which might means that Jin is somehow alive. The reason I have is because, as a friend of mine said, reminded of this quote of the Bible:

Do not come any closer,“ God said. “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.“ 

So it might means…Jin is somehow between it? Like he is almost closer to his friends but not really with them. Barefoot, as my friend said, can mean contact with nature, showing your true-self to God and being honest to Him. So Jin wearing shoes might mean that he didn’t totally give himself but is close to that.

2. I comented on how weird and was that Namjoon’s feet wasn’t in the picture in anyway. I saw somewhere a theory that he might be some kind of guide or something like ‘grim reaper’. Well, that I don’t know that but looking at this picture today we noticed that his legs form the number ‘4′ and might be intentional or not but in Japan and some other places the number 4 is taken as the number representing ‘death’.

3.The other boys all wear colorfull clothes minus Jin who dresses in all black. My friend added that his clothes resemble the clothes that people use to go to funerals.

Watching this because we were pretty damn bored in class one of my friends commented on these chains. There are symbolism behind it and it might come from The Christmas Carol of Charles Dickens but still valid here because in the story there is the ghost called Marley who carries a lot of chains right? Let’s quote him here a bit for making more sense:

"You are fettered,” said Scrooge, trembling. “Tell me why?”

“I wear the chain I forged in life,” replied the Ghost. “I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it. Is its pattern strange to you?” (1.98-132)

What’s the chain made out of? Not out of standard links at all, but instead out of the things that were most important to Marley before he died. And acording to this is all your own doing—"I made it link by link of my own free will,“ says Marley in the above quotation, pointing out that the choice to what to value in life has endless ramifications, even beyond the grave.

Now taking this to the BTS story line these chains might mean what is most valued even beyond the grave to them that it’s their friendship, which takes us to Jin plot again; the chains he made in life are the boys.

Now lets go to the instagram tags that are one of the most interesting parts in all of this. If you notice some of them have specific tags. Jin’s specific ones are #InDream, #WAYyoYou,#Psique,#togetherforever.

What got me was the tag ‘Psique’ because it’s a similar name of the greek goodess PSYKHE (or Psyche) who was the goddess of the soul, wife of Eros god of love. She is represented by a lady with butterfly wings. Also the expressions ‘psique’ was used as a synonim of life and soul, taken has the begining of life. 

And now we go to Jungkook who got the tag #Cupid.

Psyche, the goddess, had to go though missions to have her love back, since she betrayed Eros(the Cupid and in the story we assume its Kookie for some reason I haven’t found yet). So thinking about his we go to Jin and put him as Psyche like he regret not being able to save his friends and ending up alone(Prologue’s  ending) e wanted to have them back. But what was the only way to have them back? Sadly, it was death. So he tried to kill himself too but somehow failed like the goddess at her mission. And what happened to Psyche when she failed, was that she fell in a deep slumber. Now taking this to Jin side, he might have failed with his suicide attempt and ended up in a coma. So that’s the reason he can be with his friends but aparently is not totally with them - the shoes say it all, as it might show that somehow he is still linked to the living world.

Jin is showed with the butterfly, that also means big changes in life(Chaos Theory) so the butterfly showing herself to Jin might means that consequences will come for him everytime he tries to stay with his friends.

Hashtags like #ToLive and #NottoLeave might mean that Jin still pretty much alive but will not leave his friends. Also the tag #AWAKE, I almost forgot that one.

The tags #InDream and #DREAM point to Jin dreams, that it’s where they are locked because of his coma. 

Now there are this picture here. Nothing really seems out of place here, well…unless you look and Namjoon right arm. He has tattoos on the hands and arm, but what its the tattoo in his right arm?

This little shit here. It might be anything but this thing looks pretty familiar right?Well, for people who watched Inception it is because the tattoo looks like this:

Looks pretty much like Mr.Dom Cobb’s totem from Inception.And what is the use of a totem? A Totem is an object that is used to test if oneself is in one’s own reality (dream or non-dream) and not in another person’s dream. By the tattoo on Namjoon arm, it seems to be spining. Well, I think the rule is clear here right guys?

If the totem still spining it means you are still in dream, which makes us believe that they still in Jin dream. Also the name of the photoshot is ‘Je Ne Regrett Rien’ a song that plays a lot in the movie, even in the modified versions.

Now let’s go  back to Prologue a little. Analising this we started talking about totems and dreams and all and one of my friends suggested that Jin might have one too. Which things he appears holding most of the time during the Prologue?Cameras and photos.

Explaining a little the reason of this weird theory we go back to the explanations of totems.

 A totem has a specially modified quality (such as a distinct weight, balance, or feel) in the real world, but in a dream of someone who does not know it well, the characteristics of the totem will very likely be off. Any ordinary object which has been in some way modified to affect its balance, weight, or feel will work as a totem.

My friend was going about the polaroids Jin took. At first he was in a picture with his friends and he assumed that was reality. But at the end of Prologue he takes the picture again and it’s empty. So if we take the dream logic here, his totem could be that polaroid picture and the ‘reality’ could be the memories of what really happened - the death of his friends - that is getting mixed with the dream in which he is deep in, kinda representing a Limbo and is making his totem being modified(either being the photos or the kind of camera he uses).

Remember Mal, Mr.Cobb wife from Inception?She began to believe that Limbo was her reality, that the dream was reality even with totems to prove it wrong. What if this happened to Jin? That the Prologue was a mix of his dream and memories of reality(I Need U enters here) like Mal thoughts before she died? Maybe.

Also let’s not forget Namjoon tattoos on his fingers that say the words ‘Save Hope’…but hope of saving what?Saving Jin from his slumber, hope of him not dying like them? Also the ‘Save Me’ writing on the wall…it might means someone wants to be saved so he can be free.

It’s something to think about.

Well guys, I end here for now, if another part of our theory shows up I might write another post,okay? And yes we watched all of the videos in order and started making our assumptions on symbolisms out of nowhere but i need to know the end of this story and I’m so excited for their comeback,omg!

Also forgive my english if there is something wrong, it’s not my first language.

BTS theories again.

Now I think the story can go reverse. <— Does that make sense?

I just realized this after rewatching the prologue, and i need u videos.

 Like V died first. He killed his dad whom was abusive, and then called possibly Jin or Rapmon to reflected on what he did.

They then all met up (all of bts) which is shown at the beginning of the prologue. He (Taehyung) possibly called Jin because Jin gave him a very welcomed and long hug.

Because of the great impacted of killing his father V decided to drown himself, which is shown inside the prologue when he jumps into the water.

All the members tried to save V, but failed to. Which is why all the members have wet hair inside the photos for their “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt.1″ 

(this photo didn’t really show the wetness in their hair) After that in the prologue the rest of the members try to stay strong so Namjoon writes “You need to survive.” noting they all need to stay strong.

In the I Need U video all the members are having a hard time without V there so they all go to a state of being hurt, and start harming themselves in a way.

Jhobie has to start taking pills to maintain himself, but he can’t.

He ends up overdosing himself, and faints on his walk to somewhere? Around him you can clearly see water, so is he possibly going back to where V had drowned? Was he bring back memories, or was he planning on drowning himself too??

Jungkook has found out Hoseok has died from overdose. He is hurt, taking a walk outside he looks like he’s in deep thought, and then bumps into two men. The two men then start beating him up, and he barely fighters back. Jungkook pushes them off, but not much defense was happening. After the two men walk off Jungkook gets up and starts walking. He notices a car is going to him as he is crossing the street, and he doesn’t run. He stands still. Letting the car hit him.

 couldn’t find a picture, but i realized a red light was shown flashing through Yoongi’s motel room. Possibly a ambulance?? 

At that moment Suga doesn’t know what happened to Jungkook. He just knows that Jhope, and V are gone. He then decides to end his life by burning his motel room.

Jimin whom just the rest is struggling is seen in a bathtub. You can see the words bye bye written.

(photo cred to owner)

Who wrote it? I’m unsure. Jimin is also shown burning the piece of paper.Can this possibly mean something? Can this be something the now dead members had wrote? Or is it something he had written? 

He also doesn’t know Jungkook, and YoonGi are dead, or in the hospital. But he does know his two best friends are dead. He can’t take the pain and decides to drown himself after burning the paper.

Jin and Rapmon are the only ones left alive then. They both find out about the loss of their friends and are trying to stay strong. 

Jin and Rapmon are dressed in black (as if they were going to a funeral). Jin is shown dressed in black in there recent photos for ‘The most beautiful moment in life pt2′ and Rapmon is shown wearing black in the photos for ‘The most beautiful moment in life pt1′.

Namjoon is then seen in the I Need U MV at a gas station. No one is with him. Bangtan is all seen together at the gas station in the prologue though. Possibly they all visited that gas station in the past.

Namjoon is then also shown dropping his lollipop which appeared as a cigarette as it landed on the ground. Which I believe caused a fire at the gas station and caused him to die.

Jin is also shown in the I Need U MV holding 6 white flower petals.

White flowers are the kinds you would usually bring to a funeral, and Jin just happen to have six. Just enough for each dead member.

Jin then goes to sleep. He see’s him and his friends/the rest of bts and they’re all together (At the beginning of the prologue).They’re having fun together, and Jin is video taping it all. Most of the things happening was show through Jin’s point of view. For example when all the members are all laughing together Jin isn’t there, which means we are seeing through his perspective while he videotapes.

All the members are shown together which is where Rapmon wrote “You need to survive” on the mirror. Jin then ask holding up a picture of a shore line, “Should we go there?”. The members (Jimin, and Hoseok) give him a little nod.

Also during that there’s a video being projected on the wall of the building. Possibly their memories together?

As they’re on their way to the place they’re going to they stop at the gas station (Which is what I was talking about earlier) and they are filling the tank. While that is happening Namjoon takes a picture of Jin and Suga then puts the photo into the glove holder thing.

At their destination they run around, and have the time of their lives.

As all the members are sitting staring out at the water V leaves the rest of the members and climbs this tall thingy. Jin is videotaping that while the members are telling him to get down.

As Tae jumps Jin then starts moving around in his sleep which is shown in the MV for I Need U.

When Jin finally wakes up he goes back to the shore, and finds the photo inside the glove department. But when he looks at it Suga isn’t there. It’s just Jin.

I also found it interesting when the teaser for their Run video came out. And the photos came out. I saw a lot of post talking about how all the members had the hashtag InDream and Jin had the hastag Awake.

I noticed Jin is the only one wearing shoes.

RapMonster’s feet aren’t exposed, but it would make sense if he wasn’t wearing shoes because he had ‘died’ before.

Because of all this I feel like Jin is alive. Hallucinating his friends with him.

*Cries*, this all fits together in my head… And it makes me anxious.

What if this was a drama?? Tears everywhere.. lol… 

Hopefully this makes sense…