Guys for 24 Hour Comic Day I made 24 fully inked pages in 24 hours and I’m extremely proud of myself for the self-torture and discipline.

I’m gonna scan in the comics eventually but it’s a zombie AU featuring my OCs Indy and Mikhail. And my classmates say its pretty depressing. I’m sorry. But I’m surprised I managed to get so much done in such a time constraint!


You know I read in a women’s magazine that if a guy likes you, one of the ways you can tell is that if he ‘displays his crotch at you’.

Sorry. Just pencil practice again. 

When first designing Indy way back in 2008, I wanted to make a character who looked cool and had an awesome hairstyle (I had a problem with same-face syndrome) and one of my inspirations was Max from Fatal Chaos, a locally-published manga by a Malaysian mangaka named Ben. Max was my favorite character out of the lot because he was an expert in Muay Thai and he becomes the bad-guy later hurrhurr.

Though personality-wise Indy is quite different, I borrowed elements such as the dark skin and exotic heritage (Max is Thai), the shaved head and rat-tail and sometimes his style of dress.

Now you all know how unoriginal I am.

Fan art of Indy for Audrey! I love her OC to bits, especially his sharp features! PURE GOODNESS. She also got sorted into Ravenclaw so I just thought, “Indy as a Ravenclaw?” WHY NOT.“ I lied I actually tried to draw him as a member of L'Arc-en-Ciel but failed doing so.

This was supposed to be meant as a surprise, but I failed since I just screamed at her on Twitter about said picture.


Hope you like it, Audrey!