yourluck  asked:

I feel awful that I didn't do anything for either the solstice or for tonight (the full moon). I'm waiting until I set my alter up to actually perform rituals. I was wondering, are there any quick chants I could do to at least do something?

Don’t feel awful! It is okay to miss things like this, and you can celebrate the moon in any phase. I like to do cleanses when the moon is waning, and to also get rid of any negative thoughts or feelings at that time. As in Indo-Pagan myself, I recommend that you could meditate and chant Om Shanti Shanti Shanti, which is peace in all things, at all times, everywhere, in all things. Chant that until you feel pleased with the chant. 

If that is not your style, here are a few more chants;

The Goddess is alive an magic is Afoot!

or this,

Sweet magick I become: flesh and breath of dancing light,

New wonders yet to come: as I shine form day to night.

or this,

May the love that we are, be what we do

There are hundreds of ways to kneal and kiss the Earth.

If you believe in Gods or God, you could make a small offering of food you eat throughout the day to them.

Write down a list of reasons you love your Gods or God, or even just the Earth and Pagan/Wicca practices, either keep it to reread when you’re feeling down, or burn it to offer to your Gods/God.

Hope this helped some! Blessed Be!

Just a few things

I am so excited for the upcoming holiday and the full moon tomorrow! I got some new vanilla incense cones that are absoloutely amazing to burn on my altar, and I also found a patch of black eye’d susans and some thistles to put on my altar.I have also already prepared some rhubarb torte to offer! I am so ready to try to charge my crystals again, do a small spell, and perhaps just soak up some moon rays. At summer solstice, I had a horrible experience and have been a bit afraid ever since. But I am so excited and I just wanted to share with you all what I will be doing! Have a great full moon, and great holiday everyone!