Drumline secionals
  • Snares:Playing loops for days of the same 2 bars, hacking every time the tech turns away, if left alone expect nothing to be done
  • Quads:Plays a few bars, doesn't play for the next 20 minutes because they are too busy doing acrobats and talking about other quad lines
  • Bass Drums:Playing the same feature for almost the whole time because there is that one person who always fucks it up. Makes sex jokes constantly with tech
  • Cymbals:Stretch, be a badass, stretch, see how many things you can do with the cymbal, fuck around basically the whole time
How to tell the who's a band kid

Tonight I met some people from a local high school because of a friend. Well, one girl began to talk about indoor drumline and how she twisted her ankle a minute into the show and kept going. The non-band kids had horrified looks. The band kids looked relieved when she said she kept marching.