indoor tan

steve isnt ‘glowing with patriotism’ hes just so pale hes practically reflective

when u find a fic that has a really good idea and is generally pretty good, but it refers to eyes as “orbs”

Surprise! More fuckery!

😒 Pinocchio speaks again acting brand new

😒😒 On repeat

Tanning indoors again?

“working nonstop” 👀 On your lower back exercises? “And thrust, and back, and thrust, and back, one more time!”

😒😒😒An announcement for an announcement?

We’re basically on a merry-go-round of 🐎💩 and fuckery.

Morning y’all! 👋


😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

God dayum he´s a hustler through and through.

And apparently gives no shits about looking like a fool with his promises which in turn looooooook liiiiiiike liiiiiiiiies.

Oh well. At least there are fetus pics to keep alive in his honor.

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You know you're a welder when...

“…you’re proud of all the burns on your body.”
“…your kids say, whats all those holes in your shirt for Dad?.”
“…you dig in your pocket for change and come up with soapstone.”
“…You miss your court date because you stood outside the courthouse looking at the welds on the handrails.”
“…You visually inspect the welds before riding a roller-coaster.”
“……you place a magnet inside a WalMart bag to pick up & sack up all those short welding rod ends!! .”
“…for every problem you say: let’s weld that.”
“…You don’t need cooking tools to flip burgers.”
“…the smell of your burnt skin gets stronger in the shower.”
“…you smell arc fumes and say, Man I love that smell!.”
“…When your sunday shoes are steel toe.”
“…broken stuff puts a smile on your face. Especially when all the "civilians” are freaking out.“
”…You pull stuff out of the oven without potholders.“
”…your wife is always asking you if you you know what happened to the new wire coat hangers she just bought.“
”…the only thing you can`t weld is a broken heart and the crack of dawn.“
”…you have a higher IQ than fitters.“
”…you wear your hood driving instead of sunglass’s.“
”…the only reason the dinner table rocks is that you haven’t been able to findany mohogany rod.“
”…you catch on fire everyday.And you don’t mind.“
”…Your city workers come to your house for acetelyne at 10 PM when they ran out.“
”…neighbors ask if you want metal items from their the garbage.“
”…you look PAST the very attractive girl walking by the welding supply store to see if anything is on sale.“
”…you install an on board welder on your Jeep.“
”…if your affraid of flying, take a 100 feet of welding lead with you. if the plane starts to go down, throw it out it’s sure to hang-up on sonmthing.“
”…You keep your welder in your bedroom.“
”…when the only sun tan you get is from the flash burn you get at work.“
”…You go to a amusment park and inspect the welds on all the rides.“
”…your co-worker’s pants are on fire and your gut reaction is to point at them and laugh.“
”…build all your gifts out of steel.“
”…you take stuff apart to save the metal because, “ I can use that one day!”.“
”…your woman says “lets get some sparks flying” and you grab her by the hand head'n for the garage.“
”…you cut your cigarette so it will fit under your hood .“
”…you have no fear of being finger printed.“
”…When you are cut you ask for super glue instead of a bandaid.“
”…All your shoes have holes in the tops.“
”…each one of your neighbors have asked for a “little” weld repair on various items.“
”…you hear someone welding on the tv in the other room and say ‘oh that is way too cold’.“
”…your 2 year old daughter sitting on your lap looking trough the miller book and she points out the welders you own!.“
”…your home page is your favourate welding site.“
”…if you get your electric bill and think, thats all this month.“
”…you own more welders then hands to operate them.“
”…you get a new puppy for father’s day and you name him “MILLER”.
“…your welding helmet costs more than your car.”
“…you have the best indoor tan around! .”
“…you are on the way to your best friends wedding and you look up at a 1000 ft tallk skyscraper and wish you were at the top hanging upside down welding overhead.”
“…your steel dealer knows your voice when you call for a quote.”
“…you would rather smell hot metal ,than hot coffee in the morning.”
“…you invent a new dance after a hot one falls down your shoe.”
“…you catch a hot one down the front of your shirt, feel it roll down to your belly button….and never flinch!!!.”
“…you tell the muffler shop my beads are nicer.”
“…Your wife has to park in the driveway, because the garage is full of steel.”
“…you have a hood in every vehicle you own, just in case.”
“…your wife, 7 year old,& 5 year old all have elite hoods.”
“…you are not afraid to stand on your work. literally.”
“…metal is easier to work with than wood.”
“…you can remember every burn mark on your arm, and wear it proudly.”
“…your welder is worth more than the truck its hauled in.”
“…you’re the one buying scrap out of the yard, while everyone else is bringing it to sell.”
“…you tell your wife "I can make you one of those, better and cheaper!” every time she looks at some metal nick-nack for the house.“
”…when you can see the diference between the molten puddle and the slag.“
”…you find art in raw steel .“
”…your watch crystal is full of splatter.“
”…even after a shower your face is still black.“
”…wearing a leather jacket, gloves,and a hat is normal in 100 degree weather.“
”…The person next to you in line at the grocery store thinks you’re a junkie, and you state, “I’m a welder, those are just burns on my arms”.“
”…You enjoy muscle cramps because they help you hold position.“
”…your always flicking your hood down even though its not on your head.“
”…your eyes are closed in every photo.“
”…even after you take a shower your wife says you smell like metal.“
”…wood is good but steel is for real is the first commandment.“
”…you can tell what kind of gas, or process was used.“
”…when hot sparks dont hurt any more.“
”…you don’t have any ear hair, nor do you own a set of ear hair clippers.“
”…You refuse to let friends and family buy metal furniture and household items, Because “you can make it better”.“
”…your shirt looks like swiss cheese.“
”…you have more welding machines than the company you work for.“
”…your wife says you spend more time with your welder than her.“
”…you use cutting goggles for sunglasses.“
”…your house can’t even power the welder have just bought.“
”…The bird house in the front yard, rusts.“
”…the pin number on your bank card is the same as your welding rod.“
”…your best pair of jeans only have 2 or 3 small holes.“
”…Your shirt catches fire, and you finish your weld before you put it out.“
”…You go back to your shop at 11:30p.m. to make sure that all the gas bottles got turned off.“
”…the bumper on your vehicle is some oversized creation you made in the shop.“
”…you would spend 2.5 hrs reparing something rather than replace for $7.50.“
”…your daughter asks your favorite color and you say “stainless steel”.“
”…your steel dealer knows your voice when you call for a quote.“
”…Your kids are named Miller, Hobart and Lincoln.“
”…when your wife/girlfriend won’t let you wear a new pair of jeans to work so you have atleast one pair without holes!.“
”…UPS complains of you putting too many drivers on disability.“
”…you plan TIG projects according to wind direction.“
”…you have more welder burn scars than a biker has tatoos!.“
”…You walk through the National Air and Space Museum and pick apart the workmanship on the exhibits.“
”…Your daughter’s welds look better than own!.“
”…you have a farmer’s sunburn in the winter.“
”…When you do more side jobs for co-workers than actual work!.“
”…you rather play with your welder than fireworks on the 4th of July and New Years !.“
”…your the only house on the block with flowers made from scrap metal.“
”…when a friend of yours starts talking to you about a dirty movie he seen and mentions the word penetration and you start thinking about steel.“
”…on payday, instead of going to the bank, you go to your local welding supply.“
”…your kids ask “Dad whats all those little white dots on your arm from?”’ .“
”…you know by the smell even before you feel your on fire whether it your shirt or pants thats burning.“
”…a bacon fat burn on your arm blends in with the spatter burns.“
”…you have a working fire hydrant in your yard.“
”…you think its normal for kleenex to be black after you blow your nose.“
”…You see a piece of steel in the trash and you cut across three lanes of traffic to get it.“
”…Your metal cutting band saw replaces the car in the garage.“
”…You spend more on shoe covers then shoes.“
”…all your clothes have holes in them.“
”…your extension cord is thicker then your garden hose.“
”…your weekend shopping list is “Toilet paper, Beer and welding rod.”.“
”…your kids actually believe your fire proof.“
”…you get chills from sparks burning though your hat and landing on your scalp.“
”…You switched to black Carhartts for obvious reasons.“
”…you wire your bathroom for 220 because 'you never know…’.“
”…all of your kids school projects require a hand truck and its own table.“
”…you can tell the difference between 6010 and 7018 just by the smell.“
”…you lock your keys in the car then look for a welding rod instead of a coat hangar.“
”…If it don’t melt you don’t mess with it!.“
”…turtlenecks are fashion for work or leisure.“
”…you are a problem solver–i’ve got a rod for anything.“
”……when you use 4th of July sparklers as a training tool for your kids.“
”…you compare burn scars with your buddies.“
”…you think your welding cap is formal dress at a black tie event.“.”
“…you dont feel fly bites cause you are so used to welding sparks.”
“…when you learn not pick any thing that has no flys on it.( it might hot).”
“…You get ran off from the hardware store for crawling around critiquing the welds on the mower decks.”
“…your kids have their own welding hoods.”
“…your welding truck is worth more than everything you own!.”
“…you wear you’re saftey glasses every where you go .”
“…you are looking at a weld and tell your wife, ” look at the bead on that" and she thinks you are talking about jewelry.“
”…You cook hotdogs with your cutting torch for lunch.“
”…you love the smell of burning metal in the morning.“
”…You actually ask another guy to checkout your root.“
”…if you’re always buying things from the scrap yard intending on reparing them!.“
”…you attempt to sign a credit card ticket with soapstone.“
”…you touch a pencil point to a piece of paper and draw it back so it doesn’t stick.“
”…You buy a new welder to help refurbish the old one.“
”…your truck has more items than the welding supply store has.“
”…your own yard has more metal in it than a fabrication shop.“
”…You go thru withdrwals if you haven’t smelled 6010 for a couple of days.“
”…You buy another welder instead of that one karat diamond ring your wife has been wanting.“
”…You drool when you drive by the scrap metal recycler.“
”…your jeans look cool because of all the holes.“
”…molten metal searing your flesh, DOESN’T make you flinch.“
”…When you can tell, just by the smell, whether it’s your pants or your shirt that’s ON FIRE !!!.“
”…your steel dealer knows your voice when you call for a quote.“
”…you have more burns on your forearms than hair.“
”…when your dreams at nite are welding the world together.“
”…When looking at a new home, you ask if the garage is wired for 220 volts.“
”…constantly see spots, or keep extra shoe laces in your car, or have more burn scars than tattoo’s, or wear a full leather jacket all summer long.“
”…You can fuse a gum wrapper to the hull of a battleship.“
”…You can weld anything but a broken heart.“
”…You check all the welds on amusment park rides before you get on.“
”…more welding mags come to your house than bills.“
”…you weld for a living!.“
”…every project must include some type of welding.“
”…you check out welds while on a wild and fast ride at the amusement park, and see some really bad welds.“
”…you replace screws with welds.“
”…you stare and smile at the stuctures in the mall dinning area.“
”…YOU will hang from it.“
”……Someone waves their handin front of their face and asks if you have gas and you say “Argon or CO2”
“…You can tell the amps and volts that should have been used to make the weld.”
“…The power company calls and says ” your neighbors are suffering brown outs again!“
”…You stare at the “Bubble Gum” beads as you enter the roller coaster and leave the line.“
”…The arc is the only brite thing about you.“
”…when you talk about rods and penetration, it’s not considered dirty.“
”…When catch on fire in the middle of laying a bead and do not stop until your are done.“
”…Airgas has your account number memorized.“
”…Your kids bring there friends broken thing in and say dad weld this please.“
”…you can light your cigarette with a torch and not burn your face.“
”…every article of clothing you own has burn holes.“
”…you know how much time you have to finish a weld before your smoldering pants leg becomes a problem.“
”…you hang on shop fixtures to see if they will hold your weight.“
”…The most commonly asked question you hear is “can you fix this?”.“
”…Every time someone lights a cigarette, you flick your head down.“
”…you start putting a weaving pattern in your toothpaste.“
”…you know what E7018 means"
“…the neighborhood never gets dark”

sunburn advisory

hey friends!

Intermittently this yer, I did research in a cancer hospital about skin cancer. As summer approaches please keep the following in mind

  1. wear sunscreen. If you’re tan, dark or pale. Wear it. There is nothing cool about skin cancer. Wear it if its sunny or cloudy. If you go swimming or excessively sweat- reapply
  2. tanning is not cool. tanning indoors is not okay, tanning outdoors is not okay. there is no such thing as a base tan. Please wear sunscreen. Skin cancer is the number #1 cancer in the United States and it has alarmingly increasing rates in youths. When you tan you are altering the melanin in your skin. Wear sunscreen
  3. Wear hats and sunglasses. Protect your face and neck- there the areas most often exposed. You can get cancer in your eye- wear sunglasses- they’re fashionable anyway!
  4. Try to avoid sun exposure between 11-4 when the sun is the strongest. If you are in the sun, and can’t avoid it, try to take breaks in the shade, or wear clothing that covers more skin (hats!!) to try and avoid the risk of sunburn
  5. reapply sunscreen. wear sunscreen. buy makeup with built in sunscreen. get your friends to do it- this can honestly save a life
  6. have a great summer

Hi! This summer I’m doing an experiment in which I will use indoor tanning lotion outdoors and over spf sunscreen. I’m interested in figuring out a way to get tan while being mindful of the dangers of skin cancer, wrinkles, and early aging. This is in no way an official scientific study, I’m an undergraduate student, my major is biochemistry and molecular biology and I am using what I know to figure this out. Please reblog and follow. Many people are frequent tanners (especially im the summer) and very few understand the dangers behind sun exposure

Quick and Dirty Greek Vase Paintings

Black Figure;

Neck–amphora, ca. 540 B.C.; Archaic; black–figure
Attributed to Exekias

Note the red back ground. Mostly women are picked out in white because in somewhere like Classical Athens, women spent a majority of their time indoors. They weren't ‘tanned’ like men, who were painted in the black style.

Red Figure;

Late 5th century Stamnos
Dinos Painter

In this style the white and black technique is less prominent. The Maenads and the representation of Dionysos are similar.

White Ground Technique;

Early 5th century
Woman holding a distaff.

Far less common that black or red figure vases because the white technique is less durable and is usually reserved for votive offerings and grave gifts.