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I got a rarw pair for ya: Tony Stark and Jessica Jones (can be romantic or friendship) but maybe some H/C humor witty banter maybe, post CW

Okay, so I’ve been debating how to answer this prompt because I have a story in mind, but the story is definitely longer than a drabble. Sometimes in this scenario I pick a scene to write out that gives a rough idea of the story, but in this case I can’t pinpoint the best scene for that, so here goes a summary of the story I have in mind for these two:

Jessica Jones gets called into Jeri Hogarth’s office under the impression that she is going to be given a job. When she arrives Jeri is talking to some uppity, rich, jackass who wears sunglasses indoors, and aw fucking Christ, if it isn’t the goddamn poster child for the rich and privileged: Tony fuckin’ Stark. 

Well, okay, maybe better than the average rich and privileged trash that frequents Jeri’s office–at least the guy tries to saves people’s lives, even if he’s still a condescending asshole with low self-esteem and daddy issues (she’s seen his type enough to recognize the mess going on under that douchebag goatee). 

Jeri introduces Jessica and Tony, and it doesn’t take long for Jessica to realize this is a set up. Tony Stark plays like he had no idea Jeri arranged for this to happen, but the dude’s supposed to be a genius, so Jessica doubts he’s as innocent as he feigns to be. 

Jeri reveals that Tony Stark is interested in the Killgrave case, specifically the mind control aspect of the case. 

Jessica is enraged. She cusses out the two and storms out of the office. 

Cut to a day or two later when Jessica is knocking back a can of beer in her office and Tony Stark strolls in. 

“Unless you got a case, you can get your ass out of my office,” she says.

Tony makes a casual yet sarcastic remark about the office. “Besides, as much as I love the idea of the hardened detective who can only find happiness at the bottom of a bottle due to tragic circumstances trope, I much rather hire someone sober.” 

Jessica opens her mouth to make a biting remark, but before she can get it out, Tony continues. “I came here, because, hard as it may be to believe, I had no intention to put you on the spot like that the other day.”

“You came all the way down here to give me some shitty apology?”

“No. I would like to pick your brain about Killgrave. Terrible name, by the way. No one wonder he turned out to be such a villain. Anyway, I don’t expect you to talk to me. It’s your business. That being said, I wanted to leave an avenue open in case you ever want to talk.” Tony places a business card on Jessica’s desk.

And here Jessica had thought Tony Stark was all high tech and would tell her that he broken into her phone or computer and left his number or email. Jessica is still pissed though. “You’re a real piece of work.” 

Something flashes through Tony’s eyes. “I know. What can I say? I want my tech to be the best.”

“Tech?” the word slips out of Jessica’s mouth unbidden.

“I should make you sign a NDA, but considering I caught you off guard the other day, I won’t and we’ll call it even. I’m looking into upgrading BARF, specifically to help those he have gone through mind control or brainwashing. Perhaps even create something that could prevent brainwashing or mind control in the future.” 

Jessica isn’t quite sure what to say. There’s something witty and insulting on the tip of her tongue, but her throat is dry, and she can’t bring herself to say it. 

“I’m not your experiment,” she says instead. 

“I never said you were.” Tony then exits, leaving Jessica pissed off and confused about what had just happened. 

Jessica ends up drinking two more beers. 

Days pass, then weeks. Eventually Jessica calls Tony. She thinks she is crazy and stupid for doing so, but if she can save at least one person from becoming like Hope then Jessica will do just about anything. 

Working with Tony isn’t easy, and they clash constantly, but eventually a tentative bond forms. They become friends, and in the future possibly more. 


“he spent five hundred pounds on jeans”

“He’s got his eyebrows plucked and his asshole bleached”

“Tribal tattoos and he don’t know what it means”

“And wears a man bag on his shoulder, but I call it a purse”

“Drinks beer, but has a six pack, I’m kinda jealous”

“He wears sunglasses indoors, in winter, at nighttime”

“Now you’re eatin’ kale, hittin’ the gym”

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  • Virgo: Why is it, when something disastrous and drunk happens, it is always you three?
  • Sagittarius: [covered in glitter and wearing sunglasses indoors]
  • Leo: [sporting a hickey the size of planet earth on his neck]
  • Aries: [with a split lip and a shiner]
  • Virgo: Just sit down, I'm making you breakfast.
  • Person: hey how's everything going
  • 2015 me: *obviously trying not to cry* it's going SO WELL not a single thing is wrong right now!!!!
  • 2016 me: *wearing sunglasses indoors* my life is in shambles!!! *shoots finger guns at them*
  • Alec: Why is it, when something disastrous and drunk happens, it is always you three?
  • Magnus: [covered in glitter and wearing sunglasses indoors]
  • Jace: [sporting a hickey the size of planet earth on his neck]
  • Simon: [with a split lip and a shiner]
  • Alec: Just sit down, I'm making you breakfast.

-wears sunglasses indoors
-covers his mouth when he smiles
-reads and reads and reads and reads he always has a book
-is very extremely respectful of personal space
-layers. lots of layers. he is always cold.
-smells like vanilla and green apples and aftershave
-can do complicated math in his head, is a total show off about it
-loves to be kissed suddenly out of nowhere
-also loves kissing someone suddenly out of nowhere
-likes to have the covers tucked under his feet bc it makes him feel safer
-says he likes rough sex but actually prefers slow love making
-laughs rarely but beautifully
-sometimes forgets that everything is okay, Harry reminds him daily
-really really white teeth
-perfectly clean and shaped fingernails
-cries a lot
-very much in love with Harry Potter. He’s doing alright.


Angel! Angel! Angel!

Are we forgetting this look?

I can’t make gif sets coz I am on my phone and my computer is broken, but I remember watching this scene and thinking.. Noora who? Do people not see this work of art??

ok, hear me out: Kent Parson and Victor Nikiforov totally hooked up, took roughly 10,000 selfies, and griped about their lives over margaritas at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Topics of discussion included:

  • God it’s soooooo lonely being the One Supreme Player in my sport, I haven’t felt challenged in years
  • Come to think of it I haven’t felt anything in years
  • Look at these pictures of my pet! Isn’t he adorable? See, here she’s dressed in a tiny Team USA jacket to match mine!
    • Oh god my pet is the only being who will ever love me
  • Undiagnosed major depressive disorder? *readjusts Gucci sunglasses indoors* I don’t know her
  • Flying cross-country to hit up an old flame and offer to completely rearrange your life for him if he’ll just be with you again, please, you’ve never felt as alive as you do with him: good idea, great idea, or best idea ever?
  • Borderline personality disorder? 
things tyler and josh do in interviews

things tyler does in interviews

takes his wedding ring off his finger and plays with it

picks at his nails intensely

sits with his head on his hand and stares into space

pulls at his hair

sits on his hands

wears sunglasses indoors

makes a lot of hand gestures

stares deadpan into the camera like he’s on the office

avoids the question and goes off on a tangent

refuses to name any other bands as inspirations

insists his dream band is the dixie chicks and celine dion’s backing band

says he wants to get a baby cow tattooed on his calf

says ‘see you on another time’ at the end

stares at josh

things josh does in interviews

spaces out while tyler talks

says ‘um’ at the start of every sentence

says ‘yeah’ after anything tyler says

takes years to get to his point

chuckles at tyler’s dumb jokes for moral support

gives advice from his grandpa

puts his arm on the back of the chair/sofa

wears hats

nods gently along to tyler’s speeches

mentions their physique a lot

talks about cereal

retells his most tattooed guy at the record store story in a slightly different way each time

stares at tyler

“Can’t see quiznak, Captain…”

reasons why all fo4 companions are problematic
  • danse: likes country music
  • cait: somehow has an irish accent in the middle of post apocalyptic boston
  • hancock: literally calls you "bro" before even getting to know you like chill bro
  • deacon: isn't romanceable
  • nick: also isn't romanceable
  • codsworth: will put on a butler hat but just try giving him a monocle
  • maccready: never once says that he's "mac ready to get down"
  • x6: wears sunglasses indoors
  • piper: who needs so many pens. stop hoarding.
  • dogmeat: cries when getting hurt and it breaks my heart
  • curie: her pet molerats can give u that dumb disease which u can't cure unless u wanna be a dick and let the kid die which is why you have to reload like a billion times during that mission and that gets fucking tedious
  • preston: holds his musket wrong like son that laser's gonna burn your fingers off like this
  • strong: stop judging me for picking locks you absolute shrek