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Ben & Sophie at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016 - pt 3 (pt 1, pt 2)

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I love your aus so much! your writing is one of the things that i look forward to the most on tumblr! i hope you're having a great day! and can i request a small au for the8 please? ◕ ◡ ◕

thank you sm!!!

  • professional figure skater!minghao 
  • performs solo and always chooses dark, dramatic classical pieces because they challenge him more
  • also because can you imagine him in a silken black shirt, poets sleeves, bedazzled red jewels around the open collar and then,,,,,ofc,,,,,The Eye Makeup
  • a dashing blood red eyeliner that glitters when he steps out onto the stage
  • and holy moly,,,,,he’d look like some kind of,,,,,,evil prince,,,,,evil handsome prince,,,,,,,im crying writing this
  • his long legs look amazing when he’s on ice and doing the turns and complicated jumps
  • and like,,,,,,hoW CAN someones body be so flexible and look like Actual Water when they move????
  • idk but minghao manages to pull that off. while on ICE
  • and the skating ring where he practices is open to the public on some days and ,,,, you happen to be there because a friend of yours dragged you along
  • and you,,,,,,,cannot skate to save your life. or anyone else’s for that matter
  • and your friend is having a grand old time skating backwards  and doing little turns and you’re stuck clinging to the wall for dear life
  • until suddenly you bump into someones back whose  also on the wall and you’re like!!!!!! im sorry,,, i just suck really bad
  • but when you look up,,,,,,,,,,,,you see a somehow familiar face,,,,,,,,a very handsome ,,,, familiar face
  • where have you see him before???????
  • and then you realize,,,,with a small sound,,,,,that you’re looking at XU MINGHAO,,,,,,,,,,,a world champion figure skater?????? and you’re like oh my god this is ten hundred times worse,,,, i made a fool myself on skates in front of a literal gOD of skates
  • but minghao is thinking the total opposite, he’d been leaning against the wall watching you try to wobble your way across the ice,,,,,,and tbh he found it really charming
  • and as you’re standing there, flustering over what to do, he takes your hand off the wall and he’s like “let me teach you, you’re not gonna learn if you don’t try.”
  • and your speechless,,,because??? he’s an professional????? how?????
  • but somehow you don’t feel scared with his hands in yours as he leads you to the center of the ring and he’s like “let’s first learn how to stand, ok?”
  • and,,,,it’s some kind of magic,,,,,minghao magic that he’s making ice skating fun for you,,,,,,,,,the person who was least excited about being here
  • and every time you look up, he’s smiling and his eyes sparkle and you swear,,,,,,you’re looking at an angel
  • and he’s gently still holding you but you’re learning fast and suddenly he lifts his hand to twirl you around and you’re like oh,,,, oh my,,,
  • but you successfully do a twirl
  • and minghao leans down and is like “im more of a solo skater, but soon enough you’ll be good enough to be my partner ^^”
  • and you’re like gfkdhsljafdls,,,,turning super red and hot in the face even though this indoor ring is freezing
  • because wow xu minghao just flirted with you,,,,,,,,and it was really cute and oh his hands still on your  waist,,,,,,,,,,,,don’t lose your balance and fall on the ice!!!!
nursery rhyme asks
  • baa baa black sheep: are there any materials you don't wear?
  • eeny meeny miny moe: how do you make important decisions?
  • hickory dickory dock: do you have a good sense of time?
  • hot cross buns: what's your favorite food to cook?
  • humpty dumpty: do you think people are ever emotionally irreparable?
  • i'm a little teapot: what object would best represent you?
  • it's raining it's pouring: what weather is your favorite?
  • itsy bitsy spider: how do you treat bugs you find indoors?
  • jack and jill: do you try to avoid doing anything dangerous?
  • jack be nimble: are you clumsy or graceful?
  • little miss muffet: how do you react to finding spiders?
  • london bridge is falling down: are you concerned about natural disasters?
  • mary had a little lamb: do you tend to follow or lead others?
  • old mcdonald had a farm: what song annoys you most?
  • one for sorrow: what's your favorite kind of bird?
  • pat-a-cake: do you like playing with children?
  • pop goes the weasel: if you receive a present you don't like, how hard do you try to seem happy?
  • queen of hearts: do you mind sharing food?
  • rain rain go away: what's your favorite indoor activity?
  • ring around the rosie: do you like history?
  • rock-a-bye baby: how many children do you want?
  • roses are red: what am i to you?
  • row your boat: describe the last dream you had
  • star light star bright: what was the last wish you made?
  • sticks and stones: how important is others' approval to you?
  • muffin man: what's your favorite ingredient?
  • old woman who lived in a shoe: where do you want to live?
  • wheels on the bus: do you enjoy school?
  • this little piggy: do you think humans are better than other animals?
  • three blind mice: what's your eyesight like?
  • twinkle twinkle little star: make a wish
Falling for You

In which Dean brings Castiel to visit the girl of his life (hint: it’s not what you think) and it takes Castiel to fall - quite literally - for him to say “I love you.”

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“I can’t believe you talked me into this,” Castiel says.

Dean grins. “Hey, you’ve met my family, now it’s only fair you meet the girl in my life.” Even though Dean smiles, Cas can tell that Dean is nervous. Castiel himself feels pretty out of depth right now, so it’s only fair Dean should suffer as well.

“Stop smiling, it’s not funny. I’m not sure this is a great idea, Dean.” It’s not the first time Cas has said that in the last few hours. It’s more likely the twentieth time in the last week, since Castiel agreed to do this, after a fair amount of coaxing from Dean (and quite a few kisses).

Dean pats his thigh. “You’ll be fine. She’ll take care of ya, I promise.”

Castiel rolls his eyes at his boyfriend.

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Hi :) I'm working with a recently rescued mare. She seems almost shut down, but she's starting to let me approach her and scratch her withers. I'd like to do some more +R with her, but she has very little interest in food/treats. I've tried liquorice, apple, carrot, molasses, pony pellets, etc, but she won't take anything from my hand. She'll even eat around the treats in her food dish. Any advice/ideas would be greatly appreciated :)

Hi! Sorry this took so long to answer.

Before getting into any actual training I would work towards her letting her guard down and her being more comfortable with you. Something I could suggest is taking her to a roundpen/indoor ring/some sort of safely enclosed area preferably without grass. This way you are the only “stimuli” in her reach and she may be more inclined to interact with you and investigate, but if she becomes uncomfortable or overstimulated she always has the option to walk away. 

If she doesn’t take treats, but does eat her grain, perhaps you could hand feed her her AM or PM grain during this time so she is more comfortable with taking food from you and interacting with you. This way, time with you = yummy grain, freedom to roam, and a low stress environment.


Moments from the first couple of days at Ecuries d’Ecaussinnes. I was assigned a mare named Bailey’s de Lauzelle. She’s an 8 year old Belgian Sporthorse and a beautiful dark bay color. She was feisty like my Sjapoo but smart like my Ottavia and a super fun ride. The first day was a lot of flat work getting to know her a bit and the next day we did more gymnastics and jumping. I trained for the first couple of days with Fernanda Ammeuw, wife of Christophe Ammeuw the creator of the Masters Grand Slam. Fernanda is a former student of Nelson Pessoa and a pleasure to train with. The property here is so picturesque, a literal heaven on earth. They have everything they need here. The stables and 5* resort for horses, two outdoor rings (one with a grass section), 2 indoor rings both with viewing areas for spectators, the offices of EEM which is the hub for all Masters activity around the world, conference rooms that overlook the indoor and outdoor rings and of course they have their own home on the property. Absolutely stunning.