indoor ring


Moments from the first couple of days at Ecuries d’Ecaussinnes. I was assigned a mare named Bailey’s de Lauzelle. She’s an 8 year old Belgian Sporthorse and a beautiful dark bay color. She was feisty like my Sjapoo but smart like my Ottavia and a super fun ride. The first day was a lot of flat work getting to know her a bit and the next day we did more gymnastics and jumping. I trained for the first couple of days with Fernanda Ammeuw, wife of Christophe Ammeuw the creator of the Masters Grand Slam. Fernanda is a former student of Nelson Pessoa and a pleasure to train with. The property here is so picturesque, a literal heaven on earth. They have everything they need here. The stables and 5* resort for horses, two outdoor rings (one with a grass section), 2 indoor rings both with viewing areas for spectators, the offices of EEM which is the hub for all Masters activity around the world, conference rooms that overlook the indoor and outdoor rings and of course they have their own home on the property. Absolutely stunning.