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SMH Cell Phones

what a dork am I that this is been sitting in my drafts for so long, here y'all can have it :)))


  • has an iPhone 7 Plus 256GB for all of his recordings, music, podcasts

  • is the clumsiest fuck on planet earth but he LOVES the look of the matte black iPhone with no case on it so he has the case off more often than he should

  • his screen? Literally always cracked (Dex finally convinced him to get a fuckin glass screen protector which he has to replace like every other week)

  • All of the cases he does put on his phone are thin and clear or clear with patterns that compliment the all black phone bc aes or die (current case is clear with BLM written in gold, fight me)


  • has an iPhone 7 128 GB in red

  • actually has no clue how to text without emojis and he loves iMessage (he sometimes wishes he went for the plus but it doesn’t fit in his pocket)

  • case is white with a clear Canadian flag so the red shows through (Lardo got it special made as a gag gift but he loves it)

  • keeps a glass screen protector but he’s never had to replace it bc he’s perfect


  • has an old gold iPhone 5s 32 GB. (it’s way too small but it was her first real smartphone so she’s really really attached to it)

  • It’s kinda beat up and it has paint splotches all over it from when she was more reckless with it but she keeps a case on it now

  • has a screen protector

  • Aforementioned screen protector is always cracked

  • She switches out her cases constantly, especially now that they’re so cheap

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cute date ideas for fall:

  • carving pumpkins together 
  • making pies together 
  • going to hunted houses 
  • having a bonfire 
  • decorating for the holidays
  • making coffee/hot cocoa and watching movies 
  • camping outside together and stargazing
  • going to coffee shops you just discovered
  • going to plant shops and buying indoor plants
  • taking cute fall pictures in the park
  • jumping into a pile of leaves and playing like kids

Two Amran Girls Smiling, Yemen by Eric Lafforgue Photography
Via Flickr:
Amran is a very old city and it was originally encircled by a clay wall, most of which still exist today together with the old eastern gates ; The features of the old market are still apparent ; The stone inscriptions at the entrance of the city and on the facades of houses suggest that Amran was one of the important sites in Yemen’s ancient history ; Amran is not only known for its distinctive architectural style, which heavily uses adobe blocks, but also for the variety of crops, that are grown there ; Many archaeological sites are located in the surroundings ; The city is considered to be one of the main centers of traditional crafts, particularly leather works, and a market day where theses crafts can be viewed takes place every Friday ;

anonymous asked:

How do you make your screenshots look so perfect!!!!

!!! THIS IS THE SWEETEST, LEGIT! Thank you!!! 💚💚💚 As far as how I do them… I answered one of these asks privately unfortunately and I wish I had saved it to do it publicly so I’m going to write up a very short and hopefully understandable tutorial on how I edit that’s more eloquent than before (with any luck.)

First things first!

I adjust my in-game lighting before I do anything!! I set the color intensity of ALL indoor lights to “Warm White” and I dial back the intensity one notch so that it’s not all the way up! of course, if you’re working in a place like a nightclub where the lights are dark or need to be colored, go crazy and get colorful. mood lighting, yo.

Second thing: I use Photoshop CS3 to edit my pictures with! just so you know what program I’ll be talking about through this.

On to the editing!

So after I’ve opened my screenshot that I want to edit, I resize my imagine down to 800x419. I know you’re supposed to wait until the very end to resize or crop your pictures!! but at this point its a force of habit to do it first thing and i can’t stop myself. I don’t crop, I just resize!

Next, I run the TS4 Color Pop action from this awesome set by woohooligan all the way through and it works magic for the brightness of my dark screenshots.

But I’m still not 100% satisfied with where it looks, so next I go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation. A little menu pops up about creating a new layer for this mask, and I say okay! What comes up next is a small menu for adjusting the hue/saturation of the layer, and I work by integers because for me they’re solid and concrete and uniform every time! So if I’m working with an indoor screenshot, I boost the Saturation by a number of “10″ and if it’s an outdoor screenshot, I boost it by a number of “12.” Feel free to adjust this number as you might need!

For this next step, I use this “Warm” action from this set by the wonderful Meisiu. For me, it gives the overall screenshot a cozy feeling that I really love and it ties everything together!

Optional step!

Sometimes, especially with indoor pictures, I have a problem with the screenshot looking TOO warm and yellow. If I have that issue, what I do is make a new layer and fill it with this color:

#ac9af1, or some approximation!

When I have the whole layer filled and it takes up all of my canvas, I change it to an Overlay and drop the opacity to around 10%! That will take the yellow edge off by cooling down the screenshot.

One last step!

The absolute last thing that I do, anon, is make sure my image is flattened and is all one layer together! With it brightened and the colors popping, I can finally go to Filter > Noise > Reduce Noise. I do this for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY PICTURES!!! And I think it’s what makes my screenshots look the way they do.

Noise (and noise reduction) can be kind of tricky to play with, so here are my settings!

Strength: 3
Preserve Details: 1%
Reduce Color Noise: 0%
Sharpen Details: 62%

Sometimes I fall out of love with the way my screenshots look and I play with these settings. Over the course of my editing, I’ve gone down from a strength of 5 to a strength of 3! So feel free to tweak any of these so that your screenshots look perfect to YOU!


I save my edited screenshot into a new folder that’s easy to get to, depending on the project I’m editing for! My Zambrano ISBI has its own folder, with subfolders within it for easy sorting! After its all said and done, I delete the originals from my screenshots folder so that it’s clean and ready to go for my next round of gameplay! And that’s it!! I hope this helped you, anon, and if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know!



1954 Dodge Power Wagon Pick-Up by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
Click here for more car pictures at my Flickr site. Or here for my Car Crazy Tumblr site. Back on November 4th, Hemming’s Blog posted an article about the closing of the Walter P. Chrysler Museum . I had missed a couple other opportunities with the WPC Club and others to get into the museum, after it had closed to the public. I did not want to regret missing this last chance to see all of the vehicles before being spread out to other facilities. I trekked from Western Minnesota to Eastern Michigan during Winter Storm Decima. I missed the worst parts of the storm, but still had to endure the aftermath winds, sub zero temperatures and a lake effect snow storm. The trip was difficult, but well worth it. I got to see several Chrysler Corporation concept and show cars that I had only seen pictures of before. There were several clever interactive displays demonstrating various innovations over the years. Since it was the last chance, I duplicated several shots using different camera settings to see what produced better results. I wish I had invested in a strobe light diffuser for all of those indoor pictures. I have not had much experience or success in the past with indoor car images.

Instant Film Today: Available Options

Polaroid cameras were widely loved due to their ability of capturing moments instantly. No matter how advanced the digital camera technology gets, there is still no way it can beat the charm of an instant film camera. Instant film cameras are loved by professional and amateur photographers alike because they have the ability to assess the lighting and exposure within seconds - and also because, let’s keep it real, they are fun! While Polaroid the name became synonymous with instant film, they unfortunately no longer produce cameras or film and the ones you’ll find will be old ones still floating around. Luckily, Polaroid film was resurrected by Impossible Project, and there are other options available, in both cameras and instant films.

Best Instant Camera Options Available

Instant cameras can be bought on eBay where you will find several types of cameras including the old ones and the newly designed ones by Fujifilm and Polaroid. Let’s take a look at some of the best instant cameras available in the market and the films that they are used with:

Fujifilm Instax Mini 50S

Fujifilm Instax Mini 50S is one of the best instant cameras available that takes two pictures with a single click. The camera offers a high-performance flash feature that sets the camera’s shutter speed automatically based on the light conditions. It is a perfect instant camera for capturing photos in a dimly lit environment. The camera’s close-up lens is another feature that is extremely appealing, especially to the pro photographers, as they can take accurate pictures from a distance of 35cm.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is cute, compact, colorful and probably one of the most popular instant film cameras available today. Thanks to its reasonable price and readily available Fuji Instax film, this little guy is a great choice for anyone looking to delve into the world of instant photography without rifling through boxes of old Polaroids and decoding Impossible Project film compatibility. It features a fixed shutter speed at 1/60, and the flash will always fire and adjust automatically according to your exposure.

Lomo Instant by Lomography

Another instant camera being produced and used today is Lomo’Instant by Lomography. This camera comes with an instant flash. The camera consist of different features that provide more flexibility over photography including different shooting modes, removable lenses, aperture control, and multiple exposure setting.

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