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property pt. 2 (l.h)

Arriving to the Hemmings house was weird. Leaving the barren city and entering this neighborhood filled with big white houses with horse barns, a neighborhood race track, and maze like gardens. (imagine the “Hey Everybody” house but times 20) All the girls looked in awe, thinking this was going to be heaven, but to me, it still felt like hell. Working with this bitch ass boss for a whole year? I’d rather drown myself in my own vomit. The bus came to halt and some girls who were standing up flipped over in their seats, casually sitting back up, fixing their hair. Who were they trying to impress? Their boss? Luke Hemmings? More like Puke Hemmings.

“Alright ladies, let’s hurry up,” yells the bus driver, “Mr. Hemmings wants everyone to start right away.” All the girls ran out the bus and I didn’t understand the sudden burst of energy. 3 hours ago they were all crying and sobbing, now they are excited to work? I grabbed my bag and hung over my shoulder, slowly taking my time. I kick the dirt off my combat boots and cross my arms, walking down the bus steps. The scenery was beautiful. A mountain view with the sunset in the back and it lit up the garden like it was made to be in heaven. Well done, Hemmings.

“Excited?” I turn around to see the girl I sat next too and I smile at how friendly she was.

“Super excited to brush the toilets with toothbrushes!”

“And to feed the douche by hand.” We both laugh and we walk towards the big house together.

“You know, we didn’t really formally introduce ourselves.” I say, kicking the grass, ignoring the instructions from the yard guards.

“You’re right. I’m Ashley.” She puts her hand out and I gladly take it.

“Y/N.” I smile. “I’m glad I finally have someone to talk too at this hell scape.” We both laugh and continued to walk the long sidewalk. (btw ashley is brown haired halsey cause that was the stage where i was completely gay for her so there ya go). We finally arrived inside the big house and holy shit was it even bigger in person. With at least a stack of five gold chandeliers going up a spiral staircase that was at least ten stories. There was two big doorways on each side and they both seemed to lead to two big libraries.

“Mr. Hemmings is waiting for all of you in the main hall.” said a man that came up from behind. He pointed between spiral staircase and there a was a large hallway that had to be at least 5 miles down cause holy shit was it long. We walked down the hallway and on the right, there was a big dining room that had doors that led to the library and on the left, there was a big game room, with an indoor mini golf course, of course. Oh my god, this hall way was so big, I felt like I was in the palace of Versailles. Suddenly, I bump into the girls in front of me and notice that we all stopped in front of this large window that looked out into the mountains and this big lake. In front, Luke stood there, with his arms crossed and his smirk grows bigger as he looks at the crowd of girls.

“Ladies,” he says, clapping his hands and walking closer to us, “welcome to casa de hemmings.”  I cross my arms and stared at the features I never notice. His sharp jawline, covered by his blonde stubble, a black lip ring that fit perfectly on his lower lip.

“You are here, well one because of me,” he says giving us all a sarcastic smile, “and two, because this society wants you to work. And that’s what you all are here to do. This is not the sex slave shit you’ve been hearing about. Well,” he walks up to the blonde bitch that talked to me earlier and looked down into her eyes, “maybe if you wanted too.” He lifts her chin with his finger and I watch as her pale ass cheeks turn bright red. I groan and roll my eyes, looking down at my feet.

“I’m sorry, am I not pleasing your needs, smart ass?” I look up and see a quite pleased and aggravated Luke standing in front of me, taking his lip ring into his mouth.

“No, but you sure look like you’re pleasing your own.” I hear a bunch of gasp and “what the fucks” behind me and I could feel my face get hotter. Luke laughs and runs his hand through his hair.

“Touché.” he says, clicking his tongue. He winks at me and turns around to stand in front of the girls. “Now girls, today, you will be escorted to your rooms and some of the workers here will give you a full tour of the house and get you used to it, and once you are done, you are to report back to Library D to get your tasks and a full list of things that I expect.” He waves his hand and some workers on the side quickly rushes over and started talking to the girls about who was gonna be in their group.

“Wait” Luke yells, grabbing all the girl’s attentions. He points at me and my body starts to become hella hot. “You,” he curls it and I look around to see the other girls give me either comforting looks or displeasing looks, “take a tour with me.” I look back at him and I feel my nose start to twitch. I look back at Ashley and she mouths “good luck” to me and I nod my head. I started walking towards Luke and he grabs my wrist, leading me out of the main hall.

“You know you’re really spunky?” Luke asked me, kicking his feet on the velvet carpet.

“Who the hell says spunky?” I say, trying hard not to look at him, paying my attention to the gigantic paintings that hung along the walls. Next thing I knew, Luke grabbed my waist, making me drop my bag, and pins me up against the wall. One of his hands lay on my hips, the other beside my head.

“You’re different, and I like that.” He whispers.

“Does that mean I get to be your extra special sex toy?” I sarcastically smile at him. I place my hands on his chest, trying to pry him off me, but his abs felt legendary. I snap out and continued to push him off but his strong weight wouldn’t budge.

“Especially special.” He chuckles. His hand grazes my cheek and I turn my head away. I eventually push him off and scoff.

“God, fuck off.” I turn to leave but his hand grabs my wrist, pulling me back into his arms. He wraps them around me and pulls me closer.

“Where are you gonna go? It’s my house and may I remind you,” he pushed me back onto the wall, putting more weight on me, “you WORK for me now.”

“Mr. Hemmings,” we both hear a boy’s voice call from the end of the hall. We turn our attention to the curly haired boy, who was nervously playing with his fingers, “your 7:00 is here.” He nervously says. Luke chuckles to himself and turns his attention back to me.

“We’ll finish this princess.” He gets off of me and fixes his tie. “Irwin, please show,” he pauses, forgetting my name.

“Y/N.” I growl at him, fixing my jacket.

He chuckles and places his hand in my back, leading me to the boy. “Yes, Y/N. Please help Y/N finish her tour and give her her assignments.” I stop in front of the boy and Luke stands beside him and whispers something inaudible in his ear and continues on his way.

“Well, Y/N, I’m supposed to take extra care of you, which is odd.” The boy says, running his hands through his hair. I laugh at his gesture.

“Well, he is odd.” I say, swinging my bag back over my shoulder.

“Well, my name’s Ashton.” He holds out his hand and I shake it. He seemed to dress similar to Luke, but he had to work for him. “And I work as ONE of the many assistants for Mr. Hemmings.”

“How long have you worked here?”

“Oh, my whole life. We grew up together and when my parents died in one of the bombings, Luke’s parents took me in.” We both walked towards the elevators.

“Oh, I’m really sorry.”

“It’s cool.” He laughs, pressing the up button. “Anyways, ever since this country went to shit, Luke became this big rich person and he started to build his business and started to buy property.” We both walk in and he takes me to the second floor. “You know Ghalavich town?”

“Yeah, I grew up there.”

“Well, Luke owns that. And everything else south of that.”

“Holy fuck.”

“Yeah,” he chuckles. Once the doors open, we head down this hallway with a bunch of doors. “This is servants headquarters, most of the girls and other servants are here, unless Luke wants specific ones to be on the fifth floor.” He walks me down the hallway and turns left into another hallway. “It may seem small but the rooms are actually quite big just for one person.” We both finally stop at a door that says room 67 and he unlocks it by placing his thumb in the handle.

“Here, give me your hand.” He holds out his hand and I give him mine. He places it on top of the handle and it makes a slight buzzing noise. “Now, the room only opens at yours, mine, Michaels, and Luke’s touch.” The door opens and he leads me inside.

“Wow, now three guys can enter my room?” I laugh. I look inside and the room was big, with white walls and glass windows separating the bedroom from the small kitchen.

“It’s protocol, Luke doesn’t want any intruders to come and take his prizes.” Ashton says, making air quotations on the word prizes. “Well, you can put your stuff done and I’ll show you the rest of the house.”

“Okay, well do you have any questions?” Ashton asks, stopping.

“About a twenty acre house? Yeah, a lot.” I laugh, crossing my arms.

He chuckles, “well, if you do, I’m always around.” He crosses his arms and his face becomes worried.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just the end of the tour.”

“You’re sad because we can’t spend any more time together?” I laugh.

“That too,” he laughs, “but this is the part I know EVERYONE hates.”

Fuck. “What?”

“Well, Luke has this thing where he installs a system to tell you your duties.” Then Ashton lifts up his sleeve and shows green words imprinted in his arm. Almost as if he was a secret robot.

“Holy fuck,” I say, grabbing his arm and looking at the words. Meet with 6:00. Talk to the girls. Meeting.

“Yeah, and the bad news is, since you don’t have it in your arm, we have to put it in your arm.”

“How the fuck are you gonna do that?” Then, Ashton takes a white device from his belt and it looked like the one the lady used to place the number in my arm. “It will feel like someone is tearing skin open but once we’re done, I promise it won’t hurt anymore.” I start to sweat and my hands start to get clammy.

“Uhm, okay so do we do it now?”

I looked at my arm, with tears in my eyes and watched as a red blinker flashes in my skin.

“Press it.” Ashton says, holding my other hand, smiling at me. I smile back and press the red button. My arm then flashed these words in my arm and it had a number on the side. “These are rules of the house and the number is your way to access any of the rooms at night once everything is locked. Say you want something to eat in the kitchen, just type in your number and you can get whatever you want from the kitchen.”

“I can get anything I want?” I say, pulling down my sleeve and following Ashton out.

“Yeah, Luke doesn’t really care, but don’t get used to the nice guy act. You might’ve heard, not a lot of girls last the whole year. They usually wanna leave after a month.” He says, walking us to the elevators, his hand on my back.

“Irwin.” We both hear Luke’s deep voice and we both turn around. “Nice to see that Y/N is situated.” He walks up to me and grabs my arm, pulling him next to his side. “You can leave now.” He says, growling at Ashton.

“Yes sir,” he says, bowing his head. “I’ll see you around, Y/N.” He smiles and I smile back.

Once Ashton is out of sight, Luke turns me around his hand gripping my sore arm.

“Luke,” I whimper, my other arm trying to take his hand off.

“You are not to talk to Ashton.”

“Me? You were the one who told him to take extra care of me.”

“Yeah I did, I never said that he could flirt with you.”

“He wasn’t flirting.” I felt his arm tighten and it start to hurt again, my eyes tearing up.

“I know a dog when I see one. You can never talk to him.”

“Why not?” I quietly say, my voice in pain.

“Because you belong to me,” he lets go of my arm and lifts my chin, his lips on mine.

HI. sorry this took so long and this was so bad, but you guys are so fucking cute and sweet, saying you guys liked this series. Don’t know why though, i suck at writing but thanks you guys ily <333

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