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neighslayer  asked:

You have been made a gym leader, your type is Grass. Name your team of 6 and send this to 3 people with their gym type. (Send this right back to you :3c)

Lol here we go againnnn~ (Yes, now I can tag other peeps. :U)

1. Pumpkaboo
2. Breloom
3. Tropius
4. Whimsicott
5. Roselia
6. Decidueye (I know gym leaders don’t have starters but whatevvsss. I do what I want. :U)

Since you described your gyms I’m thinking this one would be like Erika’s gym where its just a big indoor garden with like a glass dome ceiling that can open up.


How to make a Terrarium in 4 steps …

The size of your container will affect the amount of materials you will need and use:

1. The first layer is rocks, which you can purchase at pet, garden or craft stores. Add enough to the bottom for adequate drainage.

2. The next layer is activated charcoal, which you can get at pet or garden stores (it is used in fish tanks). Add a thin layer over the rocks.

3. Depending on the depth of your container, you will next add soil. Leave enough room for your plant’s roots. 

4. Next is your plant(s). Make sure they are not touching the glass as it will make them brown. One of the trickiest things is finding the right sized and shaped plants. If it won’t hurt the plant, you can divide it and use only a section because it needs room to grow.

5. If your container is going to be closed, you can add moss around the sides of the plant. Open containers with succulents or cacti should be carefully filled in with pebbles on top.  

6. Top your creation with a whimsical inhabitants like Yoda or dinosaurs!