indoor climbing

I had an amazing birthday yesterday! Ashley surprised me with breakfast with Emma, indoor rock climbing with our friends, cheesecake, an amazing dinner on the water, and a surprise trip home for me to spend a couple much needed days with my parents. I couldn’t have asked for a better day, nor a better partner. Thank you, honey!

Okay, let me explain this photo. This is not my child. I was at the rock gym on the bouldering walls for a bit last night. I was tired and sore already. I decided to go a couple more routes, but easy peasy ones I wouldn’t struggle through too much. 

So I walked over to this route (the yellow one) and this little girl ran up and started climbing. She was great, nimble, fearless and she got right up there. 

As she was climbing her dad came over. Obviously a very fit and likely very experienced climber (I’d seen some of the routes he’d been on) I joked with him, “your daughter makes me feel pretty crap about myself” he smiled, obviously very proud of her.
But he said, quite seriously, “all the kids in here make all of us feel “bad” about ourselves, but look how happy they are. They also remind us why we climb. 

#simple reminders


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