indoor balcony

To Turn the Tiniest Indoor or Balcony Plant Display into a Garden of Power and Healing

You will need:

  • Six small moss or tree (dendritic) agate crystals, jade, amethyst, or green glass beads


Friday Morning

The spell:

Leave the crystals open from early morning to noon, saying: “Be filled with power, be filled with light, that you will grow in loving might, though small my garden, hardly land, in nature’s richness I do stand.”

Plant a small crystal in your favorite five plants, repeating the spell words. Save the sixth crystal.

Whenever you water your plants, use water in which you have soaked the sixth crystal overnight. Remove the crystal afterwards and leave it whee light will shine on it.

- “1001 Spells: The Complete Book Of Spells For Every Purpose,” by Cassandra Eason

Queen To Be with @lianasprings

Kit waltzed around his ball room, watching as maids cleaned and chefs brought out abundances of elegant foods and deserts. Everything was in preparation for the ball of the century. That night Kit was to choose a bride to wed and make his queen to rule beside him.

The prince was excited but nervous as well, knowing so many fair maidens would be hoping to get chosen by him. It seemed to be hours before the people were informed of the balls beginning.

Kit stood, dressed in his finest uniform, on an indoor balcony, watching the guests flood in.