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On October 2, don’t forget to wear Batik and showcase the diversity, art, and history of this national heritage! Reblog to spread awareness, let’s make October 2 a colorful, vibrant day!


Proud Indonesian


My old-tumblr’s followers might know that I adores this family. The Narvaez, consists of a single parent father with two daughters. The father, Jorge Narvaez, used to post a lot music video via their youtube channel (again, shared by Adi), shows that him and his older daughter (Alexa Narvaez) covered any songs. It was amazing, because Alexa was only 3 years old! And she already sings very good.

I followed their FB fanpage. And lately I found this photo!
Alexa and Eli wears batik! 
When you know that your idol say or do something related to your interest, especially when that ‘something’ is somewhat related to your hometown.. It’s like … *o* 
A hurray?


It’s been Adventures in Batiking for me lately! The first images are process from a test piece of fabric I made, and the last two are from a head scarf I finished just last night! I’ll post its finished pic soon.

Batik is so much fun, I can’t believe I’d never thought to try it before! The basic concept is that wax and dye are applied in layers, and the wax acts as a resist to keep the parts you draw on the color that they are when you draw! At the end, the wax is boiled off and reused, so the process is almost completely a closed cycle, which is a bonus. My next project is a batik dress!