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Do I have an album of my phone called Chicken full of chickens I saw in Indonesia? Absolutely. Did I have to sprint away on several occasions while trying to get those photos? Naturally.

Hey @gallusrostromegalus rumour has it you like chickens

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5 countries that haven't appeared in Hetalia, but you wish they had.

This is weirdly specific, but let me try…

5-Kazakhstan-Well, Kazakhstan is a very interesting country to explore.It had the main launch site for the Soviet Space program(more space race)it is one of the oldest places where people managed to tame and ride wild horses. Interesting mannerisms. Russia and Kazakhstan are important allies tho. 

4-Brazil-Oh boy, I feel Brazil is really necessary for open up some interesting plot lines here.(not bcs its mun nationalty ok) Biggest and most important colony in the Portuguese Empire. Another BRICS country down. G4. Have I mentioned G4? More Latin America. Only country in Latin America to have part in WW1. Brazil-Japan interactions(Brazil is the host of the largest Japanese community outside of Japan) Brazil and America debating about who made the first flying machine :D (BRxUS is a go lol)

3-Slovenia-It would be cool to have,at least, one former Yugoslav country in the comic. Slovenia is also bordered by Austria and Italy, which would make a nice opportunity for a strip covering their interactions. Slovenia has also an absurd of facts that could be also covered, like having some of the most good-looking people in Europe, big forests, one of the oldest parks in Europe, oldest wine, etc. 

2-Singapore. Another city-state. Important asian economy) Four Asian Tigers would be complete.(need more reasons, but i thought it would be nice to have singapore on the board)

1-Mexico- Same reason as Brazil, to have more Latin American countries. But it would also allow us to uncover an bit of Spanish America. Also the Mexican-American war (the Alamo was mentioned by America in one chapter, it would be really nice to see more of that) Mexican-American interactions. Continental North America would be complete :)

JBJ on KBS World Radio Indonesia

Who is the most noisy and quiet member?

Donghan, Kenta, Taehyun, Sanggyun: The noisy one is Hyunbin because anything he does always noisy. He also didn’t stop singing. The quiet one is Yongguk. They’re roommate (Hyunbin&Yongguk).

Yongguk & Hyunbin: But there’s no conflict between us because there is no time to do that. After arrive at dorm we went to bed.

What is the first impression you see from the members and how about now?

Donghan: The first time I saw Kenta Hyung, he looked like a calm person, good at korean but now I know all his bad. And now he always refuse when I want to kiss him.

(Everyone teasing Kenta because he doesnt want Donghan to kiss him meanwhile other members no problem abt it)

Kenta: The first time I saw Taehyun Hyung, he looked scary because he was older than me. But after getting to know more about him, Taehyun Hyung was very kind, he always help me

Taehyun: I am confused which one I should tell, Sanggyun impression when first time meet him or what I remember from Sanggyun. When in Produce 101, in a last mission, we’re on the same team (It’s Showtime team) and we’re roommate. I saw half of his suitcases contained coffee so at that moment I thought he was weird.

DJ: How about now?

Taehyun: He’s still weird.

Sanggyun: This is my life (in english). (first impression about Yongguk) The first time shooting, Yongguk was beside me, I thought he was cool, he was good at singing. But after getting to know more about him, he’s stupid. If I talk to him he always like “Heh?”. When I asked “you can’t hear me or you don’t understand what I say”, he always says “half-half”

Yongguk: The first time I saw Hyunbin I think we can’t be close because he’s so noisy and I’m quite type. But we get closer when concert Produce 101.

Hyunbin: The first time I saw Donghan I think we can’t be close but I found that our jokes style are the same so we can be close because of that.

Which members that look different between age and appearance?

(Kenta misunderstanding about the question.The question about age and appearance but Kenta think it’s about personality and appearance)

Donghan: I think who looks older is me and Hyunbin Hyung specially me, in the showcase everyone think I’m the older in fact I’m magnae. Indeed my face since I was child is like this (looks older). [It’s okay Donghan as long as you handsome XD]

If you can exchange your body with members body, with whom do you want to exchange and with whom do you doesn’t want to exchange?

Donghan: I want Kenta Hyung and Yongguk Hyung body, because they’re foreigner so I can speak Japanese and Chinese well. I don’t think that there’s body that I don’t want to exchange.

Kenta: I want Hyunbin body because he’s tall and model, he’s fit to wear any clothes. I doesn’t want Taehyun Hyung body. (Taehyun glance to Kenta) No no, it’s because Hyung a leader, it’s look so hard being a leader.

Taehyun: I don’t think that there’s body that I don’t want to exchange. But I want exchange my body with all member because I want to know what their mind like.

Donghan: So Hyung doesn’t want Kenta Hyung and Yongguk Hyung body because they never thinking [evil magnae XDD]

Sanggyun: I want Yongguk body, I wonder what his mind like.

(Yongguk & Hyunbin answer was skipped because of duration)


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store reopening

Hey guys! I’m happy to announce that I’ll be reopening my store soon! I will be opening local orders (Indonesia only) next week and international store at a later date. New items include FE Fates and Yakuza stuffs! Stay tuned!

September 15, 2017 - Black-billed Kingfisher or Great-billed Kingfisher (Pelargopsis melanorhyncha)

These kingfishers are found only in Indonesia, on and around the island of Sulawesi. They eat mostly crabs and crayfish, hunting from a perch above shallow water and returning to it after diving to capture their prey. Little is known about their breeding habits, though birds in breeding condition have been observed in September. They are classified by the IUCN as a species of Least concern, but their population is thought to be declining due to habitat destruction.

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Hello, I saw you post about the West Papua conflict and was reading up on it and unsurprisingly America is involved but I wanted to ask what are these American groups doing? Thanks

Yeah, sure what i know basically:

  • The Netherlands, former colonisers of Indonesia agreed in 1962 to hand over West Papua to Indonesia promising West Papuans a free vote in 1969. However, when the Indonesians entered West Papua, they basically colonised West Papua, burnt any signs of independence and systematically killed/raped/tortured West Papuans (and still to this day do).  
  • UNSURPRISINGLY, the US supported Indonesia in this, as seen in these declassified documents: document 1 and document 2. The US had their own interests in doing so of course. Indonesia had signed a multi million dollar contract with US company Freeport-McMoRan, one of the largest producers of copper and gold in the world, awarding them the rights to mine in West Papuan land, subsequently forcibly removing them from their homelands and killing them. The contract was done two years before the free vote so basically West Papua had no chance in independence since it was fixed anyways. (For the vote Indonesia picked only 1,026 ‘representative’ Papuans and then threatened to kill their families if they voted against them, all whilst the fucking UN stood by.)
  • Anyways Freeport then went on to set up the worlds biggest copper and gold mine which is right in the area of the ancestral homeland of a West Papuan tribe and to them, it’s sacred land, West Papuans dont get ANYTHING from Freeport. Freeport basically uses the murderous indonesian military to keep away native West Papuans so they can keep profiting off stolen land. In return, Freeport pays millions of dollars for the Indonesian militarys service and they pumps toxic waste into the river each day to the point where alot of this area is literally biologically dead which then affects the West Papuans health, food, livelihood etc. Its beyond fucked up how this oppression and neo colonialism is occurring and due to media ban, not many are aware. Anyways I hope that helped :))