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  • Germany: great! We're in a minibus going to the meeting and stuck in traffic!
  • France: well, it's not that bad. We're most likely going to get out in about twenty to thirty minutes or so~
  • England: ...we're in India.
  • America: welp, good thing I bought snacks and empty plastic bottles.

//Thanks for suggestion! Here Indonesia and Palestine as child in Harry Potter AU!

Indonesia house would be Gryffindor and she probably join Quidditch team lol. Her favourie subjects would be … Charms? She doesn’t like study too much hha. Oh, she also take interest with Potions and Defence Against the Dark Arts.

Then Palestine house would be Hufflepuff and his personality so much fit with but he like study a lot too. He is take enthuasim with Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, and Herbology.



(( Also, Osomatsu-san ended yesterday -Monday for others, Tuesday for Philippine time eheke- and well, ending still summarized how wacky the series is though , XD ))

(( So if you guys still remember, I posted the ASEAN countries chars who I thought would fit these guys, so… I had fun kek. ))

(( Might do the rest of the ASEAN members if I still have strength left ahaha ))


Me and my friends once decided to make a chart of essential Indonesian jobs for the nations and this happened.

Note : England the Angkot driver, France the Warteg owner, Russia the Becak driver (Becak is a type of rickshaw), China the warung grosir owner (warung is a small store opened by civillans), Germany the Odong-Odong worker (I can’t explain this), the italian brother’s cafeteria, Japan the tukang sayur (Tukang sayur roughly translates to Vegetable seller), and America the ojek driver (Ojek is like, Taxi but with a motorcycle instead of a car)

{ aph netherlands/fem!indonesia; nethernesia }

“you’ve been smiling all day.”

dries looked up from his laptop. “i am?”

nesia nodded, drying her hair. she just returned home from a three day trip to another island. judging from her eye bags, she didn’t get much rest even after catching up a long sleep. “congratulations, though.” she gave him a tired smile.

“thank you, nes.” he turned off his laptop and beckoned her to sit beside him. “are you going to sleep again?”

“no,” she shook her head, leaning at him. “i’m hungry but i don’t feel like cooking. and i want to see you too.”

dries kissed her head. “i can cook you something.”

“but you just arrived last night…”

“that’s not a problem.” he rose. “i’ll see what you have in the fridge.”

not an hour later they sat on the dining table facing a plate of potato and beef sausages. dries’ phone kept beeping during their meal, prompting her to speak, “your phone is unusually active today.”

“nothing important, mostly just congratulations from our colleagues.” he put his phone in silent mode. “what are your plans for today?”

nesia blinked, chewing her potatoes slowly. “lazing around.”

dries brought a book he hadn’t finished to bed while she lay beside him, his hand stroking her hair.



“can you put that book down for a bit?”

he did as she said. nesia moved to sit on his lap and kissed his lips.

her yearning was bigger than her tiredness.

Thank you!!![crossover 2/3] aphsingapura ask-bro-brunei ask-the-hawaiian-islands ask-indonesia-singapore mxlta askthesingapore askfelipinas behindurchair medinat-yisrael ask-veterinarian-alfred any suggestion for ONE more crossover IDEAS?