Lawang Sewu is regarded as the most haunted building in Indonesia. The creepy structure was used by the Japanese to torture and kill prisoners during World War Two, and the tortured souls who lost their lives in the place still haunt it, making their presence known with dark apparitions, ghostly cries and wailing. One particular ghost is a famous Indonesian legend. She is known as the Kuntilanak, and is the distressed spirit of a pregnant woman who was abused and slaughtered by soldiers. Her blood-curdling cries echo through the dim tunnels and she is said to harm any men who enter the building as revenge for her cruel death.

Bromo and His Excellency, by rifkysetya

As soon as I heard that Bromo was erupting, simply I couldn’t wait longer to book my flight there. I always love Bromo very much despite of its over-popularity among tourists & the fact about its eruption is something that I will never miss to witness. After being several times visiting Bromo, I am able to spot a great place that could avoid the crowds. Just get to Penanjakan 2 & hike another 20 minutes up to the hill to find a place that you can barely see anyone else. It was a perfect night for me, in a perfect place with an awesome scenic view. This image was made from several exposures for the stars, foreground & lava. Thanks before for your supports & hope you like it as I found your images have inspired me a lot. Cheers. *give me shout in instagram (@rifkysetya) for daily upload pertaining Indonesia Travel Photography.