AGAIN. I see nothing about this side of the world on this site. PLEASE. Send as much as you can manage their way - support, money, whatever you can.

update: its over 800 dead now with estimates that it could be over 1000

update 2: it’s over 1.2k dead now and two volcanos have erupted. this is serious.

disclaimer: this happened on the 28th of September 2018. there has been another earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia in December 2018 but this information is regarding the first earthquake

📣📣 @staff the government is blocking tumblr in Indonesia. 📣📣

they cited pornography as the main reason, and said that tumblr has not given any reporting mechanism for porn contents, nor have they given the government proper responses.

now i know, bullshit, right? we have safe mode, we have reporting mechanism, etc. etc. we have more than enough to deal with porn, and yet the govt turns a blind eye on this and just blocked the whole goddamn website.

for @staff , please contact our government, and tell them that their reasoning is bullshit and people deserves to access tumblr. for my fellow indonesians, and frankly my friends in general;

please reblog. put it in twitter. facebook. signal boost. keep it up there, on the spotlight. make sure that the world–and also, th Indonesian government sees this.

if there is one thing i know about my government, is that it does not like bad international PR. canceling tumblr on a baseless reason is already shady in and of itself. so let’s make them reconsider, make them cancel their decisions, and let us have our access again.