Lee Xin Li
Tossing Yusheng / 捞起鱼生

Singapore (2016)

Here’s another infographic from Lee Xin Li, but one that requires a little more explanation.

In Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, us Chinese folks celebrate the New Year by eating a salad called yusheng, which literally means “raw fish”. All the ingredients are symbolic of prosperity and luck in some way; we go through a ritual of tossing the ingredients in the air with chopsticks before eating it all.

It’s thought to have been popularised as a way for restaurants to make money during the festive period, when most folks would want to gather at home with their families. Both Malaysia and Singapore claim to have invented the dish, but its deeper roots lie among the Cantonese fishing communities of China.

Lee managed to get a list of symbolic meanings from Come Let’s Eat:

鸿运当头 (Hong Yun Dang Tou) meaning “Good luck is approaching"

Green Radish:
青春常驻 (Qing Chun Chang Zhu) meaning “Everlasting Youth“

White Radish:
风生水起 (Feng Sheng Shui Qi) meaning “Quick progression”

Pepper / Cinnamon Powder:
招财进宝 (Zhao Cai Jin Bao) meaning “Attract wealth and treasures”

Five-Spice Powder:
五福临门 (Wu Fu Lin Men) meaning “To attract luck to your doorstep”

Sesame Oil:
财源广进 (Cai Yuan Guang Jin) meaning “to attract many sources of wealth”

Pomelo or Lime:
大吉大利 (Da Ji Da Li) meaning “Good luck and smooth sailing”

年年有余 (Nian Nian You Yu) meaning “Abundance through the year”

Sesame Seeds:
生意兴隆/大小平安 (Sheng Yi Xing Long/Da Xiao Ping An) meaning “Prosperity for the business”/ “Peace for all ages”

Plum Sauce:
甜甜蜜蜜 (Tian Tian Mi Mi) meaning “May sweetness enter your life”

Fried Crisps:
满地黄金/金银满屋 (Man Di Huang Jin) / (Jin Yin Man Wu) meaning “Floor full of gold” / “Household filled with gold and silver”

North Korea, The UN, And War Propaganda
Darusman, who was the Special Rapporteur regarding the DPRK and whose initial report is the basis for the creation of the DPRK commission, is a well known friend of the US and opportunist who became a member of Suharto’s Golkar party in Indonesia which, with CIA help, murdered, 500,000 communists and people linked to left or labour groups in 1965.

The western propaganda machine is being pushed to its limits and could burst under the pressure as the United States and its coalition of the criminal spew out one set of lies after another against the nations and peoples who refuse to kowtow. The US sponsored resolution to refer criminal action against the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) to the International Criminal Court based on a report by a UN Human Rights Council Commission of Inquiry is another product of this machine and one more example of the use of the United Nations organisation as a crude instrument of the American attempt to manipulate and dominate the world.

The report itself is an amazing document, not only because it is entirely contrived, but also because the “crimes” which the Commissioners allege take place in the DRPK are exactly the conditions that exist inside the United States itself. The hypocrisy is stunning but no one can be surprised when we learn in paragraph 31 of the report that the “public hearings” held by the Commission were conducted with the help of the governments of the United States, Britain, Japan and South Korea, all enemies of the DPRK, who arranged, according to the Commission itself, all the logistics, venues, interpreters, technology, security, press services and, importantly, the “witnesses.” Nor can we be surprised when we look at the three members of the Commission: the Australian, Michael Donald Kirby, the Serb, Sonja Biserko, and the Indonesian, Marzuki Darusman, each one of them linked to CIA front groups somewhere in their careers.

Darusman, who was the Special Rapporteur regarding the DPRK and whose initial report is the basis for the creation of the DPRK commission, is a well known friend of the US and opportunist who became a member of Suharto’s Golkar party in Indonesia which, with CIA help, murdered, 500,000 communists and people linked to left or labour groups in 1965.

In the eighties and nineties he turned on Suharto for the Americans and is now listed as an advisor to the United States Indonesia Society (USINDO), a US government front group whose president is David Merrill, who was a senior official with the United States Agency For International Development (USAID), a well-known front of the CIA, in various Asian and eastern European countries, during the eighties and nineties, and was an American ambassador to Bangladesh.

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Canggu: Surfer’s, skater’s, graff artists and tattoo junkie’s paradise

Wake up, surf; graff the walls, eat lunch; go for beers, skate in the bowl; get a tatt.

This is everyday life for the multicultural locals of Canggu, Indonesia. Travellers come from across the world far and wide to relax and hang out in this town due to its rich culture and laid-back lifestyle. Canggu is quite small and mainly inhabited by foreign shirtless and tanned surfers, stylish skaters and babes in crotchet bikinis. However, you can still see the picturesque beaches, majestic mountains and strong traditional Balinese culture that makes the island so special. While Southern Bali is generally full of Australians burnt red-raw and slurring their words from copious amounts of Bintang, in Canggu you can find like-minded individuals using skating, surfing, graffiti or tattoo artistry as a form of entertainment or artistic expression.

Surf the famous breaks in the morning throughout the day and watch the sunset in the evening from the top of an abandoned wooden structure 15m above the ground. Depending on what day of the week it is, you can visit Deus Ex Machina for live music and pay $10 for a beer plus a free taco and tattoo. Or a $10 taco with a free beer and tattoo, depending on which way you look at it. Ride a motorbike through the rice paddies to Pretty Poison where you can skate in an old-school skate bowl with bottles of beer that don’t go higher than $2AUD.

Graffiti in Canggu is a means of expressing the voice of the youth. Issues plaguing the island are articulated through vibrant artwork that adorns every spare wall throughout the town. You don’t have to be a local to graff your art either; if you spot a spare wall of a store or restaurant, simply pop in and ask the owner if they will allow you contribute your own art installation that you can leave behind when you return home.

No matter how long you initially intended to stay, prepare to expect you will want to extend your time here.

by Samantha Howard.

Photo credit: Liam Thomson

Monday, 08/02/2016

The Crown Prince of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum with his brother, Deputy Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

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Assessing Indonesia's Normative Influence: Wishful Thinking or Hidden Strength - Davies - 2016 - Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies - Wiley Online Library


This article takes a critical stance on Indonesia’s normative influence. Whilst normative influence does help explain why Indonesia matters beyond the widespread consensus that it is weak, we also feel that its influence is often overstated. We examine three components of Indonesia’s normative influence, modelling, diplomacy and civil society activism. In each component we assess the strengths and weaknesses of Indonesia and identify where wishful thinking predominates over dispassionate analysis. We conclude by arguing that the Jokowi approach to foreign policy destabilises the traditional make-up of normative influence and, if it is pursued into the future, will lead to a re-composition of that influence.


Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPvibrant

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags. For a chance to be featured, follow @instagram and look for a post every week announcing the latest project.

#WHPvibrant asked community members to make brightly colored photos and videos filled with energy. Each week, we feature some of our favorite submissions from the project, but be sure to check out the rest here.

Happy Lunar New Year! We’re celebrating the Year of the Monkey by highlighting some amazing Asian monkey species. 

This striking fellow is an adult male proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus), also called the long-nosed monkey or bekantan in Indonesian. Male proboscis monkeys use their fleshy, pendulous noses to reverberate loud bellowing noises that attract mates or warn others of predators. Infant proboscis monkeys are born with bright blue faces and black fur!

Proboscis monkeys eat mostly leaves, seeds, and unripe fruits, and sometimes insects. They are only found on the island of Borneo and are endangered with extinction because of deforestation and hunting.

Learn more about Asian primates at our February 21 event, Spotlight Asia: Ring in the Year of the Monkey. 

Monday, 08/02/2016

The Crown Prince of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and his uncle, His Highness Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum

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