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Flustered noises (Indominus-Rex-Indomina)

Owen looked up, gasping and wrapping the towel around his waist quickly, chuckling. “Well hey there, Indomina…”

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The little Indominus Rex paced back and forth in her new pin. She was not as big as the last one they made. No, she was a foot taller than a raptor and not as mean as the previous one they made. Her eyes were sad as she looked around her pin. She had no other dinosaurs to talk to or spend time with. She was the only one in the pin. Indominus-Rex-Indomina

Owen took a deep breath, opening the gate and stepping inside, closing the door behind him. He had refused to bring in a stun stick or any kind of safety gear. He only had his clicker and a pocket full of bacon chunks.

“Hey. Look at me. I’m not here to harm… Friend.”