Exciting announcement! My new book, The Art of Language Invention, is now accepting pre-orders!

That’s the cover, and I’m absolutely over the moon about this. The Art of Language Invention is a book I’ve long been wanting to write, and Elda Rotor over at Penguin Random House gave me that opportunity. The book will serve as an introduction to language creation, in addition to looking in detail at some of the languages I’ve created. It can be read by someone without any background in language or linguistics, but there’s enough advanced material in there to be profitable for conlangers of all skill levels. Some of the languages featured in the book are: Dothraki, High Valyrian, Astapori Valyrian, Castithan, Irathient, Indojisnen, Sondiv, and Shiväisith. (Sorry, no Trigedasleng! The book was done and delivered by the time I was working on The 100! Ditto Penny Dreadful.)

The Art of Language Invention comes out on September 29th, but you can order it now, and I’d like to get the word out about it. So!

For TEN (10) of those who help get the word out about The Art of Language Invention being available for pre-order, I’m offering to immortalize your name (or handle) in one of the a priori languages I’ve created for TV or film. Those are: Dothraki, High Valyrian, Astapori Valyrian, Castithan, Indojisnen, Irathient, Sondiv, Shiväisith, or three to be named. Interested? See the details below!


In order to qualify, you must do one of the following by 10:00 a.m. on May 26th, 2015:

  • Reblog this post (favorites are appreciated, but they do not count for this).
  • Retweet the tweet associated with this post (favorites are appreciated, but they do not count for this).
  • Share this post on Facebook* (likes are appreciated but they do not count for this; also see CAVEATS below).
  • Share/reshare this post on Google+ (+1′s are appreciated but do not count for this; see CAVEATS below).
  • Compose your own post on Tumblr or your own tweet on Twitter that links to this post (but you MUST tag me or mention me on Twitter—@Dedalvs—otherwise I won’t know about it!).

Doing each of the items above will give you one opportunity to have your name or handle (or friend’s or loved one’s name, if you so choose) made into a word in one of the above-listed languages. This means each person can have up to four chances (but no more than four). Despite having multiple chances, each person can be chosen only once.

Oh, also, see if you can use the tag or hashtag #aoli (or #AoLI if you prefer). I’ll be using it for the book from here on out!


If you are selected, you may rank the languages above how you wish, but the final decision is mine (sometimes a certain name just won’t fit the phonology of a given language, or there will already be a word associated with that phonological string in said language). You will not be able to choose what the word means, but I promise not to make it something awful. I cannot guarantee that your word will ever be used on air for any show. (Though, of course, if you choose a language associated with a show that’s been canceled, I can guarantee you that it will never be used on air.) And, of course, the created word will officially be the property of the company that owns the rights to the language it was created for. You will not be the author of the word or have any claim to it any way.

I’m going to take down every tweet and every reblog myself and keep track of them. Of those, I will randomly select ten, and then contact those ten people. If they don’t respond in a reasonable amount of time (two days), I will move on to someone else. (Also, note that this is just me doing it. I may make mistakes. I’ll do my best not to, though! I’ll get thisallegra to help me; she’s good at everything.)

I’ll do a follow-up post here with everyone’s words and identifying those who won if they wish to be identified. If they don’t, I’ll hang onto that information myself.

If you make a post on Facebook, I have to be able to find out about it in some way. Facebook has a lot of privacy settings built in, so if you can’t show me your post, I can’t count it.

If you make a post on Google+, tag me in it. You can find me here.

If you’d like your word to be in one of the three languages that have yet to be named, I won’t be able to share those words until the projects come to light. This means I won’t be able to share those words and will not be able to tell you what they’re for right away.

EDIT: Mentioning this now since I didn’t mention it the first time: While I’d love for you to pre-order the book, that will not get you an extra entry. I don’t have any way to verify who’s pre-ordered. Plus, I want participation to be free!

* * * * *

More information on The Art of Language Invention will be revealed in the months to come, so stay tuned! In the meantime, thanks for reading! <3

Can we just appreciate the fantastic character design of the Indogenes? I mean, everything from the patterns on their skin to the way their features are ecentuated and the fact that they are bald (which I love because full face prosthetics often look better without the additional hair, also it gives a certain androgyny to their race) they’re aesthetically one of my favourite alien races and one of the most original.

Remember that happines is a way of travel not a destination

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David J. Peterson (Linguist and the creator of Defiance’s Irathient, Castithan, and Indojisnen languages) explains the differences between handwritten scripts and how the Indogenes are able to perfect their very precisely formed scripts.

If you haven’t followed David on tumblr yet, his tumblr blog can be found here. He’s very interactive and friendly and answers questions about the languages he has created among other things. 

I’m glad he answered this question; I was wondering the same thing. Indojisnen looks extremely complicated with its very distinct pattern and form, so I guess it makes sense that the Indogenes are able to manage it through implants. Kind of puts a downer on my idea, though; it would have been a fun one to learn to write! Casithan and Irathient are doable with a bit of work, but I have a feeling any attempt at handwriting Indogene script would look more like chicken scratch. It’s a fascinating language, though!

30 Days of Defiance

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Day 6: Which alien culture would you fit in with the best? 

Kayla: That’s a really hard one. The strictness of Casti society would drive me nuts. I’m not very scientifically minded, so I wouldn’t fit with Indogenes. Irathients I’d do well with except for the religion. Gulanee might be okay. I could just screech and shoot at people all day. 

Ana: Maybe Irathient? Hard to be sure honestly…

The more u travel, the more u get to know the world and people.

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Yesterday I watched the sunrise from a small dock in Pahawang Island. This morning from Soetta Airport. The same sun, the same light but different day, different moment, different location.
Good morning people!

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Every trip give me more friends more stories more beautiful experiences. Sometimes we even like knowing each other for longggggg time.

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