David J. Peterson (Linguist and the creator of Defiance’s Irathient, Castithan, and Indojisnen languages) explains the differences between handwritten scripts and how the Indogenes are able to perfect their very precisely formed scripts.

If you haven’t followed David on tumblr yet, his tumblr blog can be found here. He’s very interactive and friendly and answers questions about the languages he has created among other things. 

I’m glad he answered this question; I was wondering the same thing. Indojisnen looks extremely complicated with its very distinct pattern and form, so I guess it makes sense that the Indogenes are able to manage it through implants. Kind of puts a downer on my idea, though; it would have been a fun one to learn to write! Casithan and Irathient are doable with a bit of work, but I have a feeling any attempt at handwriting Indogene script would look more like chicken scratch. It’s a fascinating language, though!