Christian kids and the always creepy Psalty sing about the spying eyes of God (Found at Everything Is Terrible!; For a related video, click here

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I totally thought Chiyoh said "cup", too! I had pretty much the exact same thought process as you did as she continued with that metaphor. It wasn't until I saw a subtitled gif that I realized what she actually said. Full disclosure: I am also a monolingual English speaker.

I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who got mixed up. Here, I made a handy cheat sheet for all of us who were thoroughly confused by the cup cub metaphor.

Curse Bryan Fuller for not only indoctrinating Fannibals worldwide with the idea that cups are perfectly acceptable objects for analogy, but also that cup metaphors are to be expected.

“In what can only be described as one of the most iconic photos of World War II, a lone man, August Landmesser, is seen refusing to be caught up in tha nationalistic Nazi fervor, as he stands with his arms crossed, stone faced, as the rest of the crowd engages in the mandatory “seig heil” salute.

The salute, meaning hail victory, was an exhibition of loyalty to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party, and was mandatory for all German citizens.

The photo was taken in Hamburg, Germany on June 13, 1936 at the launch of a naval training vessel. Landmesser can be seen as the lone man pictured refusing to demonstrate his loyalty by saluting.

Although the photo itself has become an internet sensation, as it’s represents those very few people who are willing to think outside of the box into which they have been indoctrinated, few people are aware of the story behind the iconic picture.

Landmesser joined the ranks of the Nazi party in 1931 with anticipation of it creating employment opportunities for him, as the climate in Germany was such that if one wanted to find gainful employment being a party member could be very advantageous.

Eventually he was expelled from the party in 1935, after becoming engaged to a Jewish woman, Irma Eckler. The couple was engaged to marry, but enactment of the Nuremberg Laws would prevent that from taking place. The couple’s first daughter was born on October 29, 1935.

This series of events fully explains the lack of respect shown by Landmesser, to the Nazi regime, as displayed by his refusal to salute in the iconic photo.”
In other words, this guy had balls.

Income inequality

White privilege has become a very divisive issue in America. Essentially, it’s the notion that white people are in a privileged position in this country, based on nothing else than the skin color they were born with. This concept is commonplace on college campuses, and unfortunately, it is not challenged as much as an idea of such importance should be considering teachers in the united states are indoctrinating children with the concept.

White privilege can mean many different things. It can refer to educational advantages(despite being indoctrinated), housing advantages, and advantages in the legal system, all the way down to simpler offenses, routinely referred to as “micro-aggressions.” Rather than examine the data for every single socioeconomic disparity in American life, in order to prevent this article from becoming a multi-volume anthology, I will instead focus on what many consider to be the most important indicator: income. Income, after all, can potentially change where your children go to school, if they can go to college, where you live, the quality of lawyer you can hire to defend yourself in court, and so forth.

When it comes to ‘income privilege,’ whites are not on top in America. In 2010, the median household income in America was $49,800, according to Pew Research Center, and at $49,445 according to Census reporting. That may sound low, and it is, mostly because underemployment was higher back then. However, even in the midst of a recovering economy, Pew found that Indian-Americans had a median household income of $88,000. Filipino-Americans were at $75,000, Japanese $65,390, and Chinese $65,050. Non-Hispanic whites had a median household income of $54,620 according to the 2010 Census reporting linked above. The Census also found similar high levels of income among Asian-American households, backing up the finding of the Pew Research Center.

Moreover, according to a study done on the 2000 Census by the Iranian Studies Group at MIT, Iranian, or Persian-Americans had a per-capita average income that was 50% higher than the national average. Add to this, the fact that Arab-Americans had a 2008 median household income of $56,331, higher than the national average for that year. This according to the Arab American Institute Foundation. Finally, if you wish to consider Jewish-Americans their own minority, as many do, 46% of Jewish-American households have incomes over $100,000! In fact, in 2013, 69% of Jewish-American households had incomes exceeding $50,000, compared to 44% of the US population at large.

So what does this all mean? Well, for starters, whites, or European-Americans specifically speaking, are not the only ones with privilege. In fact, on average, they don’t even have the most income privilege. Similar data is available for things like test scores and arrest rates for the groups mentioned above. I encourage you to look it up. If American society really did treat non-whites poorly, based on nothing else than their race, how could these groups have found their success? I’ve presented this question to proponents of white privilege before. One response was ‘Asians are lighter skinned minorities generally speaking, so the institutional racism does not affect them.’ Although, as noted above, Indian Americans, who are dark skinned themselves, do better than any sub-category of Asian-Americans. Clearly something more than skin-tone profiling is at play here. But then again, facing reality isn’t something that race-hustlers like doing.

If people want to argue that contemporary institutional racism, or the residual effects of past wrongs committed against ethnic groups with lower incomes (namely blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans) is still a real and pressing issue preventing their advancement, they are cleared to make that point. But simplifying the issue down to skin color, and singling out white students on college campuses as being uniquely privileged, is not something they should do. It makes things out to be simpler than they are, and ultimately, will probably lead to higher levels of racial resentment between groups.

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Sorry to sound stupid,but what is culliby about:

Cults, misuse of power, indoctrination. it’s not terribly deep or layered, just supposed to be a little dark and eerie.

melancthe replied to your post:melancthe replied to your post: melancthe replied…

ah yes the Jedi, taking children away from their families and indoctrinating them is always the solution! (why are force users so awful)


Jedi education about the dark side is suspiciously similar to abstinence sex ed. “You can’t let it touch you even a LITTLE BIT or else you’re RUINED FOREVER!!!!”

Like… look at Juhani. If you’re nice to her and forgive her, she makes her way back to pretty staunchly light side. Look at Luke. Starts off in Ep 6 throwin’ around force choke like a Sith, wearing all black, but when it comes down to it? Throws his lightsaber away rather than give into anger. If either of them had the Jedi Council riding their ass about how they were now FOREVER DOOOOOOOMED? They’d have gone full nutjob Sith maniac. 

Women are men’s objects of sexual desire because that’s how to biologically reproduce. I have to explain where babies come from because you’re stupid and indoctrinated. Did you understand that? Probably not.

Manslation: Look, I might’ve missed out on a few biology classes, so what? You can’t tell me that “objectification” isn’t an essential part of the human reproduction process. In fact, FEMINISTS have been trying to trick me with tall tales about sperms and eggs, but I know better since the last time I ogled a lady she had a baby on the spot.

United States of Belief.

We live in a country where freedom of belief is supposed to be an encouraging and inviting concept, but instead it allows for the stagnation of progress, harming future generations unseen to the present, then getting defensive when we point out that the physical laws of nature as revealed through scientific inquiry do not have a favored belief system. 

Religion is after the why. Science investigates the how.

If we as a society hold religious beliefs up to a greater standard of importance and respect than the physical laws of nature by which we determine how something is true, and we repeatedly see the harm it’s doing and could do to inevitably befall our entire civilization - if not our entire ecosystem - it’s our own fault. I appreciate religion for the questions it’s proposed, but not a single religious practice has advanced science on its own through their independent research labs with the routine funds they acquire to construct entertainment venues and pulpits rigged with the finest technology to broadcast their message. Instead, we have people training up their children to believe without evidence rather than bolster their critical thinking skills; and spend more time in church and “life” groups than they do on the solutions to problems we need to tackle through inquiry and scientific research which will preserve the lives of generations who have not yet been born. So, it’s not that I appear barbed because I have some chip on my shoulder, it’s because we live in a society (as Carl Sagan aptly put it) “fully dependent upon science and technology, where nobody understand anything about science and technology. 

There are so many people who hear things like that and say, “well, it’s up to the politicians, they should be the ones making the decisions because knowing how many electrons this or that chemical element are charged with doesn’t apply to me or my family’s life on a day-to-day basis” but we as a society and electorate vote these people in, and only a handful (if that) of politicians have any sort of scientific background whatsoever. So, it’s truly up to us to make sure that each generation understands how the world actually works using the tools we have used to advance our society up to the present moment to ensure our longevity going forward. 

There’s a difference between believing something and using the methods and tools of science to establish what is objectively true. And what is objectively true is something that is true outside of your belief system. That’s what science is.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson (via this interview with Larry King)

This is why we’ve been spinning in circles for the last 45 years since the Apollo program and even longer than that since the Age of Enlightenment. I don’t get kicks from periodically poking fun at “fundamentalists” because there are no such thing as extremists or creationists; there are simply people who have not been brought up amidst a society where enough people around them (and especially their immediate family) were scientifically literate enough to understand what questions they should be asking, why they should care, what’s “in it” for them, and how it would impact their life or their child’s life to know how things work and why everything is the way it is. Instead, stories have replaced actual knowledge and understanding, and are repeatedly defended when anyone has anything to say about indoctrinating children with these stories, rather than educating them on why there are religions in the first place, why they still exist, and why we haven’t advanced as a society to a collectively mature and scientifically literate civilization. Thus, you have “life groups” and Bible studies that are trying to make sense of the world amidst backlash being thrown at more vocal, visible, or abrasive members of their tribe/niche in accordance with a very ancient society’s mode of thinking during a time when they didn’t have an actual understanding at all about the world and our place within it. 

I certainly can agree that wisdom can be gained from various religious texts, but not an actual understanding of the world around us, other worlds, the universe, or the grand perspective of our existence from a historical, biological, chemical, and cosmological perspective. And therein lies the problem. We continue to move forward like this and expect things to change amongst a society where people truly have no idea why things haven’t changed at all. 

Blame is placed on presidents, or members of a political group, or religious groups of a different sect, and of course, people who don’t believe at all. What truly concerns me is not whether or not Jesus existed. We - historians, archaeologists - understand enough at this point to confidently and without question assert that, for instance, Christian doctrine (including Islamic doctrine by default of influence) are a smorgasbord of stories married and muddled together which have borrowed from other shades of ancient stories and myth in their time to create the Biblical texts. It’s not difficult to understand, but our curiosity has to be massaged in such a way where we actually enjoy the process of understanding in the first place. We’re creatures influenced by other influences, especially when we aren’t born fully equipped with the faculties to discern whether something is or isn’t true and how to find out. 

Recommended: Why We Need To Understand Science’ (Carl Sagan, Skeptical Inquirer, 1990)

The important thing now is to move forward with what we know to be true, break free from any kind of ignorance which is harmfully holding our society back from truly creating a ‘Tomorrowland-esque’ future, and see where that takes us. Without doing so, the next century will mirror the last, and so on, which is what we’re seeing now. And the reason why we are seeing so much strife between atheists (non-believers in a god or gods) and believers is because we now are becoming more globally connected with the ability to indirectly and directly - on the go and around the world - call people out when they are passing on false information while claiming it truth and holding people accountable for this during a time when we finally have the means to do so; while religions have thrived for so long without this ability of others (and their own congregation) to access information and verify a claim. 

The burden of responsibility truly is on the person/s or organized groups which continually are raising children up without the proper information and in affect, harming them without even knowing it, regardless of their perceived good intentions. I’m a result of that environment and as a father, it’s my commitment to my children and everyone else I share this brief existence with to promote scientific literacy and education. The denial of climate change, evolution, and vaccinations are a direct parallel of this kind of harmful behavior as a result of a society bereft of an educational directive which nourishes the importance of understanding rather than knowing (recalling) the name of something.  

In a free country - or we believe, we tell ourselves we live in a free country - I don’t care what you believe. Believe whatever you want. The problem comes about if you’re in denial of an emergent scientific truth and you wield power over legislation. That’s a recipe for disaster. When an elected official stands in denial of climate change - something that scientists have been telling them now for decades - and they’re going to create legislation in response to that…that is the end of an informed democracy.” 

– Neil deGrasse Tyson (via same interview)

I’d like to comment on the above quote. Wielding power equates to direct influence. If a parent is raising their child on their own perceived truths which are in contradiction to reality, that child’s environment is then subject to a disruption of knowledge and understanding about just that – reality. So a parent or caregiver is as influential and wields the same kind of power over a child’s development as a politician does over a legislative decision.

As safe and secure in mind as people may be in the religion they were exposed to when they were young or as a consequence of their environment, we know psychologically and through meticulous research of the brain what this type of indoctrination is imposing on peoples’ mental health and physical development of the brain. Yet, this still persists. It’s not a matter of black and white, or agreeing to disagree, it’s looking at what we know, learning from history, examining repeated mistakes, and making corrections for which we have the tools and the knowhow to apply. We’re too flooded with those in power and influence who stand up for Biblical literalism and freedom of religion to see how out of control it’s gotten. It’s not about reconciling religion with science and it’s never been, because they are two mutually exclusive paths of understanding, approaching problems, and visualizing the future. It’s blind faith vs an evidence-based approach to everything and every subject, with a commitment not to “sharpening swords” but practicing skepticism/doubt, and concentrating on what actually works, not what we wish to believe.


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Atheists (A) are rebels at heart…by necessity…due to a large, woefully misguided, religiously indoctrinated population…where each fundamentalist religious institution is trying to force their sectarian dogmas, through legislation,  onto all others…

The religious ( R) do not realize that they self-perpetuate their own delusions…because they have been conditioned to ask irrational, nonsensical, meaningless questions…designed to lead them away from the truth about reality…

Therefore, never let the religious frame the parameters of any discussions supporting their fantasies…

R: Then, who created the universe?  A: Natural events do not require a “who”…!  There is no verifiable evidence a “who” was ever involved in any aspect of the universe…!  

R: God extends to you his love…  A: There is no evidence for any god, or that it is a “he”, or that it “loves” anyone… At very best, people get old and feeble, or sick…and die as their bodily functions fail…!

R: Then why were you born..?   A: My parents fucked…as did yours…

R: But God created us for a purpose…!  A: There is no evidence for any god, or way to determine what its purpose for any individual would be. I create and determine my own purpose and meaning for living…as do you…

R: The Bible says… A: There is no evidence for any god, nor that a god inspired any writings. I use reason, rationality, empathy and compassion to determine morality…rather than pretending to follow primitive texts…selectively plucking fragments out of context…to justify sectarian agendas and prejudices…

R: Would you give God some money…to further his great work on earth… A: It is impossible to give any god money… Religious sects use the majority of donations…on aggrandizement…competing with each other for followers, to afford more expensive assets…which is a moral obscenity, in a world with so much poverty, disease and dire need…

R: Can I give you this literature?  A: Sure…give me everything you’ve got…! (…incinerate…to prevent them falling into the hands of the gullible…!)

So You’ve Woken Up... Now What?

Many people ask about this or something similar so here’s some thoughts on the subject. I don’t mean to tell anyone what to do, as that’s completely contrary to consciousness and conscious development, but I will share my understandings at this point and my passion for Truth and you can do what you like with it.


“What do you say to people who have woken up but can’t leave the system because of family and friends?”

This and those like it pose a very broad question since we’re all different and need to be led of our own convictions. However, the answer is fundamentally similar in every case.

Do what consciousness tells you.

There’s really no time for fiddling around once you’ve found what you know to be the Truth, which is always something clearly outside the realm of what you’ve been indoctrinated with. It’s always life altering. And if it isn’t, you didn’t hear correctly or it fell on deaf ears.

I don’t want to be counted amongst the deaf or unresponsive. Do you?

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I was thinking about Reaper indoctrination when I went for a walk (who doesn’t, really?) and remembered that the Citadel is supposedly constructed by them.  Because of how it’s presented in-game, I believe we can safely assume that the Citadel does not indoctrinate the people in or near it like other Reaper tech does.  So, does this mean that the Reapers can control whether or not a piece of their equipment is capable of indoctrination or is something else going on here?


Unintentionally hilarious ‘Indoctrination Prevention’ brochure warns of liberal professors, defends homophobic Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson (For the full story and more images, visit Jezebel; For a related video, click here