another update in the Slowly Indoctrinating My Little Sister Into the Gay Lifestyle Via Steven Universe saga: upon watching the episode Too Far, tara excitedly asked “does peridot like amethyst? like, LIKE her?” and when i smiled and said “idk i like to think so” she was sad bc thus far she’s had confirmed romantic feelings between ruby and sapphire and pearl for rose (the latter at least from the creators) and she was hoping that i would say yes peridot has a legit crush on amethyst the creators said so

Kidnapped for Christ???

It’s a documentary where “good” Christian parents allow their “dysfunctional” (atheist, gay, lesbian etc..) children get kidnapped by this boarding school in the Domincan Republic to be indoctrinated and abused essentially and “fix” them. Has anyone else seen this? If so thoughts and why the hell is there nothing being done about it? (They’re taking these kids out of the States illegally no passport and such)

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If gender is innate, if girls and boys are just naturally different and naturally like different things, want different things, show different behaviors, why do we have to put so much effort, so much work into separating them?

If gender was innate it wouldn't have to be indoctrinated into anyone. Everyone would naturally pick what they want to pick, and every girl would pick the same thing while every boy would pick the opposite. We would never have to tell any little girl or little boy anywhere, “this is not for you, it’s for boys/girls”.

—  Children Don’t Have Gender Identity - Blibli Blogging
Lion King/Star Wars

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Anyone else notice the similarities between Kylo Ren and Kovu? I mean seriously: both indoctrinated by an evil manipulator from an early age to emulate and continue the legacy of a villain. Both end up receiving a scar reminiscent of said villain. Both show compassion to a girl and are chastised for it. There are obvious aesthetic similarities as well.

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Plus bonus reylo

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If you want to talk about how skewed Ben’s perceptions really are, case in point: when he’s talking to Anakin’s Vader mask about suffering from the ‘temptations’ of the Light Side. Like, seriously, it kind of amazes me that more people (that is, people who are familiar with the Star Wars movies as a whole; if TFA is your first exposure to Star Wars, I can understand you not catching this) don’t twig to something being seriously wrong here when he talks about the Light Side ‘tempting’ him, and just chalked it up to typical ‘drunk on his power’ villain talk.

Because that is not even remotely what the Light Side does. It’s the Dark Side that traditionally tempts Force-users. What does Yoda say of it? It’s quicker and more seductive. Which would suggest that the Light Side is not something that is particularly seductive or easy to maintain.

The Light Side at the core, when you strip away the dogma of Yoda’s Jedi Order, is all about restraint and moderation. It does not offer the same visceral self-gratification that the Dark Side does. Someone indulging in the Dark Side might give in to anger and commit acts of destruction, and derive pleasure from it, but Light Siders don’t do that, because it goes against the Light Side. The Light Side is, essentially, the straight and narrow path. It’s not something that is easy to maintain; it is, in fact, much easier to fall away from than it is to maintain. It is not tempting. You have to work at it.

So Ben, supposed staunch Dark Sider, is feeling the Light Side of the Force tugging at him in spite of everything. What does that say about him? Well, as regards to his base personality, quite a lot, probably. And why, in spite of everything, does he frame the Light Side as a ‘tempting’ influence, and, by implication, the Dark Side as a natural baseline?

Well, the First Order appears to operate along the same lines as a cult. Finn was taken from his family as a baby, was never allowed to see them again, was stripped of his birth name (his identity) and given a number, and was indoctrinated in the ideology of the First Order. Ben was first taken up by Snoke when he was still a child. An impressionable child. The novelization of TFA (I know this from reading anghraine’s posts; I’m currently reading the novelization, but I haven’t gotten to that part yet) states that Snoke had his eye on Ben pretty much from infancy, and had been influencing him from that point, probably through the Force.

So Snoke makes off with a child, a very troubled child (“Too much Vader in him”, anyone?) whom he had been grooming and manipulating from the very beginning, and now he has unimpeded access to him. He can pour whatever ideas into this kid’s head that he wants. He’s probably the one who encourage Ben’s Vader idealization, if not the origin of this idealization. He can keep him off-balance, keep him from really thinking about his situation, and we do see plenty of signs of Ben being off-balance throughout the movie. The Dark Side is supposed to be about indulging your passions to the extreme, but we don’t really see Sith indulging in the sort of wild, destructive temper tantrums like what Ben exhibits (And yeah, I know, Snoke and Ben are never really explicitly spelled out as Sith, rather than as some other faction of Dark Siders, but with all the Vader idealization, Ben probably thinks of himself as Sith). He’s very emotionally immature, and that is probably the direct result of Snoke’s manipulations of him—keeping Ben immature serves the dual purpose of keeping him dependent on Snoke for validation and keeps him from really thinking about everything that’s happened to him, keeps him from ever questioning any of it.

And in spite of all of this, he still feels the call of the Light Side.

Basically, what I’m saying is that if there isn’t an extraction plot somewhere in the next two movies, I’m going to be very disappointed.


Adorable brainwashing: Christian kids sing a creepy song called ‘Always Submit to the Church Administration’ (Found via @StuffCCLikes; For a related video, click here

I’ve moved away from home now, but my mum regularly babysits my three-year-old niece, who I’m happy to say I indoctrinated educated in the marvel that is David Bowie. This included watching Labyrinth with her and teaching her to recognise various iterations of Bowie before she was two.

Last night, my niece asked to watch Labyrinth. My mum duly obliged, and when David Bowie came on screen, my niece got very excited and said words to the effect of “Look Nanny! David Bowie’s alive! Tell aunty!” 

I found that supremely touching, and in a sense she’s absolutely right. David Bowie is alive, because he lives on through his art and the myriad creative projects he instigated or inspired. And that’s really rather wonderful.

I know that now everyone hopes the Diamonds’s Pearls to be ‘freed’, but i think it would be more interesting if they are shown to be just as undyingly loyal to their mistresses as our Pearl was to Rose, implying that it is more than mere indoctrination and that the Diamonds are not total psychopaths.

- anonymous


Catchy Christian kids song trades science for miracles (Found at Everything Is Terrible!; For a related video, click here

Peg Luksik: "Who Controls Our Children" How Public Schools Dumb Down Kids

Peg Luksik: “Who Controls Our Children” How Public Schools Dumb Down Kids

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The story of this lecture began over twenty years ago, when a Pennsylvania boy came home from public school one day, and said: “Mom, something weird is going on with this test they made us take in school today”. Being a concerned mom, she went to the school and asked to see the test. The school refused, saying it was against public policy, that the test and it’s results were between the school…

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