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Hi! If I'm not wrong you're vegetarian right? Sorry to bother you but I wondered if could you tell me what you usually cook. I'm looking for ideas because apparently Idk what an originality is and I'm also lazy^tm.

i’m not a vegetarian! but i do fast a lot which means only eating vegetarian food (veg in this case also meaning no eggs).

i’m also really lazy so my go to things are like pasta (alfredo with steamed broccoli or green peas), sauteed mushrooms (some butter, garlic, green seasoning, salt and pepper) can go pretty much with anything like mashed potatoes or you can have it with bread and cheese as an a++ lunch. also tofu! sometimes my mum scrambles it like you would do with eggs and sometimes she does it sweet and sour and serves it with noodles and veges.

also a lot of local indocaribbean food is vegetarian so i don’t have a problem there. it’s a lot of curried stuff like potatoes, chickpeas, soya (sidenote stewed soya is gr8; it’s a caribbean stew so you wash and season the soya, ‘burn’ brown sugar in some oil, add the soya to it along with your seasonings). there’s this thing where you cut eggplant into circles, season it, dip it in a split pea batter and deep fry it which is the easiest vege burger you’ll ever make lmao

and then there’s just like the ‘and toast option’ which is pretty much anything that can go on toast as a snack or breakfast like avocado, or peanut butter, or tomato and mozzarella, etc