Hahnemuehle and Photokina 2016

It’s been an exciting month and lost track of my photography. A little bit of news to share, I’m now working even more closely with the legendary paper manufacturer Hahnemuehle. 

The top photograph will be on display at Photokina in Germany this year, and amazingly, the second photograph is now going to be on their branding for a new product they are launching.

As a sort of brand ambassador, I am thrilled and honoured to be able to provide these images to a company I have used for printing since I started photograhing. A big thanks to the team.

Photography by Frederick Ardley Photography


Guy Goes Around Making Graffiti Legible

French artist Mathieu Tremblin is responsible for several clever interventions in urban spaces throughout Europe. His project “Tag Clouds” involves replacing unruly graffiti tags with legible translations, similar to the clouds of keywords you see online. #Love it!

cancericrab  asked:

Hello! Sorry if you've answered this before but i have a quick photoshop question- I was watching your trade speed paint of the alpha kids and saw you use the photo bucket with selections to fill in colors fast- but when i do this in photoshop it always leaves a thin border of blank pixels around the edge between the selection and the line art. is there a way you fix this, or does yours simply not produce this issue? Thanks so much!

Well, first I take the magic wand tool and select the negative space around the figures, expand the selection by 2-4 pixels (depending on how large the picture is), and then invert it so that everything inside the figures’ silhouettes is selected.  Then I use the fill tool. :>