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honestly to me, finnick and annie are the most complex and fascinating characters in the entire series. I completely understand the fans that love the story that circles around katniss and peeta, but personally I find finnick and annie’s characters so layered: they are complicated and unpredictable, and they ended up with each other even after everything that they went through, and i find that there’s still so much to be revealed about both of them. 

finnick was first introduced as the capitol’s darling boy with bad habits like women and sleeping around, and his first impression was quite shallow. but later on, his personality and history are slowly revealed more and more: the way he carries mags around the arena, the way he goes nearly out of his mind when he thinks the capitol is hurting annie and how  distraught he is after it.

i can go on about this forever somebody please stop me 

starlightodesta  asked:

Odesta Prompt; Annie finds out that Finnick has volunteered to be a part of the Star Squad after he's been hiding it from her and is super super angry about it. ends however you like! (Im evil im sorry)


Her voice had always been the sweetest thing Finnick had ever heard, and when he now heard her use his familiar nickname, it made the corners of his mouth twitch upright. But when he turned around to meet her gaze, there was something else; the sea-green in her eyes was darker, the usual twinkle gone. Her lips were pursed together like she was holding in words she didn’t want to say.

“I bumped into Gale today in the hallway, and he asked me to tell you that you and the rest of the Squad 451 are having a meeting tomorrow morning.“ Annie couldn’t help herself from wondering how on earth her voice had lost lost all of its emotion. The words were flat, the expression on her features blank. “Better set your alarm so you won’t miss it, soldier.”

Finnick’s stomach dropped. It wasn’t the thought of the meeting, or the fact that he was actually running into the Capitol to fight - it was the fact that Annie wasn’t supposed to know. When the soldiers had been assigned their own squads, Finnick had decided to keep the whole mission as a secret from her, at least until the moment of departure was actually near. And somehow, weeks had run past, days falling out of his grasp like silky water - and now, he truly realized that he had run out of time.

“Annie,” Finnick’s voice was rough with a hint of desperation in it, but the words got stuck. Nearly forcing himself, he pushed them out with a heavy sigh. “I messed up, Annie. I was going to tell you the minute I found out that the mission was going to happen, but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to ruin the happiness before I would have to, and I figured that I still had plenty of time. I had weeks, but I just… It wasn’t enough.”

Annie crossed her arms on her chest, avoiding Finnick’s gaze with all her might; she didn’t want to be the one to give up upon seeing the same devastation in his eyes that she heard in his rough voice. His words broke and faded into silence, and Annie closed her eyes when she felt the familiar burning behind them. Finnick took a step closer and stopped, studying her expression. Her features were calm, eyes shut - but Finnick knew her. He knew that there was a storm going on in her head, a storm that she had learned to hide so well. The same storm that had raged its way through Finnick’s brain when he had been separated from Annie for months.

“Annie,” Finnick whispered again, his voice stronger than a moment ago. He reached out for her, and when his fingertips brushed the skin of her palm, she winced and shook her head. “No don’t - don’t,” Annie said, still shaking her head like she was trying to get rid of the thoughts running through her mind - maybe she was. She pulled away from under her husband’s touch and took a deep breath that ran through her body and made her skin goose-pimpled.

“You made a promise,” Annie said, her voice soft, “you promised me honesty, Finnick. You stood in front of 300 people and promised me honesty and loyalty; you did it under the net, you touched my lips with salt water to make it real. And then you broke it in a blink of an eye.” The tone of her voice was slowly gaining back its emotion, bending towards anger and hurt that was now darkening her eyes, too.  

“Annie…” Finnick’s voice was fragile, only a breath. Her name was left hanging in the air, the silence building up like a wall between them. “Annie, you don’t understand. The reason I’m doing this, is us. You. Do you even realize how badly I want to be the one to punish them for what they’ve done to you, to us? I’m the reason you were taken by the Capitol after the Quell! They took you, and it was on me - they wanted me to feel how it felt to lose everything, and I sure as hell did!” He was nearly yelling, which took Annie by surprise. The silence fell over them again, and after a minute or two, he opened his mouth again, his words much softer now: “I wanna make Snow feel what it’s like to lose everything.”

“Finnick, you never lost me,” Annie whispered, feeling how the anger was replaced by sudden sympathy. Finnick shook his head, running his fingers through his hair; tears were glimmering in his eyes, but they didn’t spill over. “But I was terrified I would. You were in their grasp, and I couldn’t do anything! All I could do was sit around, tie some knots and try to stay sane,” he said, and Annie took a step closer to her husband. “I don’t want it to be like that anymore. I’m done sitting around. I want to go there and make him pay for what he’s done to us.”

Annie took a deep breath. She took a step closer, rose to her tiptoes and placed her right hand on Finnick’s cheek, pulling him closer. When their lips met, Finnick’s arms wrapped around her hips, feeling the relief of having her close to him again. Annie pressed her forehead against Finnick’s and breathed in his salty scent that reminded her of sunsets, salty waters and colorful horizons back home.

“Then I’ll wait,” she promised.