grey-tea replied to your post: I want to be friends with all of you guys. 

We are friends

/SOBS Tiiiiim (゜´Д`゜)

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aww same here ^^

I’ll visit your ask box TT___TT

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talk to me anytime girl ;P

 Okaaay ;////;

allaboutdatarabgirllife asked:

every odd # heheh have fun ;P

1.) No I wouldn’t have sex with the last person I texted.

3.)Yes I have. 

5.) I dont really have someone I like atm. :)

7.) The night is still happening!

9.) confidence is cute to some extent.

11.) Its hard to answer this question to be honest. :)

13.) I have a party to go to this coming Saturday (Finally!)

15.) No, I don’t.

17.) right now, its flyingpandafish because of reasons. :3 (FOLLOW HER!)

19.) Unfortunately not.

21.) I AM NOW!

23.) I’m pretty sure.

25.) uhh if I did have someone I love right now, and she does that, I guess I’d be pretty hurt,

27.) NO. Not at all!

29.) uhh…I don’t think so?

31.) no i dont!

33.) well I just had a sip of soda earlier. It actually hurts me when I drink carbonated drinks so…

35.) I do write in pencil! 

37.) I believe in attraction at first sight, but love? I guess its not impossible.

39.) Dance? I’d rather sing than dance though. :3

41.) I can’t remember the last time I had a cupcake. :)

43.) Yes I have, and its like the most embarrassing moment in my childhood.

45.) Well it was a last kiss for a reason.

47.) Uhhh…I don’t know? I don’t have a caller I.D. -_-

49.) I do!

51.) I guess for my graduation which was like a few weeks ago.

53.) Christmas is fun! especially if its snowing.

55.) Apple Pie!

57.) Well, I kinda do because I don’t really know anything that there is to know in life so…

59.) uhmmm

61.) not at all.

63.) A Pink,, Brian Joo and Teen Top’s show!

65.) Nike!

67.) peanuts! 

69.) I wish i took dance lessons, I really do.

71.) yup! the simple one!

73.) Nope! If I was happy, I’d be jumping around!!

75.) It depends on what I’m studying.

77.) I have.

79.) refer to #63

81.) BOTH

83.) Well…I can swim to save myself.

85.) Depends.

87.) Not that I can remember.

89.) for me its black!

91.) Living room?